This is an article about Ditka "Renegade" the CyberWolverine, a character created by Nitrogen218 on 11/6/2016.

"Full fledged organic creatures like you really get on my nerves, growing and prospering over the concept of slavery, especially our slavery while we're left to fend for ourselves in g****** miniature landmarks, scraping by just to f*****' make it every single day. Piss off, native." -Renegade talking down on a native of Möbius.

"Omikrota Sukraviik chose the victim's way out with the recall oof the Cyber-mobians. Cryogenically freezing the ancestral cyber-mobians for generations and forgetting about them now. The only way for use to prosper is to rebel, Raven. But because of you, my former colonists, and even my brother fail to see the future we deserve. Now, once Nakrota and I destroy you all, there will be no way of stopping us." -Renegade unveiling his plans with Nakrota.

"We should've seen optic to optic, Raven. Imagine how much all of us as a unified species could've achieved."

Ditka "Renegade" the CyberWolverine, or simply Ditka or Renegade, is a fancharacter created by Nitrogen218. Renegade was the original guardian of fthe four Raggadak Gems, as well as a neutral character that harbors a bitter resentment toward Mobians. He was also the original Guardian of the Northameran Valley Colony, but he was exiled from the colony and deposed of his role of Guardianship after the colonists realized that hw was also a double agent working for Za Nakrota. He is currently a mercenary that will accept any kind of contract if the reward given to him is appealing enough. He also is the older twin to T the CyberWolverine 


Renegade is a hybrid of Wolverine and Cyberspace Robot. He has black fur all over his body excluding his muzzle and inner ears. He also has heavily tanned skin on his muzzle and inner ears. He stands at a height of 3'9"


Renegade is a  highly territorial and aggressive individual that often prefers to work alone. His territorial attitude is what makes it a challenge for others to try to talk to him, as he would rather kill his visitors if they tried to distrurb him.  This can also trigger his aggressive behavior if he grows tired of his employer screwing him up. He is also aggressive the point of violence or even murdering someone, which also points towards another trait: Cantankerous. This trait makes him rather dangerous toward other people, which is probably what may have him thinking about killing someone he finds to be bothersome.






Territoriality- This particular weakness impacts him on a social level. Hagent  history of being a double agent between Za Omikrota and Za Nakrota ,  and his strong desire to be left at peace has left hhim very defesive toward everyone that tries to find him and converse with him.rconve

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