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Ditzy is Team Weasel's annoying and dim-witted neighbor who lives in the same apartment building as them. Slash absolutely can not stand him and has on numerous occasions desired to chuck him out the window.

Ditzy The Weasel


Also Known As
Rotation, Derpy The Weasel, KlutzyWeasel
December 17, 1988
2' 4"
Tacos, Smart People, Shiny Objects,
Being made fun of because of his low intelligence and derpy eyes, Coffee, Anger
Mustelam Stultus (Stupid Weasel)
Notable Quotations

"What are we doing again?"

"Thats better!.... I guess"
Good, Team Weasel (Sometimes)
Moebian Counterpart
Datsy The Weasel
Color Scheme
Silver and Azure
Theme Song
Far East Movement - Rocketeer


Ditzy is known to be a friendly person to have around, even though he takes in the role, as Slash says "an incredibly annoying klutzy neighbor". You can trust Ditzy in any situation even though he's known to screw up constantly but he doesn't seem to notice. He befriends everybody he sees, even villains. While even the strongest of crisis is going on, Ditzy's mind is still in the trash, skipping around like the stupid weasel he is. He tries to befriend Team Weasel but he can't seem to do it primarily because of Slash's dislike for him. He can be fooled into doing almost ANYTHING (even impossible tasks like stealing Chaos Emeralds or climbing mountains). He commonly is trapped or something important is in his hands so Team Weasel usually has to bail him out of a situation. When he sees Team Weasel for the first time in a while, he always says "Howdy Neighbor!"

Physical Characteristics


Ditzy is silver furred, with an azure muzzle and chest fur and constantly rotating green eyes which sometimes get stuck in certain positions. Ditzy has messy top hair that springs out all across his head even though a bit of it is slicked back in a similar way to Klinx. Ditzy has large ears which the inside of them is azure, large azure stripes are dotted across the top.


Ditzy wears one white glove, one black glove, a dark red shoe with orange patches, and a dark blue shoe with cyan patches. Ditzy sometimes is shown wearing a disguise if he's sent to do something, commonly dressed as a Motobug or a Mobian Resident, or even Sonic The Hedgehog!


Ditzy speaks choppy, speaks with horrible grammar, his actual voice sounds very wonky and just what you'd expect from a stupid character like him. Pitch is Medium to high.


Early Life-Childhood

Born as Dan The Weasel Dan was born with rotating eyes for unknown reasons. Dan earned his signature stupidity when his psychotic father told him learning things from what other people do was the correct way to be schooled, Ditzy never gained any knowledge on life skills or common sense, causing him to be incredibly behind his peers to the point that even tutoring was a bad idea. Dan earned the knowledge of a preschooler when he was 3 from his efforts to study, but because of his ignorant father never let him go farther.


Dan was always amazed at how intellegant people could get from just reading a few books as a child. Dan began reading simple books which taught him simple language, and his vocabulary expanded to that of a 2nd grader by the time he was 12, even though he was in middle school. Dan dropped out of high-school halfway through his freshman year claiming the work was too "confusing" for him (the truth is it was 3rd grade work). Dan's teachers and tutors blamed his father for Dan's stupidity but yet, Dan claims his father taught him everything he knows.





Klinx the Weasel

Ditzy likes Klinx and wants to be his friend. However, despite Klinx's normally patient nature Ditzy grates on his nerves.

Slash the Cat

Slash absolutely can not stand Ditzy and wishes she could through him out the window of the apartment. Ditzy remains blissfully unaware of this and continues to be friendly towards her.

Macro the Giant Hedgehog

For whatever reason Macro has become to main target of Ditzy deciding to pop out of nowhere and say "Howdy neighbor!" He really creeps Macro out.

Roleplay Appearances

New Year Madness


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