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Act 1:The Day Before.

The story mode starts in a dark room, with a single lamplight shining down on a kneeling hedgehog. The camera zooms in, revealing the hedgehog to be a younger Vendeta the Hedgehog, with the scar on his chest redder than usual and his hair whiter. Vendeta mutters that he can’t go on, and wants to leave the Guardians and return to Earth. Footsteps are heard behind Vendeta and a six fingered hand in a white glove rests on Vendeta’s shoulder. Another voice tells Vendeta that he has nothing to go back to.

Vendeta then wakes up in the present, floating in mid air in the Chronosabre chamber on Kryte. He mutters that he needs to stop falling asleep when his psychokinesis is active before floating over to a holographic screen at the end of the room. Vendeta asks the computer if the scan he requested was complete, to which the computer replies that it was. The computer states that the symbol on the back of Glass Angel’s prosthetic hand matches the symbol of a weapon known as the Extinction Arm which has cropped up several times throughout history with disastrous results each time. Vendeta mutters that only his brother could put him through this before asking the computer where Glass is currently located. The computer replies with a set of coordinates on Earth, after which Vendeta leaves the room. The computer then continues without Vendeta, stating the coordinates are home to a place known as Disaster Club.

The scene changes to a sparring match in a large, empty hall between Angel Skyheart and Natalie Walker. As they spar, a voiceover of Natalie is heard in the background. She explains that 4 weeks have passed after A Different Kind of Normal and things have started to get better for her and the Powers Club. She has a few friends at school now, being 2 of the kids who were kidnapped (both mentioned in ADKON’s earlier chapters). Kable had largely been able to cover up the events, but rumours are still circulating around the internet about what happened and there haven’t been any mention of people with powers disappearing since the raid. Carl and Rugal had buried the hatchet and got on much better now. Natalie is trying to help Angel overcome her anxiety problems and come to terms with her sexuality. In the meantime, Angel is teaching Natalie some basic combat skills after calling her attempt to tackle Wraith “appalling”, and so Natalie can fight in situations where she can’t use her powers. However, Natalie still feels that something is still unfinished.

As Natalie’s voiceover finishes, Angel sweeps her legs out from under her and she falls to the floor. Angel says that Natalie is getting better slowly, but she is still reacting slower than she should. Natalie is annoyed that she managed to let Angel’s attack get through, seeing she’d read Angel’s mind and knew she was going to do the attack but didn’t react quick enough. Angel reminds Natalie that she can’t rely on her powers all the time, to which Natalie retorts that it had saved all of their lives fighting Wraith, and it had saved Angel an anguished declaration of love. Angel says that she said that it wouldn’t save Natalie all the time, not that it was never going to be useful.

Smiling, Angel helps Natalie up and asks her if she wants to go over the moves again. The player is then given a choice to either do the tutorial or go into a fight with Angel.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Natalie Walker Angel Skyheart Training Gym 3 rounds

As the fight ends, Natalie does the same sweep move Angel did on her, successfully toppling her. Angel congratulates Natalie on winning the fight, asking her if she wants to ramp it up a bit now. Natalie helps Angel get up and points out Angel would just use her powers to win the fight, but Angel says that Natalie wasn’t that good yet.

Afterwards, Natalie and Angel leave the gym, heading towards the Crater to meet up with the rest of the Powers Club. As they walk along the street, Angel raises her hand, signalling for them to stop. She asks who’s there as a shadowy figure walks out of one of the back alleys. After a tense few moments, the figure screams Natalie’s name in joy and proceeds to hug her, revealing the figure to be Marcee Archer. Both Natalie and Angel looked shocked by Marcee’s sudden appearance. Natalie quickly tells Angel that Marcee is an old school friend from when she lived in Iravia. Marcee continues to hug Natalie, saying it’s so good to see her again. Natalie says it’s good to see Marcee as well, and then asks if Marcee could let go. Marcee proceeds to do so and then asks who the other girl is. Angel introduces herself, and is about to say that it’s a pleasure to meet her when Marcee hugs her as well. Natalie mouths “She does that a lot” to Angel. Marcee lets go of Angel and then says that Natalie probably wants to know why she’s here, and Natalie replies that she’s looking for Oliver, explaining to Angel that Oliver was another of her old school friends. Marcee is stunned, wondering how Natalie knew that, before Natalie tells her that she can now read minds. Marcee looks shocked by this new power, but soon enough she says “That’s so cool!” and starts bombarding Natalie with rapid questions. Angel then asks Marcee to tell her why it was so important to find Natalie.

Marcee stops bombarding Natalie with questions and for the first time looks genuinely sad. Marcee says that Oliver had gone missing a few months ago, having stayed in Iravia unlike Marcee and Natalie and she hasn’t been able to raise him on his phone. Natalie says the same thing had happened to her. Marcee says she had found a lead that had led her to Oliver in a fight club in Westopolis (while she says this, a silent flashback then shows her talking to a jackal in a trenchcoat and fedora in a run down town who gives her a piece of paper before she leaves. As she leaves, the camera gives us the first clear shot of the informants face, revealing it to be Infinite). Angel and Natalie look at each other knowingly and then ask for the name of the club. Marcee tells them it’s called Disaster Club.

As Marcee finishes her sentence, the scene changes to a battle between a figure in a red coat and Glass Angel in Disaster Club’s Level 1 arena. Glass is knocked back into the cage that surrounds the arena. The figure in the red coat tries to punch him, but Glass swiftly dodges to the side and fires a blaster shot straight into his side. However, the figure quickly regenerates the wound as the crowd cheer. Glass congratulated the figure for getting this far, and that not many people do. Then again, he laments, he expected no less from the fabled Dragen the Oblivion. Dragen replies only with a grunt and fires off a few plasma missiles, which Glass swiftly dodges as the battle begins.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Dragen the Oblivion Glass Angel Level 1 Arena 3 rounds

