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Dogwood Forest is a vast forest of dogwood trees that stretches over miles and miles of land. It residents are the Wolf and Fox Clans, along with some human villages. Some wildlife also lives in the forest, becoming the main food source of all the forest's residents.


Dogwood Forest is inhabited by some diverse species of deer, fowl, and wolverine, which are hunted largely either for sport or for food.

The vegetation of the wood that is used for food consists of mushrooms, blue moss, and tree bark. Blue moss is often found on trees or in caves while mushrooms are found almost anywhere depending on where you are and where you look.


Dogwood Forest is a very cold place, whether at night or in the day, though conditions are often worse at night. There are often severe snowstorms with turbulent winds and a chance of hail.

Since all the trees in the forest look alike, one can get easily lost if not following their clan's landmarks. Because of this, clan hunters are known to travel in groups of 5 - 7, along with someone who knows the landmarks well. There are also small hills that are known to be good ambush spots and sometimes some clan hunters never return from the hunt.


Dogwood Forest's residents, the Wolf and Fox Clans, have dwelt in its wood long before and after the war, and later on human villages were formed. It is said that before the conflict, both the Wolf and Fox Clans lived together in coexistence, but after the war, they separated, the Wolf Clan inhabiting the western border of the wood, while the Fox Clan inhabited the eastern border opposite the Wolf Clan.

Significant Populations

The residents of Dogwood Forest consist of the Wolf Clan (western border) and the Fox Clan (eastern border). There are also some human villages in the region.

Notable Areas

Black Market/Trading Post

In almost every human village, there are a trading post or a black market. Members of either the Wolf or Fox Clans sometimes come to exchange or sell their wares with the humans. The Tundra Rogues are even known to come by and sell their catches there, along with any other illegal poaching group that happens to be in the area. It is also a major crime area, for much illegal trade and activity is conducted there. There is often some violent disputes among the Wolf and Fox Clans here.


Frost flowers Known for their triangular, white and blue blossoms and ice blue pollen stems, these flowers are known to grow underneath heavy undergrowth and snowbanks. At night, these beautiful and mystic flowers release their blue pollen.

Blue Moss As their name explains, blue moss is moss that is blue and clings and grows on rocks and trees in the forest. Poisonous, if touched by exposed skin, the victim is covered by severe rashes and red hives rapidly appear on the skin like goosebumps. Known as a bad omen, the saying among the natives goes, "If the blue moss is facing your right, go to the left, for you will die if you go to the right."

Other The mushrooms, the winter grass, and the roots of the trees are all edible and are either salty or sweet depending on where they grow. Mushrooms, like the frost flowers, release glowing blue pollen from their spores. They are most recognizable by their blue and black spotted coloration.