Domestic Radical Pokemon is the third season of "Domestic Radical Adventures". It is mostly bassed on the original series pokemon, this time in mostly Louis', Dawn's, and Team Rocket's point of views. In a few episodes, Mobians apppear.
Domestic Radical Pokemon

Domestic Radical Pokemon Series

Included Characters


Louis Robinson

Lyra Robinson

Ethan Alexanderson

Marmalade Heartswell

Emma Calero

Gwen Orrcut

Ryan Fortune

Ash Ketchum

Dawn Hikari

Brock Takeshe

Iris Iris

Cilan Dent

Jessie, James, Meowth


Sonic the Hedgehog

Miles "Tails" Prower

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Cream the Rabbit


Daivd the HedgeFox

Alexis the Fox

Christie the Hedgehog

Alyssa the Dog

Cole the Echidna

Kester the Echidna

Michelle the Cat

Lina the Hedgehog

Sebastian the BatHedgeFox

Gabriela the Cat

Mimi the Cat


Into the bright world of Pokemon! 1

A family meet and greet! 2

Ivysaur has the suds! 3

Shout out loud for the new Contest King! 4

Oh yeah, we're "frivals" till the end! 5

Faster than the speed of Staraptor! 6

What the Feebas is wrong? 7

Take it joy, but leave pride! 8

F stands for Furret! 9

Piplup and a Contest Debut! 10

The Master has spoken! 11 

Third Ribbon, here we come! 12

Planning a strategy of success! 13

Sweet as a Skitty! 14

Test of compatibility! 15

Sonic, Strong and Speedy! 16 

Next on Poke-Idol! 17

Why so angry, Amy? 18

All Hail Miss Jessilina! 19

Dawn of a new person! 20

Mecha Machanic and a Magnemite! 21 

Meloetta, Alexis, Lina and a big sensation! 22 

Fix me a Knuckle Sandwich for Lunch! 23

Ash, Louis, Dawn, and a Princess too! 24

Dash to Eutreak City! 25

Big Need to Worry! 26

The Competition is now on? 27

The Best of Rivals, not the worst of friends. 28

A fight of the family! 29

May treasures a Blastoise! 30

Skitty and Delcatty, evolution matters! 31

Team Rocket and a chaos emerald too! 32

Zoey, strong and determined! 33

Brock goes out.... again? 34

Iris, and the forest of Bagon and Gible! 35

Andela Town, here we come! 36

World Senior Cup is now starting! 37

Ash vs. Louis, Dawn vs. May! 38 

Louis and Brock! A Fight of the times! 39

Harbor Relaxation! 40

The nightmare, Toxicroak! 41

Louis and the Milotic! 42

Chansey, from a nurse to a mother! 43

Meloetta gets a makeover! 44

Cream, Alyssa, and Louis' big adoption. 45

Milkshake, cute and unique! 46

First a Tropius and then it's my fourth ribbion! 47

Lyra and her Quilava with three badges to go! 48

Ash, and the champion! 49

Cilan goes to jail! 50

Louis, and Silver the terminator! 51

Harmonalia, trapped in a keystone! 52

Rescue from the heart. 53

(As of now episodes are stil being created.......)


We Will Be Heroes (Pokemon)- (Intro Theme)

Goldenrod City Theme- (Happy Theme)

Jar of Hearts Karaoke- Christie Perri- (Sad Theme)

Team Rocket Motto Theme- (Angry Theme)


Domestic Radical Pokemon is a mix of DRA and Pokemon

Dr. Eggman was excluded in this series.

Ash's Pikachu been retaught the move "Volt Tackle"

Brock's Chansey has evolved into a Blissy in DRP43

Instead of having a Chikorita, Lyra has a Cyndaquil.

Iris is revealed to be Unova's new champion; Therefore her hair and outfit is different.

Dawn's Buneary learned the moves "Quick Attack" and "Attract".

Sonic has his own version of "Quick Attack" and "Bounce"

Amy can use her Piko Piko Hammer to make Team Rocket Blast off.

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