Glass stands still for a moment, regaining his breath. He then turns the Extinction Arm into a gatling gun and fires a rapid spray of bullets at Dragen. Dragen performs a Plasma Rush, turning the bullets to molten lead and hits Glass in the chest, knocking him out. The announcer then declares that Dragen is the winner and the crowd cheer and boo as betting money changes hands. Dragen then shouts that he wants to fight the Ringmaster, making the crowd turn silent. They then burst out in laughter and mockingly cheer Dragen as he demands to fight him. A voice from the shadows outside the arena tells Dragen that the Ringmaster will accept his challenge, but he will be holding back no matter what Dragen does. Ringmaster then walks out of the shadows, bowing and doffing his top hat to the crowd as they cheer. He then quickly climbs up the cage surrounding the arena and jumps over as some cleaners haul Glass’ unconscious body off. Dragen and Ringmaster both get in fighting stances as the battle begins.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Ringmaster Dragen the Oblivion Level 1 Arena 1 round

Dragen is knocked back against the cage and before he can move Ringmaster slashes his claws across his chest and kicks him across the face as Dragen hits the floor and the crowd cheer. Dragen gets back up despite his wounds and tries to Plasma Rush Ringmaster, only for the Mobian lion to casually trip him up as the crowd laugh. Dragen gets up and is about to reach to one of his Limiters before Ringmaster dashes forward, grabbing his arm and holding a claw against his neck. Ringmaster tells him that now is not the time as the crowd cheer again and the Announcer declares Ringmaster the victor.

Later, Dragen is sitting on a chair in the preparation rooms with Ringmaster, a heavily bandaged Glass and Sam Stag, Ringmaster’s personal bodyguard. Ringmaster sternly tells Dragen that his decision, although it put on a good show for the audience, was stupid. Dragen snarls that he had defeated anything that Ringmaster could throw at him in Level 1 and demanded to be moved down to the Pit. Ringmaster states that, as strong as Dragen is, he can’t think at all, and he needed to learn more tactical approaches before Ringmaster considered moving him down to the strongest tier of Disaster Club: the crowd have paid a lot of money for their tickets, after all, and Ringmaster was obligated to give them the best Disaster Club could offer, and not a crazed teenager. Glass then interrupts, saying that Ringmaster was also obligated to give him a drink, as per their deal. Ringmaster nods and tells Sam to escort Glass to the bar.

As the two leave, Ringmaster crouches down next to Dragen. Ringmaster tells him that he let Dragen stay in Disaster Club because of his potential to be a strong competitor in the Pit. However, he also didn’t want Dragen to destroy the entire club and himself because he felt the need to remove his Limiters in a fight that ultimately meant very little. Ringmaster tells him that if he wants to stay in Disaster Club he has to learn to use his head and not his heart. Ringmaster then gets up and leaves, leaving Dragen alone.

The scene turns to a park in the Crater next to the youth centre. The Powers Club and Marcee are standing under a tree, with Rugal Paramount, Carl the Hamster and Johnathon Persona listening to her story intently. Natalie asks what the group think. John says that, as much as he wanted to joing the group, he’d taken his pills and wouldn’t be able to transform into his superpowered personas, and even if he could he’d likely only get in the group’s way. Carl says that he won’t be able to help either as there likely wouldn’t be much technology in the Club. Carl asks Rugal, who is looking away from the group, if they’d be any tech he could manipulate. Rugal shrugs, saying he hadn’t been there in years. Natalie states that she knows Rugal doesn’t want to go back to Disaster Club, but he’s the only guide the group have and they don’t have a choice. Rugal says that he was going to go no matter what and that he didn’t think he had much of a choice in the matter. He smiles ironically, mentioning how much he’d been running from his past and when he thought he’d finally escaped he had to go back. Angel walks over to him, saying that once this was done they’d never have to go back there again. Rugal tells her that he’d believed that once, too.

The scene changes again, following a lean Mobian stag in what looks like a run down and empty subway platform with a train on the rails. The stag gets on a subway train and walks through it, exiting through the other door, revealing a large underground facility. The stag is on a metal balcony overlooking a large pit with a rock floor and stairs leading up to the balcony. There are several Mobians in leather biker gear walking around and talking. The stag walks down the stairs into the pit, where a light grey polar bear who is in similar gear to the other Mobians and missing an eye is waiting for him. The polar bear asks where the stag’s been, and the stag tells him he’s just been out for a walk, finding the subway too stuffy. The polar bear reminds the stag that they’re both known criminals and that they can’t afford going out for walks. The stag replies without raising his voice even slightly that he isn’t a criminal and that he didn’t kill his parents, and wasn’t planning too. A rasping voice from the shadows tells the polar bear and the stag to stop bickering, identifying them as Thundereye and Dean Stag, respectively. The voice says that while Dean wasn’t a criminal, they couldn’t afford someone recognising him as the son of Sam Stag and bringing him into Disaster Club, especially when they were almost ready to strike. Dean says that they can attack now, but the voice says they still have a few things to do before they all get their vengeance. Dean reminds them that he’s only helping the group because he wants to kill his father: he can walk out whenever he wants if they take too long. Thundereye shrugs, saying that they don’t need him, but he could very much do with their help. Dean says that he’s strong enough to waltz in to Disaster Club and defeat anything that comes his way, and the voice asks him to prove it as Thundereye gets into a fighting stance.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Thundereye Dean Stag Lightning Gang HQ 3 rounds

Being watched by the other Mobians in the facility, Dean gets knocked back by Thundereye’s Lightning Crash, shielding himself from the blast, and begins charging a Hyper Beam. However, the voice shouts at them to stop, resulting in both Dean and Thundereye getting out of their fighting stances. As they finish, the voice states that Dean is strong, but not strong enough to kill Ringmaster’s bodyguard. Beautyface walks out of the shadows, revealing herself to be the voice. Beautyface tells Dean to go train, her voice no longer raspy and more seductive. Dean nods and leaves, seemingly showing no signs of disagreement anymore. She then tells Thundereye to go scouting: Disaster Club falls tonight.

Act 2: Arrivals

The scene from the start of Act 1 continues. Vendeta states weakly that he has a family to look after, and a daughter on the way. The voice tells him that his family was a lie, created by Tel-Eth to manipulate him. Vendeta shouts with a quivering voice that Sasha loved him. A figure, the one with the hand on Vendeta’s shoulder, moves in the shadows in the background, the hand leaving Vendeta’s shoulder. The mysterious voice questions how he knows that.

