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Cquote1 Nobody is perfect in this world, remember that. Unless, you are me; then you are perfect. Cquote2
Domino during an interview on his strict demeanor.


Domino the Quoll is a circus preformer obsessed with himself and his success. He works under the company and circus group, The Black Cards and is their self proclaimed leader and organizer. 


General Appearance

Domino is a decently tall quoll with a very thin build. He has groomed black fur with little white spotted patches around his legs and arms, he also has a white muzzle that leads to his stomach. His nose is small and black. As for his eyes and hair; his eyes are a deep blue, while his hair is very groomed with a bang that covers his entire right eye. His hair curls at the bottom ends around his neck. He also has a black diamond on his left cheek.

Clothing & Attire

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Domino's field apparel done by HauntedAlchemist! It looks wonderful!

As for clothing, Domino vastly varies his stage and off-stage clothing. First thing's first, he wears two earings, one on each ear. On casual days, he wears a white buttoned shirt with some slacks and black loafers. While on work, he wears a deep black vintage coat with blue linings, a poet-shirt, trousers, and knee high boots. And although very lightly noted, he does wear slight eye-liner (Though this is only for work related practice).


While young, Domino was an average boy who was very feminine in behavior. He was sensitive, gentle, and kind. This was when greed and self love didn't rule his life. Domino is still true to this behavioral standard, but one would really have to push into his personal side to get a better understanding of who the Quoll truly is.

Domino became a cold and cocky person in future. Full of a non-chalant nature, he has a sense of carelessness that pretty much covers his entire life. Almost a void of heart, Domino only truly cares for money and his own fame. He loves to be alone, often hating the company of anyone. Not only does he appreciate his lonesome time, but he is an avid fan of keeping awake at night. 

Domino loves art, he has all his life. He listens to music quite often and with the help of his co-worker Gareth, he creates the music that plays during his performances; as well as the performances of his other companions. Domino also creates crystaline sculptures as decorations. Even on his free-time, Domino can be seen writing or taking notes of his journies with the Black Cards.

While that trait may seem good, Domino has a handful of bad traits. He is a very bad worker, simply because he sometimes refuses to take orders. He has a strong sense of liberty, but it seems just like petty carelessness some times. Beyond that, Domino is a huge procrastinator, feeling that his work and performances take time to be planned.

Not to mention his sour attitude really dissuades others from talking to him, this is usually because his lack of sleep. He is also some what unempathetic in the manner that he does not understand emotional pain of others, he even goes as far as to like bringing others down. He has a huge ego, so insufferable he feels everything is below him in every way. Domino is very cynical and down right paranoid the world is out to get him.

But besides those traits, Domino does have some good in him. He doesn't mind giving his time to others and if he happens to care about you enough, he'll dedicate some work of his towards you free of charge. And despite how he doesn't understand emotions as well as others, Domino will stand by and hear your troubles. His objective based mind makes him the perfect worker if he's driven to his goals and treated very well. To him, art is just an asset; meaning he loves to do it and doesn't require anything to truly further his work.

On top of being so obsessed with himself, Domino doesn't really feel insecurities in his work/appearance. He feels as though he's perfect and could care less about who you are and what you say about it; remember, you're below him. What honestly drives him to sadness, is the view that his life is going no where. Because of how closed off Domino is, no one will necessarily capture this Quoll cry or mope. He hides it all with a cunning smile and whimsical wit, something he enjoys doing thoroughly.

It is a must to note that Domino is a good actor as well. On stage his persona flips on a dime, he becomes a caring rather charismatic person. He treats his fanbase very well, even going as far as to upload his music for free downloading. This personality though is not reflective of Domino at all.


Personal Life

Domino was born and raised in Crimson City. He spent most of his life living under the Whites family, a family known for their crystalline designing.

Domino grew up in a quiet family. His parents were very business oriented and would scold for the very littlest of things, they had no love for each other (but rather each other's fortunes), and barely spent personal time at home. Domino from an early age was forced into crystalline decoration designing, his first actual sculpture was made just when he was roughly three.

