Domestic Radical Adventures: Victory Streak is the fourth series of "Domestic Radical Adventures ", and the sequel to "Domestic Radical Pokemon ". This is where Louis enters the tournaments. Some tournaments are:

Flynn-Fletcher Rock & Roll Concert

Dark Angel Academy Reunion Competition

Figure Skating Grand Festival

Unova Pokemon Grand Festival

International Tempacassa City Battle

Stay Tuned for more details.

Included Characters


Louis Robinson

Marmalade Heartswell

Emma Calero

Ryan Fortune

Gwen Orrcut

Erica Askiname

Zack Fandazi

Nick Smith

Lyra Robinson

Dawn Hikari

Brock Takeshe

Ash Ketchum

Iris Iris

Cilan Dent

Jessie James Meowth

Dr. Eggman

Candace Flynn

Vanessa Doofenshmirtz

Phineas Flynn

Jermey Johnson






Sonic the Hedgehog

Tails the Fox

Knuckles the Echidna

Amy Rose

Cream the Rabbit

Shadow the Hedgehog

Rouge the Bat

Bokkun aka Mix & Mingler

Silver the Hedgehog

Blaze the Cat


David the HedgeFox

Alexis the Fox

Christie the Hedgehog

Cole the Echidna

Michelle the Cat

Alyssa the Dog

Kester the Echidna

Krys the Unicorn

Mimi the Cat

Gabriela the Cat

Lina the Hedgehog


1. The days don't get brighter

2. Amy, you knock me out!

3. Is it me or do you seem nervous?!

4. Dave goes on foot!

5. Jessie, and James Robotnik!

6. Gwen grows nicer and meaner!

7. Ash, Harmonalia, and the memory reveals again!

8. Blissey and a secret surprise.

9. Blaze, of fire, Louis of water!

10. Candace and Louis. Very surprising.

11. Roundoff, Back Handspring, Back Tucking into fun!

12. Michelle is very blank.

13. Jessilina, finalist up against Louis, Dawn, and Michelle!

14. Human vs. Downtowneir, a fight of history!

15. Goodbye Gymnastics, Hello Adventure!

16. Alice in Wonderland, except different!

17. The lost treasure of a Chaos Emerald.

18. Three on Three still isn't fair?

19. Emma and the secret hair.

20. Interesting name, Tsukasa!

21. Sonic loses speed!

22. Smoking is healthy?

23. LxK a pair to worship!

24. Tails and Cream go on a misson.

25. Lyra and the lost palace of Gerald Robotnik

26. The power of two!

27. Louis, an unexpected victim.

28. Nick goes overboard!

29. Don't believe everything you read.

30. Relaxation time is officially over!

31. Back to Danville!

32. Rock concert featuring everyone!

33.Good night Danville, Hello Mistralaton City!

34. The Mix and Mingler Bokkun, mischievous and mysterious!

35. There's 2 Shadows?

36. Skyla and Louis vs. Bokkun, a round of beauty!

37. Back on the road of disater.

38. Responsibility for the injury is on you!

39. Survive Louis!

40. Figure Skating Contest! No more entries!

41. Kester's Early Day.

42. Dawn vs. Amy Silver vs. Ryan!

43. A Grand Fight to behold

44. Dawn vs. Silver Louis vs Bokkun!

45. Louis and Silver, which is in jeporady?

46. Back on the contest track!

47. The hunt for Delcatty!

48. Sonic gets robbed!

49. Amy, what's inside the box?

50. Oh the spa!

51. Juniors or Seniors?

52. Dance Dance Combination

53. Zoey, Dawn: The Legend of the Skaters!

54. Dawn and Louis, a "frival" confrontation!

55. Negotiate these terms, Temprecassa!

56. Wheel of Terror!

57. Bragging Silvi all over again!

58. Departing Sonic and friends, but what about Amy?

59. Goodbye Downtowneirs

60. Closing a very excitable adventure!

This concludes the DRAVS Series. New series are being created.

