"Fear is courage! Slavery is freedom! Death is life! This is what a beautiful world would be like! Attention to all of you pipsqueaks, any rebellion against my rules will meet death!"
—Dr. Eggman's speech to the world.

Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is the main antagonist in the Korean animated series Sonic the Hedgehog: Speed Chronicles. He is arch-nemesis of Sonic the Hedgehog, the brutal and ruthless dictator of Sonic's world and the leader of the Eggman Empire feared by every citizen in this world, the creator of Metal Sonic, and the boss of Orbot, Cubot, Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, Sheen the Monkey, E-123 Omega, Vector the Crocodile, Espio the Chameleon and Charmy Bee.

His ultimate goal is to use the power of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald to take over the whole universe.


Eggman's design is similar to his game counterpart, except that his outfit is much different. He wears a red military uniform with gold designs on it, black pants with green stripes and brown boots. He appears to be much larger and fatter than before.


Eggman is much more brutal and ruthless compared to his counterparts from other media. A merciless and murderous tyrant, he rules the world with slavery and no freedom at all and has no qualms in killing rule breakers or rebels and then displaying their dead bodies in front of their empire gate to serve as warnings on what will happen to those who disobeyed him or even using strong physical force to injure or terrorize his minions whenever they had failed him. He also seems to enjoy seeing others suffer, especially the ones who had rebeled against him. He also has no problem in destroying every city building in order to expand his empire by building his own city.

Despite being the dictator of the world, Eggman is still very immature and bad tempered, often throwing temper tantrums whenver anyone, especially Sonic or his minions, insult his failures, provoking Eggman into attempting to kick them and chase them while throwing tantrums. Eggman is also very irritated and impatient at his minions' stupidity and incompetence, as he always orders them around to do some better work that pleases him. The only creation that he is very proud of is his finest creation, Metal Sonic, a killing machine used to kill General Kousaku, Sonic's father.

Eggman is also much more violent, vengeful and shows no tolerance towards others. Whenever his minions failed to eliminate Sonic or due to their stupidity, Eggman will often kick them either in the head or the torso, which is also the reason why all of his minions fear and obey him. He also threatens any rebel to go into the "Death Room" to suffer some tortures like waterboarding or skinning until they agree to obey him or they will die. Likewise, Eggman also takes one of his minions (mostly Sheen) to the "Death Room" to suffer some tortures whenever they had failed him and force all of his minions to watch to let them know what will happen if they had failed him again.

Eggman's biggest fear is his mother, who is twice as cruel and ruthless as him. His mother often physically and mentally abuses him, and is the main reason why Eggman is evil. Eggman often fears her, and is always reluctant to obey her, while holding heavy grudges against her. And despite being very violent and ruthless, Eggman, like in the games, also fears his descendant, Eggman Nega, who is much more violent and insane than him, due to the fact that Nega wants nothing more than world destruction, a motive that Eggman does not wish, showing that Eggman does care about his goals in world domination, not world destruction.

Powers and Abilities

Eggman is a brilliant scientist who invents new machines and objects, such as robots and mutated animals to further conquer the world and defeat the Sonic Saviors. Although Eggman has superhuman strength, he mostly spends his time in inventing things to conquer the world and eliminate Sonic.


As a child, Eggman spent most of his life being ignored and mistreated by his family, especially his mother, despite his studies being excellent and getting a diploma from his school. As a result, Eggman decided to run away from home to study science at Holkswagan. There, he has learnt how to mutant animals and roboticize animals in his university. There, he planned to go to Sonic's world and decided to take over it, so that he can overshadow his family. While arriving at Sonic's world, he attacked and successfully killed the original president of the world and took over the world, while making his new lair at Yeongjeog-in City. However, his dictatorship was struggling due to lack of required objects and his robots' stupidity, Eggman decided to travel back in time to steal things in order to increase his dictatorship. However, his plans are constantly foiled by Sonic and his friends, and because of this, both of them showed fierce animosity against each other.


Sonic the Hedgehog

"Why? WHY?! Why is that same smuggling blue hedgehog still alive?!"
—Eggman frustrated over the fact Sonic never gives up.

Sonic and Dr. Eggman have an intense hatred towards each other. Ever since Eggman has committed a genocide against all of the blue hedgehogs, Sonic has seeked to avenge the race by trying to liberate Yeongjeog-in City from Eggman's dictatorship. Eggman also appears to have no qualms in sending Metal Sonic to kill his late father, General Kousaku, which is the reason why Sonic attacked the Eggman Empire and avenge his family. Sonic also enjoys teasing Eggman a lot, like calling him offensive names, such as "Dr. Egghead", "King of Eggheads", and "a giant talking egg", which provokes the latter.

Metal Sonic

"Behold! My finest creation and the ultimate killing machine, Metal Sonic!"
—Eggman reveals Metal Sonic to Sonic for the first time.

Metal Sonic is Eggman's finest creation as well as his most favorite robot. Although Metal Sonic is loyal and obidient towards his master, he despises him and will always try to find a way to overthrow him without letting his master know. Eggman also has no problem in sending Metal Sonic to kill any rule breakers or citizens, especially when he sent him to kill General Kousaku, Sonic's father, when he learns about his goal.

Orbot and Cubot

—Eggman yelling at Orbot and Cubot to get to work.

Orbot and Cubot are Eggman's bumbling robot assistants. Eggman is often very frustrated at their stupidity and incompetence, as well as Cubot's laziness and Orbot's sarcasm towards Eggman. Although Orbot despises Eggman and enjoys insulting him, he is very loyal and obidient towards his master since he fears his wrath. Cubot, on the other hand, while he likes Eggman, he will always try to avoid any work given to him.

Sheen the Monkey

"Tell me, did you even try to kill that blue hedgehog?!"
—Eggman threatening Sheen while choking him.
Sheen the Monkey is a spy hired by Dr. Eggman to take down the Sonic Saviors. Like all of Eggman's minions, Sheen fears his boss's anger and wrath, and often suffers his violent abuse whenever he has failed his boss. Eggman mostly uses Sheen as his punishment victim and force all of his minions to watch to give them a warning on what will happen if they fail him again. Despite his boss's brutality towards him, Sheen always takes him job very seriously and tries to find ways to please his boss.
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