The scene snaps back to the present, with Vendeta floating in space above Earth, looking down on the planet.

Back in Westopolis, with the sun having gone down, Rugal is leading Natalie, Angel and Marcee down a street towards a rundown building with “Ringmaster’s Bar and Tavern” on the front. Several people are outside, talking to each other, and what looks like a bouncer stands at the door. Angel asks Rugal if he knows where he’s going, and Natalie tells her that the Club’s appearance is to make sure that it doesn’t attract unwanted attention, namely the police. Marcee whispers to Natalie, asking her if she just used her mind reading. Natalie nods, and Marcee mumbles to herself about how cool mind reading is.

Rugal walks up to the bouncer, who tells him he’s not letting anyone in without ID. Rugal tells him he’s Rugal Paramount, and the bouncer snorts, saying that Rugal would never come back to the Club after what happened to his family. A voice behind him tells the bouncer that this is Rugal Paramount, and Rugal spins round, his fists aflame. The three girls also turn round to see Thundereye, supported by multiple other polar bears, some with metal rods, some with knives, some with nothing but their bare fists. Thundereye smiles, saying it’s nice to see his brother back. Multiple people nearby also look at what’s happening, although they keep their distance.

Natalie and Angel also get in fighting stances when they realise who the new arrival is. Marcee asks who he is, and Angel tells her that he’s Rugal’s brother who killed his parents. Marcee’s happy exterior becomes hard and determined, getting into a fighting stance herself. Natalie tells Marcee that it’s dangerous for her to fight, but Marcee replies that she can handle herself. Thundereye then charges his fist with electricity and runs at Rugal, but before he can hit him Angel gets in between them and punches Thundereye in the gut before kicking him away. Angel tells the others that she’ll handle this. Natalie wishes her good luck and the others move to fight the other polar bears. Thundereye growls, saying that “foxy” wasn’t why he was here, but would serve as a starter before he got onto the main course. Angel tells Thundereye he’s bitten off more than he can chew before the battle begins.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Angel Skyheart Thundereye Club Exterior While the number of rounds in the UI will show 1 round to be completed, Thundereye will automatically escape combos and perform an unblockable attack that leads onto the next cutscene once he reaches 50% health.

Midway through the fight, Angel gets kicked back by Thundereye and a few Lightning Gang members get in between her and Thundereye as he sifts through the chaos to find his brother. Angel then engages the Lightning Gang members.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Angel Skyheart Lightning Gang member Club Exterior Angel must defeat 10 Lightning Gang members in succession to proceed.

Angel kicks one of the gang members away and runs towards Thundereye, who is currently fighting Natalie. Thundereye casually backhands Angel away, sending her sprawling on the ground. Natalie is shocked by Angel’s defeat and Thundereye uses that to his advantage, grabbing Natalie’s shoulder and electrocuting her. Marcee runs in, jumps up, and tries to kick Thundereye in the head, but the polar bear grabs her by the neck, electrocutes her, and throws her away. Marcee stands up like nothing happened, but is met by more Lightning Gang members.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Marcee Archer Lightning Gang member Club Exterior Marcee must defeat 10 Lightning Gang members in succession to proceed.

Marcee fights her way through the Gang members. Thundereye chucks Natalie away and turns around to face her. Angel gets up, but is held in place by the other Gang members. Marcee jumps at Thundereye, trying to grab his shoulders and perform a Flip Grab, but Thundereye punches her in the gut and slams his elbow into her head, knocking her down. Thundereye’s hand sparks with electricity, and he says that he was hoping that Rugal’s friends would give him more of a fight. He charges his fist with lighting and is about to ground pound Marcee, but Rugal catches the fist, telling everyone else to run. Marcee scrambles to her feet and one of the Gang members holding Angel suddenly lets go as Natalie round kicks him in the back of the head. The Gang members prepare to fight, but Thundereye tells them to let them go and that maybe the Ringmaster will teach them how to fight. Rugal tells his friends to get inside the Club: he can handle himself. Marcee voices concern, but Natalie tells her that Rugal has his reasons before running into the club. Angel and Marcee reluctantly follow her.

Rugal pushes Thundereye’s hand away and he gets into a fighting stance. Thundereye laughs, saying that Rugal has landed himself some good company since leaving the Club, although he questions what would bring him back. Rugal replies by telling him that he was here for them, not for himself. Thundereye smirks and tells Rugal he always thought he was a ladies man before the two battle.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Rugal Paramount Thundereye Club Exterior 1 round.

Thundereye is knocked onto his back by an Inferno Uppercut. He tells Rugal that he’s improved a lot since the night when their parents were killed. Rugal doesn’t reply and tries to ground pound Thundereye, but he gets shot in the leg and collapses, clutching at his knee. Thundereye gets up, telling Rugal he always was single minded. He tells the rest of the gang to take him away; maybe he’d be useful to their cause. Rugal smiles, saying that no matter what their cause is, they’ve lost. When Thundereye asks him what that may be, Rugal tells him that Natalie is a telepath: she could read his mind as they fought, and she’s now in the home of the one person Thundereye actually feared. Thundereye’s smirk disappears. He tells the gang to take Rugal in anyway: he’s going to enjoy torturing him regardless. Despite this line, his face doesn’t show the same enjoyment.

Meanwhile, Natalie, Angel and Marcee are in the brightly painted but still far from new hallways of Disaster Club. Patrons are milling around talking to each other and drinking. The group walks past the bar, where an almost unconscious Glass Angel is drinking. As Natalie walks past, his half open eyes become fully alert. He doesn’t move, thinking that it’s impossible it would be her. Natalie doesn’t notice him, walking past the bar without a second thought. Marcee asks her if she knew where she was going. Natalie tells her she’s reading the minds of the bar’s patrons to find a way to meet the Ringmaster. Angel asks her why, wondering if it was something she found in Thundereye’s mind. Natalie smiles and says yes, but tells Angel that she’ll have to wait for the surprise. They go down some stairs to arrive on a balcony overlooking The Pit: a massive sand arena with a huge audience. Currently, a pyrokinetic and a hydrokinetic are dueling. Marcee leans over the railings, mumbling about how cool the match is. However, her eyes flicker away from the match, intently scouring the crowd, looking for Ollie. Natalie puts a hand on her shoulder and tells her that if anyone knew where Ollie was, it’ll be the Ringmaster.

