Domestic Radical Adventures Forever

Made by me, art of this fanfiction


Domestic Radical Adventures Forever or just simply "DRAF" is the second series of "Domestic Radical Adventures". It is an anime series as well as a game. This is the series where Louis goes to the Dark Angel Academy and friends from the dream gate migrate in his world.

The Anime

Humans (Mortal World)

Louis Robinson

Marmalade Heartswell

Emma Calero

Lyra Robinson

Ryan Fortune

Gwen Orrcut

Erica Askiname

Zack Fandazi

Nick Smith


Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails the Fox

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat

Vector the Crocodile

Bokkun the Message Robohog

Espio the Chameleon

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat

Humans (Dream Gate)

Mario Mario

Luigi Mario

Peach Toadstool

Daisy Flora





Candace Flynn

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz

Phineas Flynn

Ferb Fletcher

Isabella Garcia Shapprio

Buford Van Storm

Dr. Eggman

Maria Robotnik

Ash Ketchum

Brock Takeshe

Dr. Ryuta Kawashima


Daivd the Hedgefox

Alexis the Fox

Christina the Hedgehog

Cole the Echidna

Kester the Echidna

Michelle the Cat

Mimi the Cat

Krys the Unicorn

Lina the Hedgehog

Gabriela the Cat

Theme Song

Angel of Darkness 


None yet coming soon

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