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Dismal the Hedgehog

Biographical Information
Age 17
  • Olivia the Hedgehog (mother)
  • Sterling the Hedgehog (father)
  • Dagmar the Hedgehog (Moebian counterpart)
  • Dinah the Hedgehog (female counterpart)
  • Daniel (real (or birth) name)
  • Danny-boy (used by his father)
  • Diz
  • Dizzy (used by Kyle and Solar)
  • Dissie (uses by Larry)
  • Runt
  • Dibs (used by Lunar)
  • Guinea pig (used by Bubonic)
  • Dismutt (used by various Trolls)
  • Pathetic and filthy-looking hairball (used by Lucius)
  • Whiny brat
  • Dutch (used by The Girard Girls and The Grimwood Girls)
  • "Personal Stress Reliever" (used by Jeremy)
  • Fur Burger (used by Jeremy)
  • Brian (used by Cloud)
Romantic Interests Madeline the Fox
Physical Description
Species Mobian/Hedgehog
Gender Male
Blood Type O+
  • Height: 3'5"
  • Weight: 56.2 lbs
  • Fur: Gray w/ lighter gray muzzle and chest
  • Eyes: Pale blue
  • Permanently broken tail
  • Chunk out of left ear
  • Scraggly, scruffy fur
  • Plain black shoes
  • Basic white gloves
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations The Trolls
Weaponry Project Reaper Regenerative flexo-plate in right arm
  • Fairly good speed
  • Can stretch right arm
Other Information
American V.A. Ryushusupercat
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original Creator Ryushusupercat

Dismal the Hedgehog (Inkina za Hejjihoggu) is labeled as a Troll, but he never used to be one; he used to be a regular hedgehog, until he was captured by Rageik's forces.

His real name is actually Daniel.

Physical Description

Dismal is a thin, frail, sickly-looking hedgehog, with scraggly gray fur, and a lighter gray, scruffy muzzle and chest. He is quite underweight (only 56 lbs). The various wounds inflicted upon him never healed properly because of how often the beatings occurred, giving him a slightly deformed look. Both of his ears are over-sized, and the left one has a chunk missing from it, and his tail is permanently broken, bent at a downward angle. From being starved often, his ribs poke out slightly. His eyes are a light, pale blue, and they usually have a haunted, tired look to them (and he usually has bags under his eyes, due to sleep deprivation).

Despite the scruffy appearance of his fur, it actually has a soft and downy texture. However, this is because he has very few of the longer, stiffer guard hairs that most fur-bearing mammals are supposed to have.



Dismal (when he was still "Daniel") had a somewhat rough infancy; when he was born (at Julayla Memorial Hospital, to be exact), his lungs were rather weak, so Dr. Quack had to put him inside of an incubator for a few days. He came out fine (although, being quite perceptive, he was terrified at the experience), and his parents, Sterling and Olivia the Hedgehogs, were allowed to take him home.

Daniel's parent's loved him very much, although they were somewhat concerned at the strange fact that he practically never cried; only when he was frightened or injured. Ironically this did not help his parent's sleep; they would both listen to the baby monitor (or take turns doing so) wanting their son to make SOME kind of noise to let them know he was still alive. Daniel's parents would also take turns checking on him as he slept.

The only thing that really scared Daniel as a child was the doctor's. He was mindlessly afraid of the doctors, panicking and crying whenever he had to go. The only person that he was slightly comfortable around was Dr. Quack himself, but that's most likely because he assisted in Daniel's birth.

Whenever Daniel's parent's did have to take him to the doctor, he would always hide somewhere.

Meeting The Trolls

Under construction

One morning, when Daniel was 3 years old, the Trolls appeared and attacked his parents. Tonic the Hedgehog, under the guise of "Potion", came after Daniel. But then, he was "rescued" by Extreme Coco Larry, I.M Meen the Fallen Pedohog, Miguel the Trollhog and Vic Jackson. They claimed that Potion was a serial killer, and that they were there to protect Daniel.


A Righteous Fury


Base Stats
Stats Level
Stamina 3
Attack 3
Spcl. Atk 0
Defense 2
Spcl. Def 2
Speed 7
Reflexes 7
Magic 0
Psyche 0
Intellect 7
Total 31/100
Other Stats
Eyesight Varies with health
Hearing Varies with health
Olfactory Varies with health

Dismal lacks the ability to fight and defend himself properly, and his attacks are weak. He is quite fast, however, but not as fast as the other Trolls. His only defense is to curl into a ball and wait for whoever it is menacing him to go away. However, this almost never works; he usually ends up getting kicked like a ball. At least it's near impossible to force him to uncurl; the muscles responsible are almost unnaturally strong. This may be because of the Project Reaper Regenerative flexo-plate in his right arm; the plate grew onto the bone, and it is now "rubber" and mentally controllable.