The group reaches a section of the balcony where the floor juts out, creating a platform for the announcer to eagerly commentate the match from. A door is in the back wall with Sam Stag blocking it with his huge body. Natalie tells him they have an appointment with Ringmaster, trying to use her telepathy to convince him, to which Sam replies “These are not the droids we’re looking for.” Natalie jolts back, and Sam tells her he deals with a lot of telepaths in this job and he’s gotten used to people picking around his brain. Natalie tells him that they don’t mean him any harm, but Sam tells her if they didn’t they wouldn’t use telepathy. Marcee steps in, telling Sam that they’re looking for Oliver Dragen. Sam tells the girls to prove themselves first.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Natalie Walker/Angel Skyheart/Marcee Archer Sam Stag Club Exterior 3 rounds. Player switches character each round in the order given.

Sam lowers his guard against the three girls, saying that they’ve proven to be the beginning of great fighters, although they have a large number of faults. Marcee looks offended, Angel crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow, and Natalie simply nods knowingly. Sam agrees to show them in, believing they have good intentions as they weren’t going all out on him, but tells them not to try anything funny. Natalie tells him she knows perfectly well about the Ringmaster’s reputation as the group enter while Marcee and Angel just look at each other and shrug before entering.

Ringmaster’s office is a spacious room with a bearskin carpet, a roaring fireplace, and quite a few rare artworks. At the end of the room is a desk and a chair facing away from there, looking out of the windows towards a beautiful green field even though they were underground, although the field did indeed have the night’s sky above it. Classical music was playing out of an old gramophone. Ringmaster asked if Sam could have knocked and he spun round in his chair. He reached over to the gramophone and switched it off as Sam explained that these new arrivals were looking for Oliver Dragen. Ringmaster chuckles, saying that he knew Dragen wasn’t his first name. Marcee perks up, asking intently if Ringmaster knew him, and Ringmaster tells her he does. He appeared several months ago, possessing incredible powers that require him to wear limiters to stop him destroying the Club. He has taken the mantle Dragen the Oblivion and currently uses these powers for entertainment, but lacks the brains to use them. Marcee is about to argue back, but Natalie walks past her and introduces herself as Natalie Walker. Ringmaster says that the name sounded familiar, but he can’t put his finger on when he heard it before, so he asks Natalie to continue. Natalie says that they’re friends of Rugal Paramount’s.

Sam Stag looks shocked, but Ringmaster leaps over his desk and has grabbed Natalie by the collar so fast she wasn’t even able to read his mind in time. Ringmaster asks where he is, growling. Natalie hurriedly tells her that he was captured by his brother on the way into the Club, and that he was planning to attack the Club. Ringmaster lets go, asking her to tell her what she knows. Natalie says that Thundereye and his Lightning Gang are preparing to attack and take over the Club on behalf of a lioness called Beautyface. They also have the support of a Mobian stag called Dean: Sam’s son. Both Ringmaster and Sam looked shocked at this and Ringmaster calls Sam over. Sam whispers to Ringmaster, telling him that it’s time to call in a few favours. Ringmaster fears Sam might be right and they both turn back to Natalie and her friends. He says that he thanks them for informing him of this information. However, they still barged into the Club without paying. Angel asks Ringmaster how he knew this, and Ringmaster says because they obviously had a telepath amongst them: how else would Natalie know about Dean? Ringmaster says that he will allow them to make up for it in combat. Several scheduled fighters were unable to make it for tonight’s battles for varying reasons, and the group will have to make up for it. Natalie and Angel would be fighting in The Pit in a mini-tournament with another fighter: apparently these things were popular with the crowd and were good for a warm-up. Marcee, however, would be taken to the Level 1 Arena to fight another opponent. Sam says that he’ll show them to the preparation rooms.

As the group walk out, Angel stops for a moment in front of the door. Ringmaster tells her he knows what she will ask. He says that he still remembers the day that Rugal’s parents died. He had turned a blind eye to his parents’ abusive nature and Thundereye’s psychopathy because Rugal and Thundereye were valued fighters and good entertainment. Even though teenagers have fought in the Club before, Rugal was the only one to do so due to his parent’s manipulation, and Ringmaster had just ignored it. To this day, it was among his biggest regrets. Angel said that Rugal still seemed to remember his parents as good people, but Ringmaster says that if he ever escapes from Thundereye’s clutches, maybe they should both tell him the truth, if only to let him move on. Angel nods and walks out.

As Angel leaves, Ringmaster runs his hand around the rim of the gramophone’s speaker, which glows blue where his finger was. The speaker then produces a mechanical voice asking for Ringmaster’s reason for calling. Ringmaster simply says that the Club is under attack, and help should be sent immediately. The blue line fades away.

The scene changes to the interior of a skyscraper looking over Westopolis. A man is on the phone, his back turned to the camera and hidden in shadow. He says that he will do what he can as he switches the phone off. He turns around, saying that they’ll have to put the Poisonmaster operation on hold for the moment as they have more pressing matters. A half-robotic female voice asks the man what her objective is. Kable the Fox steps out of the shadows and tells the person he’s talking too to go to Disaster Club. The camera turns around, revealing the person he’s talking too to be Bladedancer. She nods and tells Kable that his will be done.

Act 3: Tension Rising

Continuing from the start of Act 2, the voice tells Vendeta that memories can often be planted: what’s to say Tel-Eth didn’t plant them? Vendeta says that he knows in his heart they’re real, and the voice tells him those are the most real illusions. As the two are talking, the camera focuses on the gloved hand of the mysterious voice drawing a microchip out of his pocket.

