Dr. Extractor
Doctor Extractor

Biographical Information
  • Guy who freezes people and sells them on eBay
Physical Description
  • Fur: Gray, Black towards the arms and legs
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations None
  • Jet Pack
  • Freeze Blaster
  • Freeze Band
  • Summon Swarm
  • High Lv IQ
  • Nitrogen-Sustaining Helmet
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorChembur

Doctor Extractor is a Universal Villain that appears in Claw Saga media, he is more for Comic Relief on SFW.


The Mad Scientist

Doctor Extractor was a Scientist in the Dragoonworks Army who designed Weaponry, when Spike was created, Doctor Extractor left the Army, as they already have the perfect weapon.

The Freezing Fiend

Doctor Extractor eventually became widely known as a power villain, through his use of the Freeze-Blaster, then using it to freeze his Victims so that he could use them as Lab rats. He is a major villain in The Claw Saga storyline, after the Third Claw Invasion, although, he fails every time.


Dr. Extractor normally carries a large blaster with him, in which he uses to first freeze his victims, then a second feature which traps them inside, he then releases them into a crate, and sells them on eBay. Dr. Extractor also breathes Nitrogen, in which if his Helmet were to crack, he'd be poisoned by the air (even though there is Nitrogen in the air, to him, its not enough). Dr. Extractor also has other means of freezing him victims, such as his freeze bands (seen in the picture).


Dr. Extractor also has a five Minions who make up the Arctic Squad. they are: Subzero, Crystalline, Flocke, Glacier, and Inuo.


The Leader of Dr. Extractor's Henchmen, he is a White Wolf who follows Dr. Extractor's orders withour question.


Second in Command of Dr. Extractor's Henchmen, She is a Snow Leopard who has the skills to handle any situation.


A Polar bear and the muscles of the group, nothing is too heavy for him.


A Gyrfalcon with a Feisty attitude, She is the Aerial of the group.


A Vipera Berus, He is a Snake with the stealth of the group.


Dr. Extractor has the Average-Everday Mad Scientist Personality. Dr. Extractor also seems to laugh like someone who is Insane. Dr. Extractor has a huge dislike for anything that will cause a glint on his helmet, as it will blind him.

Ebay Craze

For Comedy Purposes, Dr. Extractor will freeze people, then kidnap then, and Sell them on eBay for money, so watch out, for you'll never know when he's gonna sell you! (Look out, Behind you!, nah just kidding) Of course, this eBay Craze is exclusive the SFW, as in the Claw Saga Storyline, there was no eBay.

People He has sold on Ebay

Sonic the Hedgehog (Many different RP's)

Ryushu the Cat (RP:SFK)

Albus the Cat (RP: SFK)

Blade the Wolf (RP: SFK)

Takio the Ferret (RP: TZI)

Kyle the Hedgehog (Sold to Emily)

People he has used as Test Subjects

None Currently

People he has used for Ransom

None Currently

Appearances in RP

RP: Sonic Fanon Kids

MCMA/ Air Play Extension


  • His real and original name is D0ctoR ExtRact0r, however it was changed to Doctor Extractor
  • He's called Dr. Extractor due to those large.....Claws of his.


"Groovin' Hard" by Buddy Rich

Groovin' Hard

Groovin' Hard


Doctor Extractor from Spore

Doctor Extractor from Spore

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