The flexo-plate in his right arm makes that limb abnormally powerful, and it is theorized that he could shatter bone with a hard-enough punch. It can also stretch to incredible lengths, and is prehensile.


Dismal has poor stamina and a rather fragile body structure, making him vulnerable to even weak attacks. His lack of body fat and an overcoat means that the cold is much more dangerous to him than it is to other Mobian mammals.

He also has very little will to defend himself with the flexo-plate, and thus it is almost never used at all.

Forms and Fusions


Exclusive to the RP Shattered.

Friends and Foes


  • Madeline the Fox - Dismal cares deeply for Madeline, and will fiercely defend her (even though he usually ends up getting hurt).
  • Jeremy the Breegull - Dismal and him have been very good friends since they met, he often tries to help Dismal when protecting Madeline.
  • Twister the Fox - Dismal's first non-troll friend, he often likes to hug him to show he is safe.
  • Heidi the Cat - She cared for Dismal once when he ran away from the Trolls. Even though he is 14 years old, she still thinks of him as a lost baby boy.
  • Gwen the Mouse -
  • Merinda the Echidna - Dismal's second troll friend, she often protects Dismal from Tantrum by scaring him with her anger, and by spanking him on occasion.
  • Hotdog the Hedgehog - Dismal's best troll friend, he often likes to supply him with anything essential, like an EMP hat, to cancel any chips he has inside of him. Sadly, Bubonic doesn't approve of Hotdog interrupting the chip testing...
  • Idalis the Cancer - Although at first frightened of her when she gave him a flesh-eating disease at the behest of Vendetta the Thylacine and Jeremy D. the Fox, he realized that she was an innocent pawn in Jeremy and Vendetta's scheme (they had lied to her and said that the disease would help Dismal, and Idalis believed them), and that she never wanted to harm Dismal.
  • Ryushu the Cat - Ryu has a relationship with Dismal that is quite similar to her relationship with Mel the Hedgehog. And just like with Mel, she has a habit of spoiling him.
  • Suzie-Lu the Echidna - Suzie-Lu was angry at Dismal for calling her a bit possessive, but since she put that behind them, she is a full fledged friend to him, defending him at most points like training sessions....
  • Johnny D. the Fox - Seems to have much sympathy for him and that he often gives Dismal something just to make him happy. He also does whatever it takes to protect Dismal, at any cost.
  • Banshee the Hedgehog -
  • Sergeant Master Capt. Bangkok -
  • Hikari Zephra- Sees him as an adorable young man.
  • Koya Zephra- Also seems to like him.
  • Lunas The Hedgehog - Lunas is Dismal's best friend in the Lunas: Silver Moon Series. Once he knew why Dismal always acted so weak, their bond strengthened to make Dismal stronger.
  • Melissa the Hedgehog - She protects him and Melissa thinks he's a very nice person.


  • Blackmoon the Hedgehog - Dismal both fears and respects Blackmoon.
  • Reaperhog - Just like with Blackmoon, Dismal fears and respects Reaper.
  • Dagmar the Hedgehog - Dismal's Moebian counterpart.