The scene returns to the present, with Rugal sitting alone on the subway train that Dean went through in Act 1. A voice questions why Rugal stays where Thundereye told him to: he could easily attack the gang from here. Rugal mutters that it’s going to be one of those days and replies that he’s in no state to challenge his brother and his gang: even at full strength they’d win. The subway train’s lights flicker and a shadowy figure appears at one end. The figure says that he could help Rugal out: the gang would be no problem for him to deal with. Rugal asks the figure who he is. The lights flicker again and the figure reappears, getting closer to Rugal. The figure says that he is the tallest of mountains and the roughest of waves. He is about to continue but Rugal interrupts and asks if he’s quoting Linkin Park. The lights flicker again and the figure appears directly in front of Rugal and pins him up against the wall by the collar of his hoodie. The figure is revealed to be entirely made of shadow except for one, inhumanly large eye. The figure growls at Rugal and tells him not to mock God, his voice overlaying itself several times. Rugal is initially scared by the teleporting attack, but he soons returns to smirking. He tells the person that even if he thinks he’s God, he’s probably just a weakling. The lights constantly flicker at this point, occasionally changing the shadowy figure into Infinite, revealing his identity. Infinite growls that he is not weak and the train’s wall starts to absorb Rugal. Rugal fights to get out, but the wall continues to absorb him.

Infinite says he wanted to form a partnership with Rugal, but it seems that was no longer possible. Rugal sarcastically replies that Infinite wasn’t his type anyway, although his face doesn’t show the same level of confidence. Infinite grabs Rugal and throws him onto the floor. Rugal quickly gets up, saying that it would take more than that to beat him. Infinite agrees, saying that he would be more than ready to make Rugal’s nightmares come to life before turning into a mirror image of him.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Rugal Paramount Rugal Paramount. Subway Train 1 round.

As the fight ends, the two Rugal’s fists clash together. It’s then revealed the Rugal the player was using was actually Infinite and he punches Rugal away. Infinite glances at the camera and thanks the player for their help before looking back at Rugal. He says that Rugal isn’t worth using, as although he could be motivated he lacks the strength. Rugal growls, asking Infinite what the hell he’s on about before the Phantom Ruby sound effect plays as Infinite vanishes.

The scene changes to Angel and Natalie in the preparation rooms. The room is mostly empty, save for a few fighters who will come on after them. Angel is laying on her back on a sofa, while Natalie is wrapping sports tape around her hand. Angel says that what they’re doing is dumb. Natalie agrees, but says that Ringmaster has a fearsome reputation and getting on the wrong side of him was a bad idea. Angel asks if they could take him down together, and Natalie says they wouldn’t stand a chance: Ringmaster is the whole reason Thundereye didn’t follow them inside. Natalie looks away from the sports tape and straight at Angel, pointing out that she was usually always spoiling for a fight. Angel sits upright, saying she just doesn't want to go out there. Fighting her girlfriend in front of a crowd just felt wrong and the prospect of having an anxiety attack in the middle of it wasn’t a nice thought. Natalie says she can use her telepathy to make everything fade out: Angel wouldn’t even know there was a crowd there. Angel nods reluctantly, saying she’d take the help. Natalie smiles, saying that’s all she was here for. The crowd cheers, and the announcer announces the first two competitors will take to the stage: A red fox who will not be named and club regular Glass Angel. Natalie touches the side of Angel’s head and closes her eyes. The walls of the room seem to fade out and the people other than Natalie disappear. Natalie opens her eyes and wishes Angel luck. Angel smiles and says she won’t need it as she walks out into the arena.

Due to Natalie’s telepathy, the arena to Angel consists of an empty darkness, with only sand, the vague outline of walls and Glass himself visible. Glass, who is completely sober, asks if she’s ok, seeing she looks misty eyed. Angel just says it helps with her nerves. Glass nods, saying he knows about the deal Ringmaster struck, so he won’t go all out, especially against a friend of Natalie’s. Angel is midway through asking how he knows her before Glass shouts “PSYCHE!” and punches Angel in the face. Angel replies by kneeing him in the chest and kicking him away as the battle starts.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Angel Skyheart Glass Angel Black Void. 1 round.

Angel kicks Glass in the head and he rolls on the ground, saying he’ll give Angel this one and that maybe he should fight her at full strength one day. He gets up and extends his hand. Angel looks confused, but Natalie telepathically tells her she won the match. Angel nods and smiles, shaking Glass’ hand. Glass walks off, hoping Angel will win against her girlfriend. Angel is about to keep talking but Glass vanishes into the darkness. Natalie telepathically tells her to move to the other side of the arena: they were going to fight now. Angel moves to the other side as Natalie appears out of the darkness. Natalie and Angel speak telepathically for the rest of the scene. The hedgehog says that she’s liking this darkness thing, and that she actually finds it rather calming. Angel wonders if they could use it for training, and Natalie agrees, pointing out they could use it for a few other things too. Angel looks serious, saying that the person she’s just fought knows them somehow. Natalie says that she can get the rundown when they fight: right now, they have other priorities. Angel gets into a fighting stance and smiles, saying that she usually enjoys what follows when Natalie says that. Natalie creates an illusion katana and also gets into a fighting stance, saying that they can trawl through those memories later when they’re done with work. The two girls then rush at each other.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Natalie Walker Angel Skyheart Black Void 1 round.

The two continue fighting, with Angel pulling Natalie’s hand after an overreaching katana stab and trying to knee her in the chest. However, this Natalie is revealed to be an illusion and the real one dashes at Angel and performs the sweep attack from the gym scene in Act 1. Natalie says that she clearly is good enough and the black void fades away, revealing the massive crowd applauding. They seem fairly bored, but both the girls know they’re just a warm up act. Angel winces and asks to go back to the void and Natalie helps her up, telling her they would one day. The two shake hands and Angel wishes Natalie luck as she walks off. Natalie looks round and sees Glass Angel walking on. Glass stops and there’s a shot of both their faces before Glass says it’s good to see her after so long, although he’d wished it had been under different circumstances.

