Dolly the Cow is a cow that helps out Sonic during the events of Sonic Triple Trouble in the Mobius Redrawn universe. She is based on the American advertisement for the game and named after Dolly, the cloned sheep.


Dolly's a white cow with black spots. She wears a strap on her face and has blonde hair.


Dolly is kind and helpful and says she knows trouble when she sees it. She shows a form of compassion even for her enemies, as shown at the ending of the arc. She's a bit of a country person compared to a city person, but she doesn't mind. She's gotten used to being milked.


It's assumed Dolly was one of the animals partially effected by the nuclear winter; she has the ability of speech and impressive knowledge alongside noticeable speed, but she remains quadrupedal.

Dolly met Sonic at her ranch and told him that she heard Knuckles stole the emeralds. Sonic went after him, but upon Dolly learning Knuckles had been lied to and of his capture, she told Sonic to rescue him, as she wanted someone to dish out revenge on Robotnik. After the story, it's assumed Sonic and Dolly hung out together a lot.


Dolly can speak, and not only English, but fluent Japanese as well.


She has enhanced speed, though not on par with Sonic.


Since Dolly is an actual cow and not anthropomorphized (i.e. standing on hind legs), it takes her a great deal of difficulty to be like Sonic and the rest of the Mobians.

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