Domina the Rabbit is a purple Vanilla recolor, and a member of the Trolls.


Domina is a purple Vanilla recolor, with dark purple markings, and a white muzzle, chest, and stomach. She wears a tight black leather one-piece outfit, with matching elbow-length gloves and high-heel boots that cover up to her thighs. She is always seen with a whip wrapped around her waist like a belt.


Domina is dominant, sadistic, masochistic, and extremely flirtatious. She loves not only inflicting pain on others, but also having pain inflicted on herself, considering it a turn-on. She also loves bending people to her will and forcing them into submission, but is at the same time willing to obey orders given to her by superiors. She is a noted nymphomaniac, and will go after any and every male, regardless of whether they are trolls, allies, or enemies. However, her dominating habits (as well as being a recolor of Vanilla) creep out even Toxic. She is the only Troll who can not only make her daughter Flame the Rabbit shut up, but also scare her with threats of "punishment".


Domina has the typical abilities of a Troll (aside from Chaos Powers). She is also quite proficient in submission holds and the use of a whip.


  • Domina is the only Troll who is a confirmed parent.

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