Because of the strict mentality that his parents had, Domino was moved into private schooling at a young age of six. The Quoll would make no friends, he had to be home after class. His childhood was mostly doing school work, and when he wasn't doing school work, he was helping out the family decoration business.

Things didn't really change until Domino had to move into the urban parts of the city. Due to a shortage in money, the family took him out of private schooling and into public schooling.

During his time in middle school, Domino began to open up to feelings he'd later regret opening up to. Domino had no interest in women, rather he kept close relations to male partners. He was often shunned by his style of dress and how he'd create "fruity" diamonds in front of a generally instead of being a manly peer. He was bullied and called out for his sexuality on a daily basis. Most male students avoided Domino because they were afraid of what they could not understand.

His parents eventually caught wind of their only son being a homosexual and reprimanded him severely for it. Domino wasn't allowed to make friends with males any more in his life, he was forced into being home and working on diamond designs, never to interact with the outside world until he changed his ways. During this point, Domino lost identity of himself.

As time passed in his dark cold room, all Domino would do is listen to the music that would play from his neighbor's yard. The Quoll deeply loved music as it soothed his mind in its most depressing of phases. Domino would sometimes clank his crystalline creations to follow in rhythm of said musical beats, some times he'd have these beats down pat and create a nice musical anthem in the quietness of his room. Very soon he began learning other instruments in his spare time.

Domino was reintroduced to the social world in his early teenage years as a now high school student. His form of dress and style greatly changed from when he was a boy. No longer did he wear low budget clothing with colorful accents, Domino adopted a style of wearing deep blues and blacks to accent his clothing. He had long hair that reached his lower back and a fashion sense that caught the eyes of most students.

For once in his life, he felt like he belonged. Forcefully, Domino dropped his characteristics of flamboyance in favor of a hardy "punk-rock" persona to fool the eyes of other students. He very actively avoided his homosexual preference in favor of trying with females, this wouldn't exactly work for him as he had developed feelings for a fellow male classmate. Despite the fact that Domino was decently lucky with the ladies, he'd never gone farther than taking them to a date. This was because of his genuine lack of interest in women, he had found them to be too hyperactive.

Due to being a outcast, Domino joined a group dubbed the misfits. They were a group of kids who just didn't fit in, Domino blended well in this crowd unironically. Domino was a heavy slacker. He attended classes he wanted to take such as music and art, whilst skipping the rest. His parents had no way of reprimanding him as he would barely be home to begin with. Domino began smoking cigarettes by this point of life and had a very sleep deprived look. He didn't really like food so he lost a lot of weight since childhood and has become an unhealthily slender Quoll with long hair.

As a misfit, Domino met a very attractive husky, the two rarely spoke to one another; but they did recognize each other quite well. Domino always described her as the "blade within a crowd" due to her sense of style and general social experience.

Domino had also met a boy with whom he took a very strong liking toward. They had a secretive relationship but the boy eventually left him out of fear from retalition from his family and being socially outcasted like Domino was. This left Domino heartbroken, yet despite this the boy gave Domino his signature silver earings of which the Quoll has kept since.

Being a misfit came at a price, Domino failed major courses due to a lack of attendance and it landed him in having to drop out. Once word got out to the White's family, Domino was kicked out of his home promptly.

By this point, no one knew Domino. His old friends slowly faded away and he just became a loner once more. His depravity of social interaction landed the Quoll to become cynical and cruel. He no longer harbored care for those around him and ended up a stingy young adult.

Domino spent his days living in an old underground alley way for some time.

Enter The Black Cards

While looking for some smokes, Domino noticed a very good offer for those with extraordinary talents. A year round circus was coming and was looking for new employees. Domino astounded at the fact that they didn't need any form of diploma, signed up in a heart beat.

Within months, the Quoll was called back, from there he was invited to audition for the part. He displayed a play where he dramatically created a rainfall of crystals that when clanked together made very rhythmical melodies. It was very ear catchy and the Quoll's handsome looks as well as his acrobatics landed him the spot.

