Dominik the Devil
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Dominik encouraging his comrades

A Sub-boss of the Tralius Egg Army, Dominik the Devil manages the Parched Prairie Egg Base, and leads the regiment of Tralius Egg Soldiers stationed there. He is directly below Tralius Egg Boss Maw the Thylacine in terms of rank.

Physical Description

A somewhat brawny Tasmanian devil who stands a little over four feet tall, Dominik has a fairly short, pointed muzzle, small, triangular ears, and a Cyberized tail, which is medium-length and somewhat slim, ending in a blade; his lower jaw is also Cyberized, with four steel teeth jutting out.

His fur is primarily arsenic in color, with a brown yellow muzzle, and a white stripe across his chest. His hair, which is styled into a crew cut, is burgundy in color, and his eyes are citron in color. His Cyberized lower jaw and tail are also arsenic in color.



Base Stats
Other Stats

Being a Tasmanian Devil, Dominik has all the abilities of that species, namely the keen sense of smell, frighteningly powerful bite, and heightened ferocity. Like other members of his species, he is able to let loose a powerful, ear-piercing screech, and can use a few other sound-based techniques, such as Roar and Furious Bellow. The Cyberization to his lower jaw only served to make his already powerful bite even more terrifying, allowing him to snap through steel with a single bite.

His Cyberized tail is a bit longer than the tails of other Tasmanian Devils, but can extend an additional two feet, and is tipped with a sharp blade; this makes it a deadly weapon with some considerable reach. He also has quite high physical strength, able to lift a good half-ton over his head, and primarily attacks with strong, somewhat slow strikes. Due to his burly stature, he is also surprisingly durable, but not to an excessive degree.


Dominik has no specific resistances to any Elements or energy-types. His thick fur and brawny physique make him quite durable, and he can weather minor physical blows with ease. His strength, wicked bite force and bladed tail make him deadly in close-quarters combat.


Dominik has no specific weaknesses to any Elements or energy-types. He is not very fast, and has fairly poor reflexes as well, allowing faster foes to run circles around him and potentially whittle him down with hit-and-run tactics.

While his Cyberized tail does give him a bit of extra reach in combat, it can only attain a maximum length of 4'5", which isn't useful against opponents who excel in ranged attacks. His resilience is also a bit lower than his durability, making energy-based attacks more effective against him. His intellect isn't anything special, and he isn't terribly good at strategizing, preferring to do things in a more direct manner.

Friends and Foes








A fairly jovial and boisterous devil, Dominik is quite popular among the Egg Soldiers under his command, primarily due to his easy-going nature (somewhat surprising for his species) and deep sense of comradery and respect for his regiment. He will gladly fight alongside them, and will refuse to leave any of them behind if he can help it.

Much of his loyalty towards both Dr. Eggman and Maw the Thylacine is motivated by fear; he fears Maw's obsessive nature, as well as the sheer power Eggman has over Mobius; however, he will readily admit that he respects both of their drives to succeed.

Dominik is not terribly intelligent, and seems to have a bad habit of "gambling", often engaging in bets with his opponents, although this can work out in his favor; he also gets frustrated easily, and becomes rather violent when agitated enough. However, he respects a strong opponent.

Positive Traits

  • Loyal
  • Reasonably laid-back

Neutral Traits

Negative Traits

  • Gambler



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