The scene changes to the Level 1 Arena, where Dragen was standing on his own. One of the spectators mutters to another that he hasn’t moved since the last fight half an hour ago. The other replies that the rumour is that he’s so battle hungry he almost never leaves the arena, even when he’s physically exhausted. The first spectator raises an eyebrow, and says he’s not sure whether to think of that as threatening or edgy. The person he’s talking to shrugs, saying that maybe it’s both. Their conversation is interrupted when the announcer states that a new challenger has arrived. Marcee is guided into the arena by security, with Dragen with his back to her. Marcee looks shocked, surprised that she found him so easily. Dragen turns his head slightly, about to say something, but before he can get a world out Marcee runs over and hugs him, muttering rapidly about how she’s so glad he’s found him. Both the announcer and the crowd are confused. Dragen closes his eyes, wearing a sad expression, before releasing a pulse of energy that knocks Marcee away. She jumps to her feet, and asks why Dragen did that. Dragen replies that he’s changed beyond recognition since she and Natalie left Iravia, and that there’s nothing of the old Oliver Dragen left. Marcee folds her arms, saying that if so then Ollie wouldn’t remember her. Dragen turns round fully, saying that maybe he should just show her. He then removes one of his limiters, becoming surrounded by black energy. Marcee gets into a fighting stance, saying that if he wouldn’t stop she’d have to make him. Dragen charges his fist with energy and gets ready to fight.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Dragen the Oblivion Marcee Archer Level 1 Arena 1 round.

Dragen pins Marcee to the side of the cage and raises a fist charged with energy. He tells her he’s sorry he had to do this, but she has to leave and forget about him. Marcee asks him why he’s like this. Dragen replies that it doesn’t matter, and Marcee shouts that it does matter if it means she could save him. Dragen tells her that he is beyond saving, which Marcee says she refuses to believe. She then wraps her legs around Dragen’s arm and spins them, pushing Dragen down to the floor so he lets go of her as the crowd cheer. She leaps away to the other side of the room as Dragen gets up, with the announcer commenting on this surprise comeback from the new combatant. Dragen growls, muttering that he can’t even win against a normal girl his age. Marcee clearly hears and asks what the hell happened to make Dragen like this. Dragen ignores her, muttering that he’ll show everyone his true power. With that, he removes another limiter. A huge blast of dark energy radiates out from him, blasting Marcee into the side of the cage. Marcee narrowly dodges out of the way of several Plasma Missiles that hit the side of the cage, blasting it into atoms. The crowd starts to dissipate as Dragen walks towards Marcee, his dark aura melting the cage bars around him and his eyes pure scarlet. Marcee says that no matter what he does, she’ll stay in his way. Dragen replies that he doesn’t care about anything anymore: all he cares about is the power. The two then prepare to fight once more.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Marcee Archer Dragen the Oblivion Level 1 Arena: Crowd Scattered. 3 rounds. Dragen is in Nightmare Mode and is permanently in Overclock.

Marcee kicks Dragen away from her, but he quickly regains balance in midair and flies straight at her. Marcee dives under him, shouting at him to stop and come to his senses. Dragen rises out of the small crater he left on the floor laughing, saying he’d never experienced more power, and that he would finally be able to destroy everyone in his way. Marcee asks if that's what he really wanted as she walks up to him. Dragen asks what other purpose he has now. Marcee tells him that he can just be a normal teenager, hanging out with his friends. Dragen asks her how he can do that like this, and Marcee shouts at him to just explain what was going on instead of being edgy. Dragen bows his head, looking sad for a moment, then flicks his head back up, says “no” straight at the camera, and Plasma Rushes towards Marcee.

The scene changes back to Glass and Natalie. The two begin slowly circling around the arena. Natalie begins using her telepathy, starting off by saying “Hey, uncle Glass.” Glass smiles, and telepathically replies that he’s glad that Natalie knows the truth now. Glass says that Natalie’s mother, Sasha Walker, figured Natalie would have powers one day, but Glass had never expected them to be so in line with her father’s. Natalie tells Glass that she knows perfectly well that Sasha hates him, but that’s besides the point. She asks where Glass was all this time, especially seeing he fitted the room for the Cryosabre in their own house. Glass said that Sasha had told him to piss off, and that she didn’t want anything to do with his family anymore...or at least she didn’t until she realised she needed a way to stave off her addiction to the Cryosabre, then Glass had the room for the sword fitted in both their old house in Iravia and the Walker’s current flat in Westopolis. Natalie wonders what the current owners of their old house must think. Glass then reminds Natalie they have a show to put on, and Natalie nods before the two engage.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Natalie Walker Glass Angel The Pit Arena 1 round.

Natalie throws a punch at Glass, but Glass catches it and follows up with a razor swipe. While they fight, the two talk telepathically. Glass tells Natalie that Vendeta was a member of the Guardians of the Chronosabre, a group aiming to simultaneously police the universe and protect a cool sword. Nearly 7 years ago the Guardians were caught up in a civil war and most of them died. Vendeta was the only one left, but Glass hasn’t seen him since the civil war, even though he’s seen images that show he’s alive. Natalie asks if he ever told Sasha, and he says that he never did: he didn’t want Sasha to do something stupid, and that Ven likely wouldn’t care about her. He just told her to stay on Earth. Natalie doesn’t believe Ven would forget about her, and Glass asks why he hasn’t come back.

At that point, a light green streak crashes through the roof of Disaster Club. It stops Dragen from plasma rushing Marcee and knocks the two apart. It then crashes down into the middle of the Pit. Glass narrowly dodges away, but Natalie is blasted back and crumples to the ground, seemingly unconscious. The crowd looked on in surprise and Angel and Sam Stag run out of the training rooms to see what happened.

Vendeta the Hedgehog looks straight at Glass.

Act 4: Fallen Heroes

Continuing from Act 3, Vendeta tells the person that he knows his own mind, identifying the figure as Nethilis. Nethilis enters the spotlight for the first time, revealing an androgynous figuring dressed a white and black cloak and wearing a white helmet with a black visor. Nethilis tells him he will make sure of it and pushes the microchip into the back of Vendeta’s head, making him collapse to the floor in pain as electricity courses through his body.

