"Hello there, child. You need not be fearful of me; I am simply a scientist, researching spectacular things."

-Doctor Abraxas-


Doctor Zephyr Abraxas is a scientist who was studying the properties and characteristics of portals and how one could create them from scratch with common materials.

He started his research when he attempted to put the ability to teleport, or otherwise create a portal, into another being. Dedicated and unwilling to stop for another's safety, he captured an innocent person, by the name of Wraith, and conducted numerous experiments on him. The tests were brutal, and harmed Wraith in more ways than one. The experiements were successful, and feeling no remorse for Wraith or his ruined childhood, he tried to use him as a weapon for his own purposes. This proved to be unsuccessful, however, and Wraith was able to escape before Zephyr could do any more damage. 

Doctor Abraxas

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Some time after this incident, and while working late one night, he came across some ancient manuscripts that told of a forbidden and long forgotten floating continent that "belonged to the stars". After doing much research on the forbidden land, he discovered that a kingdom on the continent was home to precious materials that were legendary for creating portals with ease. The only problem was that if he took the materials back to Mobius, then the continent would cease to exist, and any inhabitants in the kingdom would die along with it.

Becoming obsessed with the continent and ignoring the fatalities that were sure to come, he immediately told his fellow researchers about his discovery. They responded with rejection, telling him that it was wrong to mess with a legendary continent, and it was against moral. Doctor Abraxas tried to reason with them, telling them that there were special minerals that were the ideal materials for easily creating portals from scratch. 
Doctor Zephyr Abraxas

After a long argument, the majority of the researchers gave him an ultimatum; either forget about the continent and stay, or go to the continent by himself, and possibly never return.

Doctor Abraxas chose the second choice, and soon set off to go to the continent. However, upon further examination of the manuscripts, one could only access the continent with a portal. Fustrated, he proceeded to create a portal to get to the continent, which failed many times. Once again, he looked at the manuscripts and realized that one needed a rare output, Star Power, to create a portal that can get to and from the kingdom. 

His hopes and dreams crushed, he backed down on his project for a while. He restarted his research when he heard tales of a being who possessed Star Powers, and they were literally the last person to have them. Creating and constructing a secret laboratory deep within a series of underground tunnels, he conducted research on Star Power to pin-point its properties to help him track down the being. 

His research, since then, has been soley focused on the properties of Star Power.


Doctor Abraxas is a white echidna who, unlike many echidnas, lacks dreadlocks. Instead, he has long white hair and sharp bangs that part to the side. He has yellow eyes with red accents around the corners. He wears a black, robe-like lab coat, fingerless black gloves, and long black boots. He is often seen wearing a black belt around his waist. 


Doctor Abraxas is described as being "dangerously determined", as he will do literally anything to get what he desires, even if it costs a life, or millions of lives. For this matter, he is somewhat selfish, and very much a villain. Although his intentions and beliefs are more than often heinous and on the evil side, he believes that everything he does is for a better cause. This often leads to confusion for him when someone rejects his ideas, telling him that they're wrong and horrible.

Despite his somewhat ill-willed nature and border-line insanity, Zephyr is a gentleman, and doesn't lack manners. He is cunning, and he is characterized as, "silky, smooth, and hard to ignore or resist".

Being a doctor, Doctor Abraxas has a well-rounded mind, being able to think through complex equations and problems efficiently in his head. 


  • "Come here, child. Just a little closer. I am not going to harm you, I promise."
  • "As the old saying goes, 'Curiosity killed the cat'. . . Not that I'd want to kill you, of course."
  • "Ah, you wish to know what I am working on, hm? Well then, I must tell you that it is for me to know, and you to forget."
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