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Cquote1 The seeds of Discord bloom forth into Carnage...and when they wilt, only Ruin remains... Cquote2
Description of Discord, Carnage and Ruin

Discord, Carnage and Ruin are the three wolves that accompany Cerberus Shanoa. They each have powerful Spectramancy, as well as two other forms of Mance that are different for all three.

Discord (Atsureki)

She is represented by the Glyph Sinestro Custos.

Physical Appearance

Discord, the female, has white fur with a light blue muzzle, chest/stomach and tail tip. She has long, dark blue hair and green eyes. Just like Ruin and Carnage, she has bat wings.

Notable Abilities

Discord, true to her name, is highly adept at causing mental confusion in the foe. She can make allies turn upon each other.

She has Spectramancy, Aeromancy and Cryomancy.


Her tongue is sharp and her wit is lightning-quick. However, she seems to have self-esteem issues...she also tends to hold furious grudges.

Carnage (Daigiyakusatsu)

He is represented by the Glyph Arma Custos.

Physical Appearance

Carnage has blood-red fur, with a gray muzzle, chest/stomach and tail tip. He has messy, jet-black hair and bright yellow-orange eyes. He has razor-sharp claws, which are permanently stained with the blood of his victims. He also has large fangs, bat wings, and a big scar that runs down his left eye and past his jawline.

Notable Abilities

His indestructible claws, which are already abnormally large, can grow to an incredible length. These are his main weapon, and they are hard and sharp enough to slice through a sheet of titanium as if it were paper. They can also fuse together to form various melee weapons, like an axe, sword, or spear. He has a habit of spitting blood, but what is unusual about it is that if the blood makes contact with flesh, it causes unbearable pain, enough for most victims to literally try to tear off the affected flesh just to stop the pain.

He has Spectramancy, Geomancy and Pyromancy.


Carnage, as his name implies, is the most violent of the three. He will stop at nothing to rip his prey to shreds, and he usually kills for sport. Only on rare occasions does he kill to eat. Like the other three wolves, he is 100% loyal to Cerberus Shanoa, and will do whatever she commands.

Carnage also likes to "gamble" with his victims; he carries around a pair of dice which he makes his victims roll; depending on the number rolled, he'll injure them in different ways. If they roll a pair of 1's (snake-eyes) he'll let them go unscathed. If they get any other pair, he'll kill them.

Carnage has a rather low, rough voice, with a heavy Cockney accent. He sounds similar to the Merchant from Resident Evil 4.

Ruin (Hakai)

He is represented by the Glyph Dextro Custos.

Physical Appearance

Ruin has jet-black fur with a light purple muzzle, chest/stomach and tail tip. He has very dark purple hair, red eyes and bat wings.

Notable Abilities

He has Spectramancy, Fulguramancy and Venomancy.


Ruin is grimmer and more serious than Discord and Carnage.


The three wolves are extremely close, and care about one another. They could be considered siblings.

Fusion Form

The three wolves have a powerful fusion form known as ???. They polymerize into a three-headed, demonic wolf with large wings.

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