Dischordia the Werewolf is a red-brown immortal wolf, and Wilson the Werehog's eldest friend and ally.


  • Name: Dischordia
  • Species: Werewolf - Timber Wolf variety.
  • Birthplace: Frozen North Zone
  • Age: Unknown, over a few millennia
  • Eye Color: Orange
  • Ability Type: Power


Dischordia was born in the Frozen North Zone, the north pole of Mobius. He was a respected young man, but he had an arranged marriage to a young werewolf woman in the nobility. He was frightened and fled when a young werehog arrived, accompanying him on his travels after the girl of his dreams. However, he left in the Antarctic Point Zone, where he married and had a son, then two grandsons, fighting off attacks from Trolls and Elemental Clans with his friends until all his friends were captured. Even so, he would always go off on adventure with Wilson, unless that meant heading into a desert. However, eventually his wife died in an attack by one of the Elemental Empires, leaving Dischordia with a grown up son and two quickly growing, 100-year-old grandsons. However, his original arranged bride tracked him down and confessed her love for him, and the two married.


  • Incredibly strong, able to break through two feet of ice in a single punch.
  • Heightened speed when running on all fours, due to that same strength.
  • Telepathic link to his son and grandsons, able to know where they are but not strong enough to communicate with them.
  • Teleportation, able to warp himself to wherever he desires.
  • Advanced Cryokinesis, having been seen forming blades of pure ice or long range attacks when needed
  • Has been seen using Spindash, but rarely does.

Friends and Foes




  • The Pyranic Empire


Dischordia has a positive and hopeful outlook on life, having won a battle with depression after his first wife died. He openly trusts people, and will only be violent if someone breaks that trust by threatening his family or friends, which is when they face the full force of his strengths in physical power, speed, teleportation, flexibility and cryokinesis. He has an unfounded hatred of rivers and urban sprawl, preferring to stay on an ice flow or beach, while he does have a reason to hate intense heat, considering the thickness of his fur.


Harmony, his grandsons, the cold, beaches.


Rivers, ruthlessness, intense heat, urban sprawl.

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