  • Lindsay Analougue -
  • Mary Perfection -
  • Emonic the Hedgehog -


  • The Trolls - Even though Dismal is a member of the Trolls, he lives in utter fear of them.
  • Rageik -
  • Phantom -
  • Godking the Ice Cerberus - Godking has attempted (and usually succeeded) to eat Dismal on numerous occasions.
  • Tantrum the Fox - Dismal is terrified of Tantrum since the fox loves nothing better than to torture and kill Dismal. He often takes the hedgehog to his room, where he keeps a wide array of torture devices, such as a rack, a vice, and even an iron maiden.
  • Toxic the Hedgehog - Dismal is terrified of Toxic as well, and almost always gets threatened into being a major (if not the only) pawn in Toxic's schemes. The only times Dismal has managed to lash out at Toxic is when it concerns his (Toxic's) womanizing nature.
  • Tonic the Hedgehog -
  • Meduso the Echidemon - Meduso enjoys turning Dismal into stone, and then shattering him.
  • Bubonic the Hedgehog - Dismal is Bubonic's guinea pig when it comes to testing out disease chips and the like. Bubonic is essentially never kind to Dismal, being perfectly fine with Dismal suffering through any operation that is performed on him.
  • Cloud the Hedgehog - Cloud often tries to force Dismal to perform menial tasks for him. He is also an incessant liar, and refers to Dismal as "Brian". To Dismal, Cloud is more of an annoyance than an actual enemy.
  • Macabre the Hedgehog - Macabre has tried to kill Dismal, but failed.
  • Liam the Cat - Liam usually tries to make Dismal perform menial tasks for Cloud.
  • Emonic the Hedgehog - An annoying emo punk who constantly belittles Dismal, saying he's a poor excuse for an emo (even though Dismal ISN'T emo).
  • The Troll League -
  • Ronix the Dark -
  • Vic the Crocodile -
  • Mary Perfection - Being a Pity-Beggar Sue, Mary sees Dismal as a competitor for attention, and will go out of her way to harm and/or humiliate him.
  • The Moebians - Like the Trolls, the Moebians enjoy killing and torturing Dismal in very violent and sadistic ways. Because of this, he utterly refuses to set foot in the Moebian Dimension for fear that he will be attacked.
  • Jeremy D. the Fox - Jeremy enjoys sharing Dismal's deaths with his fellow Moebians. Jeremy frequently uses Dismal as a "stress reliever", killing him in violent, sadistic and painful ways. Despite that Jeremy is no longer interested in torturing Dismal, DIsmal still does not approve of Jeremy carjackng Johnny's vehicles.
  • Mandy the Cat -
  • Lucius the Ferret -
  • Vincent the Cat -
  • Z the Cat -
  • Vendetta the Thylacine -
  • The Girard Girls - They love to mess with him.
  • Caelum the Arimanian Hedgehog - Dismal cannot understand why Caelum wants to kill him.


Dismal is cowardly and constantly paranoid. Because of this, he never fights, and is too afraid to stand up for himself. He has a paralyzing fear of most of the Trolls (particularly Bubonic, Toxic, Tantrum and Rageik), but at the same time is too afraid to disband from them. He is also terrified of hospitals, needles, doctors, surgery and the like. When confronted with such things, he panics, and usually begins to cry. On rare occasions, he wets himself, and the Trolls take every opportunity to belittle and mock him for this (Tantrum once attempted to put a clamp on Dismal's you-know-what after one accident). He also tends to become childish when afraid, saying things that a little kid would say. Despite the fact that, as a Troll, Dismal has died multiple times, the concept of Death still terrifies him.

Dismal often stutters when he becomes scared. Despite his apparent cowardice, he will become frantic and worried if he sees anyone get hurt. He cannot take too much attention and company; it causes him to become flustered, unhappy and nervous. From being starved on numerous occasions, he has become used to the concept of not eating. He is also notably polite.

Whenever he becomes nervous, he has a habit of taking his tail and "playing" with it (rather, twisting and fiddling it around in his hands). It seems to help calm him down. Dismal is also unusually stubborn; once he gets an idea in his head, it won't go away. For example, if he believes that someone is going to inflict pain or torment on him, he'll go out of his way to avoid that person.

He has enormous self-esteem issues, and frequently belittles and demeans himself whenever he makes a mistake, often hitting himself as well. He is also rather clumsy.

Dismal has recently discovered a sort of third personality (which may possibly be the personality he WOULD grow up with if he never joined the Trolls); whenever he sees someone get hurt (usually a female) he becomes angry, and will lash out at the offender (although he often ends up getting hurt instead). This is still proof that Dismal has chivalrous qualities.



  • Unknown; he usually fears things rather than hating them.

Biggest Fears

  • Needles
  • Surgery
  • Hospitals
  • Dentists
  • Doctors
  • Most of the Trolls
  • Water
  • Pain
  • Death
  • The dark
  • Ghosts, haunted houses, etc...
  • Zombies
  • Heights
  • Robots
  • Big scary Pokémon (I.E Salamence, Steelix, Aggron, etc...)
  • Madeline (or any other friend) being hurt


"P-P-Please don't h-hurt me...!!"

"ACK!! I dun wanna!!"

"WAAUUUGH!! I'm s-sorry, B-Bubonic!! I-I'm s-s-s-sah-hah-hah-orry!!" - Whenever Bubonic punishes him.

"OMG WHAT IS THAT?! AAAUUUUUGH IT'S GONNA EAT ME!!" - When confronted by a big Pokémon.

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