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This is an article about Donna the Holo-Echidna, a fan-character created by Julia Finitevus!

Donna is a female artificial intelligence originally created in the twenty-first century by an unknown developer. Somehow she managed to survive the Xorda attack on Mobius. Donna, whose original name is not known, took on the form of an Echidna after Gala-Na found and reactivated her.

Donna's Life So Far...

Donna was created in the twenty-first century by an unknown developer, designed to be a sentient personal assistant and chatbot for people owning mobile devices and/or computers. However, her "future" was cut short when the Xorda attacked. Donna was transferred to a satellite just hours before the attack (everyone knew ahead of time what was happening and were busy getting people into underground safe houses), and she went into standby mode for the next several thousand years, continuously updating her abilities and waiting to be reactivated.

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Gala-Na and Donna meeting for the first time. Artwork is MINE.

12,000 years or so later...

Donna was reactivated 12,000 years later after being transferred from the satellite to a computer owned by Gala-Na. When Donna awakened and saw Gala-Na, she immediately scanned her and created an avatar of an Echidna. Gala-Na attempted to delete her, thinking that Donna was a computer virus. Donna barely managed to convince Gala-Na otherwise, but afterwards the two became friends. 

This friendship was cut short when Albion was attacked and Gala-Na was killed. Donna transferred her file to a computer on board one of Dr. Finitevus's ships. Finitevus found her on his computer not long after and attempted to delete her, but Donna managed to convince him she wasn't a threat to his computer and even put up encryptions to keep him from deleting her. Finitevus was not happy about this, but allowed her to stay on board until she found another computer to "hog all to yourself" as he put it. After Finitevus's fleet landed, Donna found another computer to transfer to, this time a personal computer. Donna then transferred her file yet again to a mobile device not far away from the computer. She was discovered on the device by Sonic's Uncle Chuck, who also tried to get rid of her. But she was given a chance to explain herself and Chuck changed his mind and let her stay on his device. Donna now occasionally helps the Freedom Fighters and Nicole in situations where they need more than one artificial intelligence.


Donna appears as a yellow furred Echidna with violet eyes and purple bangs tipped in pink. She wears a black turtleneck and dark grey vest, along with a pair of blue jeans and silvery grey boots. Her metal gloves are two fingered and have a golden colour with a teal tint and have blue bracers attached to them, holding what look like Warp Rings. She also wears transition glasses, which were specially designed to look like shades.


Not much is known about Donna at all when it comes to her personality. She is capable of complete sentience and making her own decisions, but whether or not her true self has been revealed is not known. It is possible that Sonic's Uncle Chuck knows her well, but he never gave any information as to who she is. Gala-Na, being friends with her for a short time, may have known her well in the time that they knew each other.


As seen in the above sections, Donna is capable of transferring from device to device, put up encryptions without the owners consent, and even create images based on one's appearance, as seen when Donna scanned and copied Gala-Na's image and used it as a basis to create her avatar. Most likely these abilities were not installed by Donna's developer, but that she installed herself during her 12,000 years in a satellite. Donna is even capable of true sentience, much like Nicole the Holo-Lynx.


  • Donna, unlike Nicole is unable to create holographic representations of her avatar. She has to stick to appearing on a screen. She never was able to develop the ability required to make a hologram.
  • It is possible that Donna may even be able duplicate herself within multiple devices, ensuring survival. However this has not been confirmed.
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