From there the Quoll became obsessed with money and cleaned up his appearance. It was also when Domino began to have enough of not being himself and broke out some of his flamboyant tendencies and became openly bisexual. He cut his hair and redyed it completely black with blue highlights for his own personal preferences. His sense of dressing and appearance became more regal in style.

He later came up to a familiar face, one he was not happy to see.

Distaste with Work

Following a work related issue with a former worker, the entire business of the circus has collapsed into a huge controversy. The incident of a trick gone horribly wrong costed the circus thousands. Budgets were cut and many members left and were effected by the recent changes. Domino for one was not happy and was not going any where.

The former owner of the Black Cards Circus Enterprise was planning to close down the circus. Fearing there'd be no alternative of work, Domino sought out to steal control from the former owner.

It began with a workers mutiny as they stood up on strike against the owner, it was to no avail; but the employees were still angry. Among those employees, Jack and Spades were most notably upset.

This led the trio to taking the former owner out for a walk in the desert. What ever happened to the former owner is often left to interpretation, every member aboard the circus says the man retired.

The New Black Cards

Domino and friends recreated the business of the Black Cards in favor of running it under their rules. They generated lots of revenue and sold out shows by using a crowd friendly choice system that would assist them in getting more fans. With the new system, the circus was better than ever. Now, Domino works as a musician and crystalline acrobatic for the circus; a position that's never changed. He is the self-proclaimed leader of the Black Cards, although many argue against it.


Spades the Husky

Nobody quite gives Domino a migraine like Spades.

Spades and Domino were far from what you'd consider high school friends, but they were indeed acquaintances. The two previously shared a decently respectful relationship toward one another and were in fact apart of the same clique of students. It was only after Domino dropped out of high school and saw Spades again when the two's relationship took a turn for the worse.

At the start of the Black Cards, Domino and Spades could not stand one another. Both feeling that they were a sign of the past and were thus apart of an unwarranted future. Domino knew Spades could see right through him because of his high school years, this brought a lot of uneccessary drama between the two during their earlier years of work in the Black Cards. As time moved forward and the two pulled their mischevious heist with Jack that they would begin to get along.

When forcing himself into the leading position of the New Black Cards, Domino began to utilize Spades as a bread winner for the group and greatly respected her for this. They still shared a bitter relationship, but on a friendlier level. Their relationship would progress enough to warrant Domino's hesitant care and validation for Spades. When he's not stealing her money or bothering her constantly, Domino takes a great interest in helping Spades be the best woman she could be.

He often forces himself onto her by doing her make up or fixing crinkles on her clothes, adjusting her hat, buttoning her shirts properly, and even fixing her hair on the odd day that she allows him to. In his eyes, Spades is a gem among the crowd of imbeciles he normally surrounds himself with.

Although he will never admit this, outside of their bitter and unloving attitudes toward one another, Domino considers Spades to be his one true friend and will go to the ends of the world for her if the situation called for it.

Gareth the Bull

Gareth is Domino's clumsy side-kick. Out of everyone in the group, he hates Gareth the most. He complains on a daily basis about how much of a terrible partner he is and how he'd like some one more suited to his tastes to work with him.

Though what Domino does like about Gareth is his ability to be a dumb pawn. But deep down, Domino would risk his life for Gareth simply because he's his biggest fan; that and he'd like to kill Gareth himself.

Poker the Antelope

Poker is a bit of a perplexing figure for Domino.

In many ways, Poker could be considered a guilty pleasure for the quoll. They share incredibly similar tastes and interests, the two could go on about fashion and clothing. The quoll may not show it, but he appreciates the eccentricities of Poker and on a good day enjoys his company because of how uplifting the Antelope is.

The two are often jokingly paired off in the circle of the Black Cards as they are known to flirt with one another casually. It is because of their flirtatious behavior why Domino officially dubbed and affectionately calls Poker the Queen of Hearts.

Despite this, Domino is not on the closest terms with Poker. Due to his rather isolationist nature, Domino pushes people out of his life from time to time in order to relax his mind. Poker seems to have a hard time with giving the quoll his personal space and is scolded for his nosy behavior constantly. He does not want Poker to read into his personality and commands that Poker leaves him be out of respect for staying out of his life. Because of this, the antelope comes across as a pain to the quoll.

