Dong the Power Hedgehog (Also Knows as Mr. Punchface, Doctor AssFace again, Dong Le Echidna from Hell, Spaghett Dong and Ristar Mimic) is a Powerful, Faster and Australian Hedgehog with complexibility of Run more faster than Sonic, shadow, tails and knuckles.

Is a Sonic Fan Character created by a Sonic Fan Called "Derick Alexsander", it's based off the Derick's Favourite Charaacter Ristar.


Dong uses your Power of Fastest Figure eight-Peel out than Sonic.

While knuckles Glides in the air, Dong Glides Faster while building the Power of Super Peel Out.


Uses a Yellow Antenas, a uses Spikes in a Shadow Style, the Mouth is Large Because Derick Likes the Ristar Prototype "Feel".

Dong uses a Golden Ring for a Belly, the Gloves are Orange in the start, white in the middle, red in the stripe, the legs are Stripped in Yellow, Uses a Devil Tail, Dong have a Black Body, the Shoes are Stripped in Orange-White.

Uses a Circuit power while running.


"My Hands are power of Badnik destruction"

"Whaaaaaaaaaat, This is Impossible"

"It isn't is a Monitor, it's a Portal for a Special Stage"

"Time to a Dong's Storm"

"Thanks to Destroying this Palace, you Sandwich!" (While Fighting with Uganda Metal)

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