Doo Bot is a character that appears in the AngieYaz/RoseOfSharon reboot of Sonic Underground. She is a robotic hairdresser and the proprietor of Perminator Salon.


Doo Bot.

Doo Bot had hypnotized her patrons into revealing secrets to her. These messages were then sent to Doctor Robotnik via cassette tape. She apparently did this job against her will. However, unlike in the original show's timeline, she had the ability to turn her tape player off at will, resisting Robotnik's control over her to an extent. She did this when Amy Rose, Sonic's betrothed, was her customer and she revealed the secret of how she became to be Sonic's girlfriend.

At the end of her debut episode, Doo Bot was used to hypnotize Robotnik, Sleet, and Dingo into forgetting the information that they collected from the tapes.

When Sonic and Amy are crowned King and Queen of Mobius, Amy appoints her the position of royal hair- and quill stylist. This divides her time working at Perminator Salon, but she is very happy to do so.

Powers and abilities

Doo Bot has the ability to hypnotize people into revealing their most burning secrets and other private information. She records all the information she gathers on a tape player, but unlike in the original animated series, Doo Bot can turn off her tape player at will.


  • Manic the Hedgehog seemed to like her; he doesn't have a crush on her, however, due to his love for his childhood sweetheart, Apheelia.
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