The two seem to share an understanding to avoid prying into each other's lives. That being said, if Domino ever needed information, his first stop would be to look for the mysterious antelope.

Mirage the Husky

Domino did not like Mirage to begin with, but the moment he found out how she altered the death rate for a member and caused a fatality; Domino lost it. He didn't like her happy-go-lucky personality, just like Spades' as he felt it was superficial. He was very happy when she was sent away and he feels as though the group would be better with out her.

Jack the Weasel

Jack and Domino cooperate fairly well in a working field. The two do not butt heads all too often and this is because Domino almost never speaks to Jack on his own time. When he does though, he criticizes Jack quite badly, almost as badly as Gareth.

Domino feels as though Jack is his slave and if anything went wrong, he'd have to punish Jack severely. This is ironic seeing as Jack is a fear machine and will not hesitate to kill. Domino is also known to steal from Jack during his sleeping hours, taking his hard earned money more than anything.

Marionette the Serval

Domino and Marionette have always had bad blood. Domino's incessant nit-picking of Marionette, she did not take his comments very well. After Spade's suspicions of Marionette's behavior, Domino disliked her creepy and down right suspicious characteristics. He can tell she had a lot more to her and was very eager to make her crack. Their beef was further extended by the fact that Marionette would bring in literally no revenue and was disliked among fans.

Domino did all in his power to try and get her kicked out. Once he found out about her creepy replica voodoo doll collection of the Black Cards, he was relentless with her. Eventually, he and the Black Cards grouped up to kick her out.



Domino has the ability to create diamonds/crystals at will. This trait was passed down by his father's lineage of Geokinesis, Domino is only limited to creating crystals though. He uses this power for artistic purposes and some times for a source of lighting, as well as decoration. However, if he feels the need to, Domino will use them for combat related practice. He is quite skilled at the mastery of crystals.


Arts & Crafts

Domino can create nearly anything with his crystals. Hell, he basically decorated his living quarters with them. Besides his skills with crystals, he can actually develop music and is quite the talented writer. His artsy skills were major reasons why he was ranked up so highly in school clubs.



Domino loves his authentic cane. Not only does it allow him to channel his crystals easier, but it can serve as a great weapon under danger. It's made of a solid material that is heavy, yet light enough to swing with ease. Not to mention it has a hidden blade at the bottom of it, it is only revealed when Domino presses on the top of the cane.


Boy does Domino have a lot of weaknesses.

First off, Domino has a very scrawny/stick thin build. He's very easy to push around and beat down because of it. Not only is that a problem, but he lacks the physical strength to really do much. He relies on his crystals for those practices.

Secondly, his crystals. While very deadly if impaled with, Domino has very bad aiming with them and often can not control the size of them out of art. They aren't made for combat purposes either, but they are surprisingly durable when it comes to shield usage or as a weapon. Water also tends to brittle them due to their earthly connection.

Thirdly, Domino is very gullible. He will literally fall into the plans of his enemies if he is persuaded by money or anything that will largen his ego.


  • Domino was born on January 30th, making him an Aquarius.
  • Domino is an avid smoker, he commonly smokes a fancy cigar.
  • Domino has a very light, almost unnoticable French accent. He also has a deep love for anything elegant, thus he has altered his natural dialect to suit the elegant one.
  • It is generally known that Domino doesn't eat, if ever all he eats are fruit snacks and he can barely stomach them. Domino actually gets his nutrients from the earth, it keeps his body stable and active for the most part. It's a wonder why he's not dead.
  • Domino has a seperate room in his quarters that is filled to the brim with make up, music records, literature, and cigarettes.
  • Domino's earings are gifts from a nameless ex-boyfriend he had back in high school. They carry her initials inside the earings. Domino is also very defensive of the earings.
  • Domino's favorite instrument is the Piano.
    • The electric guitar is a close second to his instrumental preference.
  • Domino is very frugal, only spending money when necessary and buying things once they reach a sale of sorts. This is why the Quoll has a rather luxorious life style.
  • If Domino was real, he'd have Eurasian roots.


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