Physical Appearance

Discord is a Devil Chao, making him very small. He's only about 11 inches tall. He has two spikes curving upwards out of his head, resembling devil horns. These horns are tipped in a deep purple. He also has two spines protruding from the back of his head, curving inward slightly. These spines sport fiery orange highlights. He has a small body, and a fiery orange curved symbol nearing where his neck would be if he had one. His feet are tipped purple like his top horns. He has two longer arms, which end in spiked crab claw hands. These hands have fiery orange highlights. A small flame floats above his head, and changes depending on how he's feeling. 

If he's really happy or lovestruck, it will form a heart. 

If he's tired, hurt or upset, it will form a kind of tornado swirl. 

If he's surprised, it will form an exclaimation mark.

If he's confused or curious, it will form a question mark. 


Discord wears a dark red strip of cloth, it's tied around his left top horn. He seems to wear this all the time. A strange orb hangs around his neck by a thick silver cord. The orb is colored red, with a strange black marking in the center. 


Discord is a very mean-spirited, short tempered chao with an ego to match. He is often angered by very small things, such as someone accidently brushing up against him or tripping him. He tends to act out on these angry emotions very violently, often hitting or kicking the one who made him angry no matter the size or shape of the offender. Sometimes he'll hit others even when he is not angry, as he finds it enjoyable to bring pain to others. 

Whenever he is not angry, he can be seen with a big grin on his face. He likes to brag about how amazing he is at everything. He doesn't react well to being shown up, in fact he'll probably seeth with rage and plot to get back at the person. Whenever someone does something well, he insists he's better at them at whatever the thing was. He gives himself a lot of undeserved compliments. 

He absolutely hates weaklings and people he considers weak. He strives to be the strongest he can be, stronger than anyone. He may even bully someone he considers weak. He doesn't have a very good reputation because of it. 



Discord is capable of flying, like most grown up chao. He's a little better than other chao though due to being a Chaos Chao and having trained for a long while. He's not the best flyer, and prefers running over flying. 


Discord is capable of keeping himself afloat in the water for a while. He isn't the fastest swimmer, and doesn't really like swimming all that much. He's good at it, regardless. 


Though Flying sort of negates it, Discord is an exceptional climber. He may even be a better climber than he is a flyer, so climbing can be better for him. He's incredibly powerful, so he can scale large rocky walls in no time. 


Proficient in speaking English

While this might not seem like the most fantastic skill, Discord is able to speak English. It may be because of the orb around his neck, as he gained the ability to speak normally upon acquiring it. He can also understand chao speak just fine, being a chao and all. 

Battle Information

Discord is a very powerful chao, and can even match up to some average mobians in terms of skill (But not stronger mobians. Actually skilled mobians could take him out with little to no problem.) He is much stronger than a lot of the chao on the island where he lives. He has very impressive offensive capabilities, and above average defensive capabilities making him a bit of a menace on the battlefield. 

Being small is also an extra advantage to him, though he is not too fast he can dodge some attacks easily due to his small stature. His size can make him hard to hit. 

He can also make himself appear intimidating... but probably only to other chao. 


Still, he is a chao and can be overpowered by a stronger mobian or a mobian with powers that knows how to use them. His size can be a bit of a hinderance to him in this way. 

Even though he is generally bad, the fact that he is a dark chao can get him a bad rap before he even gets to talk to some people. 

He can be very immature and childish, which could ultimately lead to his downfall in many situations. 

He doesn't really have any significant abilities, though his orb seems to emit small amounts of Chaos Energy. It's such a small amount that it doesn't really do much, and it takes a honed sense to be able to pick up on it.





(None as of yet)


Equity the Light Chao- Equity is kind of a weird case for Discord. He dislikes Equity for being so nosy, and he always wants to be better than Equity. Equity doesn't really care about this much and only sees him as a friend. Discord may not admit it, but he appreciates the help Equity is willing to give when he needs it. 


Tranquility the Angel Chao- Discord completely hates Tranquility. She does not approve of his policies, and he does not approve of hers. He does not give her a shred of respect and views her as a weakling. 

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