Doctor Eggman's inside story is a new sonic the hedgehog story game and the 1st game in the Sonic's most embarrassing moments series.this game is inspired by Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story posted by Nintendo


Sonic heard on the news that the rainbow arena that he stooped Eggman from caching it on fire not to long ago had caught fire that night.the case of the fire was unknown but many people believe it was multi wiring.Doctor Eggman was shocked and also busted a that moment Eggman had a very stupid idea.he shrunk Sonic and his friends and ate them.sonic was flung down into the depths of Doctor Eggman's stomach where he must escape to save the day again


Sonic is inside Doctor Eggman's stomach,Spice Seabreze and Nutmeg are in with him,but in other arias of Eggman's stomach are Sonic's friends,Sonic Spice Seabreze and Nutmeg must find there friends and escape to save the day again


and you thought  Bowser's Inside Story was cra cra,youve seen wrong


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Rumored Cast

Name of Actor/Actress Character
Shawn Ashmore Sonic
IHasCupquake Spice
Aphmau Seabreze
Moriah Elizabeth Nutmeg

more coming soon


  1. this game has cringe
  2. this is the 1st sonic game to have Eggman's name in it instead of Sonic's
  3. Bendy from Bendy and the ink machine makes a cameo in this game
  4. this is the only Sonic game to have all of its bosses(including the final boss)survive
  5. Ponypainter09(the creator)is currently trying to find a way to make this an actual 3d game
  6. this game is the last appearance of Super Sonic and The seven Chaos Emeralds
  7. the redesign of Super Sonic will be based off of this
  8. there are 3 new characters list below

Spice the fox

Seabreze the fox

Nutmeg the fox

opining theme




a concept of what the map would look like

the troll Nintendo ds version of the game

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