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Dominus is the most powerful Glyph to have ever come into existence. Only one person can control it; Shanoa the Fox (although it slowly drains her life away while she is using it). Anyone else who tries to will either die from it or be driven insane. No one knows exactly what Dominus really is.

Dominus Glyphs


Discovered by Shanoa


While in the game C:OoE, the only attacks you could pull off with the Dominus Glyphs were D. Hatred, D. Anger and the Dominus Union, this version of Dominus actually gives Shanoa more attacks (ones that I made up :P).

There are three pieces of the Dominus Glyph; Anger, Hatred and Agony.

Dominus Blade

Also called Dominus Secare, this move allows Shanoa to attack with a huge, purple and black sword constructed with the powers of Dominus. It works a lot like Prestans Secare (Secare Union), but with much more power. This blade's power is rivaled only by Anox, the Blade of Darkness, and the Alucard Spear.

Dominus Fire

This move lets Shanoa spew black and purple fire from her paws. It works a lot like Melio Ignis (Ignis Union) but with much more power.

Dominus Hailstorm

This attack rains down shards of Dominus upon the foe. While this isn't supposed to be Dominus Hatred, it resembles it better.

Dominus Sphere

This move allows Shanoa to attack with large energy orbs. The orbs look like they are on fire, but their surfaces are black and orange. In the game, this is Dominus Anger.

Dominus Beam

This move allows Shanoa to attack with a massive pillar of light. In the game, this is labeled as Dominus Hatred.

Dominus Fist

A Dominus-fueled version of Shanoa's Lapiste attack.

Dominus Union


What the Dominus Union looks like in Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia

Also called Dominus Apocalypse, The Dominus Union attack is the most powerful attack of Dominus. It involves the Union of both Dominus Anger and Dominus Hatred to create a devastating blast that annihilates everything within a five-mile radius. However, the backlash leaves Shanoa near death.

Other Dominus Powers

Shanoa can also construct wings (works like the Volaticus Glyph).


  • While the Glyphs actually have element (Ignis is a Fire element attack, for example) Dominus is every element, and thus, Dominus Shanoa is an Omnimancer.
  • Dominus' power rivals that of Spike the wolf's power, and the Dominus Union rivals Spike Perfect's Galactic Armageddon attack.
  • Just like Anox can only be wielded by Spike, the Dominus Blade can only be wielded by Shanoa.
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