In the Level 1 Arena, Marcee and Dragen slowly stand up. The arena is an absolute mess, with the cage disintegrated and a smoking hole in the middle. Before Dragen can react, Ringmaster slides up behind him and quickly reactivates his limiters, deactivating his powers. Ringmaster says that he’s disappointed that Dragen lacked the brain to talk out the situation with Marcee: she came all this way to see him. Dragen looks saddened now he’s come to his senses, and Marcee walks over. She asks what’s happening downstairs, and Ringmaster says he was on his way up to this arena to deal with Dragen when something landed in The Pit. He says that it’s now time for them to deal with whatever new arrival has appeared.

Back in The Pit, Vendeta and Glass stare each other down, both completely serious despite Glass’ usually relaxed demeanour. Glass looks at Natalie and growls that Vendeta has really reached a new low. Vendeta replies calmly that he never wanted to hurt Glass, but he needs the Extinction Arm for the betterment of the universe. Glass tries to draw his blaster, saying that he wasn’t talking about the Extinction Arm, but is frozen by Vendeta’s psychokinesis. Vendeta walks over and grabs the Extinction Arm, but Sam Stag picks the Guardian up and hurls him over his shoulder, where Angel kicks him into the air before jumping up. She goes to kick him away but Vendeta grabs her leg and hurls her into the ground. She gets up but is quickly frozen by the hedgehog’s psychokinesis. Sam Stag goes to ground pound him, but Vendeta teleport dashes away. Both land on the ground and prepare to fight.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Vendeta the Hedgehog Sam Stag The Pit Arena 1 round.

Sam Stag is knocked away, crashing into a wall. Vendeta quickly commends him on his fighting ability before looking back at Glass. Angel struggles to break free of Vendeta’s psychokinesis, but Glass quickly tells her that it’s no use: she can’t escape from Vendeta’s hold. Angel keeps struggling, saying that she was going to fight that barstad no matter what. Vendeta glances over his shoulder and asks Angel who she is. Angel tells him her name, and that she’s going to kick his ass once she was free. Vendeta lets her go and allows her to attack him.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Vendeta the Hedgehog Angel Skyheart The Pit Arena 1 round.

Angel falls to Vendeta’s feet, complete defeated. Vendeta turns back to Glass once more, but Angel stands up and throws one more weak punch at Vendeta’s back. Vendeta glances over his shoulder and grabs her fist with his hand. He asks why she’s so determined to defeat him. Angel replies that he hurt Natalie, and that hurting her girlfriend usually results in that sort of reaction. Vendeta looks over at Natalie’s unconscious body, and says that he’s sorry that he knocked her down, and that he had no intention of getting anyone else involved in this. He pushes Angel to the ground and continues walking over to Glass. Angel reaches out towards Natalie, telepathically begging her to wake up. Natalie’s eyes then flicker open.

The scene changes to the subway train Rugal is being held on. He’s sitting on the train like he was before his fight with Infinite happened, and although the jackal himself is not there, he can be seen in the reflections in the few windows the train has. Dean Stag walks in, telling Rugal that Beautyface will see him now. Rugal looks at Dean for a moment before finally recognising who he is. The polar bear shrugs, saying that he’s not surprised that Dean sided with the group that wanted to pull the Club down. Rugal asks who this “Beautyface” is and why she chose such a dumb name. Dean tells Rugal that she’s Minerva. Rugal stands up quickly, asking Dean if it was who he thought it was, which Dean confirms by nodding. Rugal says that he thought she was dead, and Dean says she was for a while. He says that Rugal’s brother is expecting him and walks out. Rugal sighs and follows him into the Lightning Gang HQ.

Thundereye and Beautyface are both waiting in the lower area as Dean brings Rugal to him. Rugal compliments Beautyface, saying she doesn’t look as dead as he thought she did. Beautyface comments on Rugal’s attitude, saying he’s more than a little like his brother. Rugal hopes it’s in less ways that she thinks, and refers to her by her real name: Minerva Proudclaw, Ringmaster’s sister. Beautyface glares at Rugal, saying that that name died with her old body. As she says this, her fingers slowly start to become claws. Rugal says maybe she should have stayed dead and prepares to punch her, but Dean grabs him by the back of his hoodie and pulls him to the ground. Beautyface says that maybe Rugal can be Dean’s final test to see if he’s strong enough to fight alongside the Lightning Gang. Dean nods, saying Rugal shouldn’t be a problem as the polar bear stands up, ready to fight. Thundereye reminds Dean to save some for him as the battle commences.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Dean Stag Rugal Paramount Lightning Gang HQ 3 rounds.

Rugal falls to his knees as Beautyface congratulates Dean. Dean walks away but Rugal gets up again, saying he’s not done. Dean continues walking away as Thundereye grabs Rugal’s head and slams him into the ground. Rugal rolls to get up but Thundereye kicks him away. Rugal finally manages to get up, saying he’s been waiting to finally have a chance to best his brother. Thundereye smirks as the gang members around them laugh. Thundereye asks for permission to finish off Rugal, and Beautyface lets him as she and Dean watch intently without the Gang’s smug laughing. The two Paramounts then prepare for battle.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Thundereye Rugal Paramount Lightning Gang HQ 1 round.

Thundereye catches Rugal off guard with a gut punch and punches him through the wall. He walks over as Rugal gets up and pins his brother to the wall. Thundereye then whispers for Rugal to stay down and that he didn’t want them to fight, losing his usual mocking tone. Rugal asks him if that’s what he said to their parents. Thundereye tells him that he killed their parents to save him, but their conversation is interrupted by Dean Stag, who asks if they were done already. Thundereye returns to his normal demeanor and nods before throwing Rugal behind him onto the floor. Beautyface congratulates Thundereye on his victory and asks him to finish the job. Dean looks at her sternly and asks if they have to do this: Rugal isn’t a direct threat to them, and if anything he’d want to destroy the Club just as much as them. He questions Beautyface’s leadership, arguing that it would have been more beneficial to bring Rugal over to their way of thinking and wondering why she’d remain focused on attacking Disaster Club even when unknown elements had entered play. Beautyface growls at Dean not to question her, but before their argument can advance further the entrance doors are blown off their hinges, sending the Lightning Gang members who were guarding it sprawling on to the ground. Rugal staggers to his feet and asks the new arrival what took him so long as Ice steps out of the smoke created by his dramatic entrance.

