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Displacement is a defense and support Balance technique. It's derived from the God's Realm technique, particularly the effect of separating oneself and the surroundings from reality.


This technique begins in a way very similar to God's Realm. Creating the orb of Balance energy, the user then crushes it in between their hands. However, the inside of their hands instead glow a grey light, and the user presses their hands on the surface below them. From there, a transluscent grey cube expands. Anything within this cube becomes entirely unaffected by the outside; anything that the user does not permit travels through the cube without affecting anything within it (i.e. a bullet fired from outside the cube would pass through anything within the cube without damaging or affecting it; an explosion from outside would leave anything within the cube unscathed). This effect extends to smoke, toxins, and even select people. However, people and objects are able to leave the cube freely with or without the user's consent. In order to maintain this technique, the user must constantly feed energy into it, not only making the technique difficult to use for extended periods of time, but also leaving the user immobile and incapable of reaction or counterattack without breaking the technique. This makes the technique unwise to use in the midst of battle without assistance.



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