Contest Winners (Figure Skating)

Snowpoint City Contest- Silver Ribbon 1

Casino Park Contest- Louis Ribbon 1

Seaside Hill Contest- Emma Ribbon 1

Grand Met. Contest- Zoey Ribbon 1

Facecome Town Cup- Louis Ribbon 2

Mariala Contest- Dawn Ribbon 1

Veilstone City Contest- Louis Ribbon 3

Lilypad Town Contest- Silver Ribbon 2

Neighbors City Contest- Dawn Ribbon 2

Alamos Town Contest- Emma Ribbon 2

Beach City Contest- Louis Ribbon 4

Daybreak Town Contest- Louis Ribbon 5

Eterna City Contest- Silver Ribbon 3

Solaceon Town Contest- Emma Ribbon 3

Sandalstraw Town Contest- Emma Ribbon 4

Majolica Town Contest- Dawn Ribbon  3

Junior Cup- Silver Ribbon 4

Senior Cup- Bokkun Ribbon 1

Celestic Town Contest- Dawn Ribbon 4

Lost Town Contest- Bokkun Ribbon 2

Gerba Town Contest- Emma Ribbon 5

Chocovine Town Contest- Silver Ribbon 5

Eggman Contest Contest- Bokkun Ribbon 3

Heroville Contest- Dawn Ribbon 5

Pastoria City Contest- Zoey Ribbon 2

Soleanna Town Contest- Zoey Ribbon 3

Flowertine Town Contest- Marmalade Ribbon 3 (Haven't shown ribbons 1 & 2)

Goldenrod City Contest- Marmalade Ribbon 4

Frostown Contest- Zoey Ribbon 4

Sparkleton Contest- Bokkun Ribbon 4

Polarstraits Cotnest- Zoey Ribbon 5

Cubyryinth Contest- Blaze Ribbon 1

Icepeak Contest- Marmalade Ribbon 5

Blizzarland Contest- Blaze Ribbon 2

Iceworld Contest- Blaze Ribbon 3

Coconut Town Contest- Blaze Ribbon 4

Metal Harbor Town- Blaze Ribbon 5

Sunyshore City- Bokkun Ribbon 5

Pacifilog Contest- Jessie Ribbon 1

Supertown Contest- Jessie Ribbon 2

Arrowroot Contest- Jessie Ribbon 3

Clockwork Contest- Jessie Ribbon 4

Tamaruin Contest- Jessie Ribbon 5

Super Senior Cup- Dawn

Worldwide Senior Cup- Marmalade

Jubilife Cup- Zoey

Grand Festival- Louis

Memborable Quotes

"Look at her! It's as if she were gliding on ice!" _ "Alice in Wonderland.... Except Different!" (Sonic)

"Yeah, all right! I just won the Veilstone Ribbon! Awsome!" _ "Is it me or do yo you seem nervous?" (Louis)

"I don't need another Sissy-MaryJane messin with me!" _ "Amy you knock me out!" (Amy)

"I am Blaze...." _ "'There's 2 Shadows?" (Blaze [disguised as Sonic])

"I HAVE HAD IT! Bokkun, if you kiss Marmalade on the mouth I will send you on the steepest Stairway to HELL!" _"Bokkun, Mysterious and Mischevious!" (Louis)

"You're forgetting Someone!" _ "Rock Concert Featuring Everyone!" (Silver)

"As a reward, I'm going to nuke the world for you!"_ "There's 2 Shadows?" (Bokkun)

"[Jaw Drops] You have a Yanmega too?!"_ "The hunt for Delcatty!" (Jessie)

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"_"Kester's Early Day!" (Kester)

"Hey Louis, it's Candace.... um... could you spend some quality time with us Flynn-Fletchers? Thankies!"_"Relaxation Time is Officially Over!" (Candace)

"Gotta run!"_"The days don't get any brighter!" (Sonic)

"Ooooo.... wanna battle? Then you have got a battle!.... But you ca't win twice! [sinsterly laughs]"_ "Back on the Contest Track!" (Ursula)


  • Louis' Hairstyle is officially changed.
  • The Animorphians (Mobians) once again spend some time traveling.
  • Dawn is revealed to catch a Petilil.
  • Ash, Iris, and Cilan appear in Mistraliton City.
  • Sonic and his friends meet Phineas and Ferb and their friends for the first time.
  • Louis has won the Facecome Cup, and Veilstone Ribbons.
  • Dawn has won the Mariala Ribbon.
  • Marmalade reappears and becomes an official traveling partner.
  • Marmalade is shown to have two unknown Figure Skating Contest Ribbons.
  • Silver has won the Lilypad and Eterna Ribbons.
  • Tails has built another X Tornado.
  • Jessie aka "Jessilina" has won 5 Ribbons in a Row.
  • Zoey won five ribbons.
  • Bokkun has quit working for Eggman and decided to become more mature. (Which obviously would never happen...)

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