Meanwhile, back at the Club, Vendeta advances towards Glass. Glass smiles and tells Ven that he always knew they’d fight one day. Vendeta stands still a few centimeters from Glass and nods, apologising that he had to follow his duty. Glass questions if Vendeta even knows what his duty is anymore. Vendeta doesn’t answer and begins walking towards Glass, but before he can move even a single step a katana blade stops him in his tracks, with the camera panning round to reveal Natalie. Vendeta looks at the blade and then at her, telling her that he knows the blade is an illusion as he can sense its lack of mass. Natalie assures her that it will still feel like his head has been cut off, but she wouldn’t give her father that pain. As she says that, Vendeta staggers back, his vision flashing with images of his conversation with the mysterious figure, his battle with Tel-Eth, and eventually his relationship with Sasha and raising Natalie. Vendeta mutters that she’s using her psychic powers to manipulate him. Natalie makes her katana disappear and quickly corrects him, and asks him what’s wrong. Vendeta starts growling and muttering something about Nethilis before his psychokinetic aura flares up and he flies straight at Natalie, trying to punch her. Natalie moves to the side, but Vendeta grabs her with his psychokinesis and throws her into the wall. She staggers to her feet and gets ready to fight her own father.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Natalie Walker Vendeta the Hedgehog The Pit Arena 3 rounds. Vendeta is permanently in Overclock and has access to moves from both of his Throttles.

Natalie punches Vendeta in the face. Vendeta reacts to this by Dual Force Palming her in the chest and knocking her away. However, Dragon appears and grabs Natalie before she can hit the wall. Natalie turns around to see who saved her and says high to Dragen, before looking at his coat and asking if he’s going through a phase. Dragen tells Natalie to shut up as he puts her down, ready to battle Vendeta.

Back at the Lightning Gang HQ, Ice looks over the gang members, who are now all in fighting stances. Beautyface glares at Rugal, asking if he knows who the new arrival is. Before he can answer, Ice announces that the gang is evil, and they will all be purged in the name of justice. The platform below him turns into ice and shatters bellow him, allowing Ice to fall to the ground before Lightning Gang members attack him.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Ice Lightning Gang member Lightning Gang HQ Ice must defeat 15 Lightning Gang members in succession to proceed.

Ice completely dominates the Lightning Gang members and throws one of them into the wall behind Beautyface. Thundereye drops Rugal and runs towards the new arrival, but Ice turns his hand into a hammer and smashes him into the ceiling. Dean fires a laser bolt but Ice quickly dodges to the side. Beautyface’s teeth turn to fangs and she speaks in the same voice she used when talking to Dean in Act 1, shouting that she will deal with the enemy herself.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Beautyface Ice Lightning Gang HQ 1 Round

Beautyface creates vines that manage to hold Ice, slowly crushing him and not giving him any room to reform. Rugal dashes forward and tries to punch Beautyface in the back, but is knocked away by a vine. As Rugal gets back up, Thundereye lands with a crash, with only his electric eye visible through the dust. He then runs towards Rugal and tries to punch him, but Rugal ducks under him and resumes his attack on Beautyface. During all of this, Dean is leaning on one of the pillars holding up the upper platform, completely uninterested about the current situation. He notices a small orb land on the ground that suddenly opens and covers the room in smoke, blinding everyone in the area. Dean raises his hand and uses a laser to see through the smoke, illuminating Bladedancer as she draws her katana.

Back in the Pit, Vendeta teleport dashes over to Natalie and tries to punch her, still mumbling about Nethilis, but Dragen blocks the punch with an energy field and knocks Vendeta away. Natalie asks Vendeta what’s wrong with him and why she doesn’t recognise him, to which Vendeta replies that he never had a daughter. Dragen steps past Natalie and comments on the irony that usually he’s the one who has to calm down. Natalie tells Dragen that Vendeta is her problem, but Ringmaster walks up behind her and tells her that he’s the Club’s problem and is driving out customers. Vendeta and Dragen both power up, and Ringmaster shouts that if Dragen succeeds he’ll consider promoting him to the Pit. Dragen nods and the two prepare to fight.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Vendeta the Hedgehog Dragen the Oblivion The Pit Arena 1 Round. Both fighters are permanently in Overclock.

Vendeta punches Dragen in the gut, telling him he was the strongest fighter so far, but still wasn’t good enough. A shockwave of psychokinetic energy radiates from Vendeta’s fist and blasts Dragen into the air. However, Marcee leaps over, grabs Dragen by the trenchcoat, swings around, winks at Vendeta, and then throws Dragen at him. Both Vendeta and Dragen are equally surprised as they hit each other, creating a small crater in the ground. Marcee lands on the ground and wipes her hands. Ringmaster raises an eyebrow and Natalie asks what crazy kind of gymnastics she had learnt. However, Vendeta stands up and tosses the unconscious Dragen out of the crater and at Marcee’s feet, although the hedgehog is notably weakened. Marcee kneels down next to Dragen, worried, but Natalie tells Marcee he’s stable, and creates her katana and moves towards Vendeta. Ringmaster folds his arms and asks if Natalie knows what she’s doing. She nods her head, but tells him telepathically she will need someone to open up Vendeta for her to get in. Ringmaster nods, telepathically replying that it’s not often he follows other people’s commands, but today is just one of those days. Vendeta flies towards Natalie and tries to punch her again, but Ringmaster front flips in front of her and kicks him in the face. He then dashes towards him and begins attacking.

Player character Enemy character Stage Notes
Ringmaster Vendeta the Hedgehog The Pit. 1 Round. Vendeta is permanently in Overclock.

Ringmaster kicks Vendeta away, telling him that he can read every the hedgehog’s every move. Vendeta says “read this” and fires a stream of PsychDarts, which Ringmaster dodges. Vendeta is about to rush forward again, but is hit by a laser bolt in the chest from Glass, who tells Vendeta to focus more next time. Natalie then runs forward and touches Vendeta on the side of the head, and he falls asleep. The group breath heavily for a moment. Natalie dashes over to the still unconscious Angel and picks her up, while Sam Stag stands up from the crater he was left in. Ringmaster looks at Natalie and asks “what now?”.

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