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This is an article about Doctor Tangent, a character created by Awkwarddingo on 09/1/2013.

"Human and mobian nature walk hand in hand...and they both DISGUST ME. One man so eager to climb above the rest, all over a flock of geese. Im just trying to kill the geese so there would be no reason to fight, but they are quick, so I'll just kill you."

-Doctor Tangent


Doctor Tangent is a human with no visible facial features with the exception of his hair, which is long and white. He wears a royal blue button down under his white lab coat. His face is covered by a black bandana and a pair of large shades. His trousers match his lab coat and his black boots stick out like soar thumbs. His height and near-anorexic build complete his mad-scientist look.  


He believes himself to be far superior to any other being, especially Mobians. The only Mobian he has a shred of respect for is Solomon The Bobcat, who is the only one to provide a bit of a challenge for him. Although being obviously mad, he seems calm and knows exactly what to do next, like an experienced chess player. 


He came to find solace from the rest of Mobius and its inhabitance. He originally built weapons to aid the human army against the Mobius Resistance. This led to the brutal defeat of the Resistance at the hands of a bomb launched by Tangent without the permission of the army chain of command. Tangent was exiled for his war crimes. This is around the time that Tangent decided that both humans and Mobians are in his way of success. He started building factories to build his armies of robots. He ran into trouble later on when he noticed the lack of metal he had in his possession. He sent robots to the four corners of the globe to retrieve anything that would help him. He found little metal, but he found something else that would change everything. A robot he sent, Vanguard, infiltrated the base of another infamous doctor and stole blueprints of a horrific machine: the Roboticizer. Tangent saw that the best subjects to roboticize were Mobians, and since there was a shortage on the island, he now sent Vanguard to abduct Mobians from other locations. Tangent now had the army he had always dreamed of, and set off to destroy everyone who cast him out. He started by using small attacks to scare the populace, which led to the mayor recruiting Solomon to counter Tangent. After several run-ins with Solomon, Tangent now sees him as a worthy opponent, and will stop at nothing until he is another pawn in his army.


Tangent has none.

Special Abilities

He has no special abilities other than the fact he has intelligence to rival other crazy geniuses.


  • Can build armies of robots
  • Roboticizing (learned from another doctor).
  • Can construct towering structures to house himself and his robots.


Tangent relies solely on his robots to defend him, and is individually weak when unprepared, but he is never caught unprepared...


  • Tangent's named is derived from the mathematical term meaning the length of a line on a right triangle opposite the right angle divided by the length of a line adjacent the right angle.
  • Tangent could also mean a subject unlike one being discussed, such as one "going off on a tangent".