After Doctor Tangent's exile, he fled to the opposite side of the island, where he started construction on robots to both defend him and destroy the city. At first, he could only create a few mobian sized robots before he ran out of resources. He sent his robots to search for any possible way to make an army on a grand scale. One of the robots Vanguard the Robohog, stole blueprints from another doctor's lab. The blueprints were for a machine known as a robotisizor. Tangent finally had the means to create an army. He sent his robots on yet another mission: to capture supplies, humans, mobians, and small animals. After several months, his army was as diverse as it was deadly, with robotisized creatures of great numbers under his command


There are several models under three categories: mobian-based, human-based, and creature-based. The creature-based are the only ones not completely turned to metal. The robotic part merely uses the tiny victim as a source of power. They can still be freed, but the other two are a lost cause. Even if those fighting the robots knew this, they would still go for the kill, even Solomon The Bobcat.


These are the smallest of the three classes of models, mainly used for scouting or assaulting in swarms.


The see-saw has a simple design consisting of one large red eye that forms its body, four propellers protruding from the top of the eye, and a single saw blade attached to the bottom of the machine. These are mainly used for hit and run tactics, flying quickly over the heads of their victims, separating the left and right sides of the brain. A swarm of these are a force to be reckoned with.


These robotic hounds were purely designed for the quick death of one or few targets. Their design resembles a dog, of course, with numerous metal segments forming its body for the sake of mobility. Their three red eyes at the center of the head rotate to adjust to three forms of sight, x-ray, thermal, and normal. Their main form of attack is to use their from paws to pin the target by its shoulders. The bottom of the front paws are equipped with retractable blades that dig in to the victim's flesh. Its killing blow is a simply ripping out of the throat with its massive jaws. Fast, deadly, and unrelenting, these will never show any quarter and always go for the kill.


This design is a rather strange one. It is a simple robotic bird, much like an ostrich but able to fly for short periods. Their only form of attack is to exhale toxic gases into the immediate area, killing most of those exposed to it. They also exhale smokescreens and there have been rumors of fire breathers. They travel in numbers to maximize there usefulness, usually forming a "V". Their second function, due to their ability to both fly and run, is to scout unknown locations and hostile bases.


A cross between humans and creatures by terms of function, they are incredibly diverse foot soldiers, assassins, scouts, and walking tanks.


These are the secret agents of the bunch. They are usually made for scouting and assassinations. They look like a generic robotic mobian, with no distinguishing features with the exception of its jet black paint and lack of eyes. It instead uses a sonar, repeating high frequency sounds most organisms can't hear. Models are also equipped with an active camouflage device which makes them less noticeable, but if one looks closely, their bodies do not perfectly cloak themselves, leaving a sort of blur when activated. Weaponry includes an arm mounted silenced firearm utilizing .308 caliber ammo on the right arm. Their choice of close quarters combat is a tomahawk, which can also be thrown.

Pepper Grinders

This model is a common foot soldier in the robot ranks. Its appearance is that of a spiked mobian, with sickle-shaped quills on the back of its head. The colors of their chassis and eyes are random, but they all have a black inverted triangle printed onto their chest. Thier name comes from the weapons they carry: twin tri-barreled MGs, replacing the hands. They are all but quiet, the guns spin up time before firing giving warning to its targets.


Seeing one of these means death to the unprepared. These mobian robots have a gray chassis and dark blue eyes. Their quills make them look like demons, and that is exactly what they seem to be. Their main form of attack is to take grenade out of a compartment in its belly and lob it with dead on accuracy. They come with several forms of grenades: frag, emp, acid, incendiary, and stickies. Most people are smart enough to know what each grenade does. Their diversity in explosives is only matched by their body count.

Last aid

The last aid model is designed to keep its fellow machines in the fray. With no offensive capabilities, its strength lies within its long range healing cannon. The cannon, mounted on the right arm and stabilized by the left hand, shoots an electric-like particle at its targets. Through an unknown process, the projectile repairs any of Tangent's creations. These should be top priority for those wanting to fight.

Humanoid Robots

These robots tend to stand anywhere from ten to fifty feet tall. Made to do nothing but carry and shoot guns. They did a damn good job, too.


The Commando model focuses on speed and close range gunfights. It stands ten feet tall, making it the smallest of the humanoid robots. Armed with a shotgun on each arm, it does so with deadly efficiency. Its appearance resembles a skeletal human. Unlike most other robots, its color scheme varies with location. Gray for urban environments, green for forests, and so on.


The Ballista is a fifteen foot tall war machine who tends to engage targets from incredible distances. Its weapons, a giant gauss rifle for each shoulder, rests on its back, which is deployed by grabbing handles behind its shoulders and pulling them in front of the body. Once deployed, it remains stationary, using its 360° torso twist to aim in all direction. Any target that comes into view is greeted by two high velocity projectiles. He is bulkier at the shoulders compared to other humanoid robots, and its color scheme resembles a large skull painted on its torso.

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