Cquote1 I am Doctor Eggman, the greatest genius to ever live! Cquote2
Doctor Eggman

Doctor Eggman is a fictional human created by SEGA. He is the second adoptive father of Louis Robinson, and the main villain of the Sonic Series. He is the arch enemy of Sonic and his circle of friends, sometimes even including Louis.


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Eggman is very short-tempered and cruel. He always says he will take over the world. Even though he's smart, his obsession with world domination makes him seem somewhat immature. This is shown by when either Sonic or Louis foils his plans. He goes deep into his explanations of his machines and what he plans to do with them. 

Eggman is very arrogant. His main plan is to create a utopia he knows as the "Eggman Empire". What he finds as a utopia, lots of people find it a dystopia. He plans to enslave every city and make it part of the Eggman Empire, but fails miserably. 

Physical Appearance

Eggman currently stands at 6 feet and 0 inches tall. He is oddly fat and has a round body shape. He has no hair. However, his natural hair color is a light redish-brown. He has a thick mustache that goes a few inches off his face. His nose is pink. Some people both think that his nose and his mustache are both fake, but it happens to be real.

Eggman's eyes are covered by blue sunglasses. He has green see-in-the-dark goggles on the top of his head. He wears a huge black wrestling suit that covers up his entire bottom through his shoulders. Over it, he wears a huge red jacket with two strands hanging on the back and a trim in the front. On this jacket is a white line with a zipper, and two golden buckles on both sides, with a white strap attached on each buckle. He also pins down his jacket with two egg shaped pins on the bottom His sleeves are rolled up, and yellow, and has white gloves. He also wears huge black boots with a grey line through the middle to tighten the shoe, and black soles with heels on them.

Abilities and Powers

General Skills

Eggman is a very experienced mechanic. Ever since he was little, he has always been building things. Now, that inspiration is for evil plots and plans. He builds lots of machines to defeat Sonic and continue towards his goal.

Eggman is also pretty fast himself. He could run as fast as to catch up with Sonic sometimes. His speeds make him capture Louis and his friends lots of times.






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