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Disaster Club
Release Date
5 August 2019 (original), 12 November 2020 (Complete)
Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC (original), Xbox Series X, PlayStation 5 (Complete)
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Disaster Club is a fighting game made by Bladeware and published by SEGA. It follows the adventures of the Powers Club after A Different Kind of Normal.

An enhanced version of the game called Disaster Club Complete was released for PS5 and Xbox Series X. The game came with all the previous DLC, a new character, new moves for the whole cast and some additional game modes. Owners of the original DC received the new content as a free update.

Plot Synopsis

For full plot, see here.

Disaster Club is a fight club made in Westopolis made in the late 1800s, offering spectators fights between superpowered individuals that can’t be seen elsewhere. Natalie Walker had heard of the club from her friend, Rugal, who had fought there previously. However, Natalie’s old friend Marcee Archer has arrived looking for another of their friends, and a tip told her he was in Disaster Club. The Powers Club are seen embroiled in a battle for ownership of the club, but there are more forces at work here...


For a full breakdown of the gameplay and the control scheme, see here.

The game uses 3D graphics but plays out on a 2D field like other 2.5D fighting games.

The gameplay is based off other anime fighters like Blazblue and Guilty Gear, featuring a combo system offering a large variety of combos and a prominent air game. However, the game has been simplified a large amount, featuring standardised inputs for special moves and a specific button for command normals in order to attract new players or other Sonic fans who haven’t played similar fighting games before, but still give it a level of depth for those well versed in the medium of fighting games. It also features several mechanics to stop common fighting game problems, like being unable to escape from the corner or spamming projectiles.


There are 14 playable characters in the game at launch, with 9 more added as DLC. Click on the links below to see their respective gameplay and arcade breakdowns (once they’re added, obviously). Their gameplay style is also noted.

Previously introduced in the Skyblade Continuity

New to the Skyblade Continuity


Pack 1:Resurgent

Pack 2:Rising

Pack 3:Reborn

Pack 4


  • Tel-Eth (Rushdown, Pressure, Gimmick)



Below are the stages and who is faced on the stage in arcade mode.

  • Training Gym
  • The Crater (Natalie Walker)
  • Back Alley (Rugal Paramount)
  • Club Exterior (Bladedancer)
  • Level 3 Arena (Marcee Archer)
  • Level 2 Arena (Angel Skyheart)
  • Level 1 Arena (Vendeta the Hedgehog)
  • The Pit Arena (Dragen the Oblivion)
  • The Pit Overlook (Sam Stag)
  • Ringmaster’s Office (Ringmaster)
  • Subway Platform (Thundereye)
  • Subway Train (Dean Stag)
  • Lightning Gang HQ (Beautyface)
  • Club Rooftop (Ice)
  • Club Bar (Glass Angel)

Arcade and Story Only

  • Last Stand (Overpowered Mask)
  • VGhpcyBuaWdodG1hcmUgd2lsbCBuZXZlciBzdG9wLg== (Infinite)
  • Black Void
  • Level 1 Arena: Crowd Scattered


The DLC stages are unlocked upon buying their respective characters

  • Walker Residence (Sasha Walker)
  • Kryte (Vendeta Blue)
  • Kable’s Office (Kable the Fox)
  • Asteroid Field (King)
  • GUN Underground Facility (Gemma)
  • Ruined Lab (Bazenhower)
  • Ocean Palace (Omega)
  • Sol Dimension (Blaze)
  • Space Colony ARK (Shadow)
  • Void of the Future (Tel-Eth)

Game Modes

The game features a variety of game modes to play.


Practice against a disabled AI. The AI has various setting to improve the training experience, like jumping to practice air combos or blocking certain attacks. The training mode can also automatically record your training to watch back later.


Learn how to play the game. Character Tutorials on how to use certain characters are also available, with a general run down of the character followed by a few basic combos and one advanced combo.

Single Fight

Fight against an AI opponent, with difficulty settings ranging from very easy to very hard.

Local Multiplayer

Fight another human player in the same room.


Fight 5 enemies before fighting the final boss. Each character also has a special bad or good ending they can unlock depending on how well you did in the arcade playthrough. If you lost to at least 1 enemy, you get the bad ending, and if you win every fight, you get the good ending. After the final boss, you fight an enemy specific to that ending, before getting a final cutscene. On a character’s first run through the mode, they unlock a music track from the Sonic series for the Jukebox and on their second run they unlock a special character-dependent reward. The arcade also has difficulties ranging from very easy to very hard.

Story Mode

Play through Disaster Club’s story (see Disaster Club/Story Mode)


Fight against players online in ranked or casual matches. In ranked mode, the rankings range from F to S based on previous Sonic games. There are also private lobbies for playing friends online.

Party Mode

Party mode has various unorthodox game modes for playing with friends. These continued to be added after the game’s launch.

Controller Swap

Played with at least 4 players. The players are grouped into 2 groups with 1 character each. Control over the character swaps between the player’s controllers randomly.

Vs Swarm

Played with 1 or 2 players. The players have to fight a never ending horde of Lightning Gang Members in order to get the highest score possible.

Vs Infinite

Played with 1 player after beating Infinite in Arcade Mode. This allows you to battle Infinite again without going through the access requirements again.


The Vault contains information about the player’s time playing the game.


Look at your achievements playing the game, including your total playtime, the amount of times you’ve played a character, and which characters have had their arcade mode bonuses unlocked.


Allows you to rewatch cutscenes from the story mode or arcade mode, as well as videos of previous fights and any training mode recordings you’ve made.


Listen to unlocked music and character sound effects. Any music unlocked in the jukebox can be played in battles.


Change the games settings.

Connect to Spotify

If you have the Spotify app on your Playstation 4 or Xbox One, this function allows you to choose music from your saved Spotify library to play during fights, or it can also be set to permanent replace menu themes like the main menu and the character select screen.

Voice Actors

Character Voice actor
Natalie Walker Ashly Burch
Angel Skyheart Skye Bennet
Rugal Paramount Clifford Chapin
Vendeta the Hedgehog Matthew Mercer
Glass Angel Todd Kramer
Ice David Vincent
Bladedancer Catlin Glass
Marcee Archer Cara Theobold
Dragen the Oblivion Johnny Young Bosch
Ringmaster Jason Douglas
Sam Stag
Dean Stag David Matranga
Thundereye D.C Douglas
Infinite Liam O’Brein
Kable the Fox Ray Chase
Carl the Hamster
Johnathon Persona
Announcer Dan Green
Shadow the Hedgehog Kirk Thornton
Blaze the Cat Laura Bailey
E-123 Omega Vic Mignogna
Bazenhower Kaiji Tang


  • The game was planned to include the assassin who killed Walter Kable as a playable character and the reason Bladedancer was sent to the Disaster Club as he was becoming a liability knowing Kable the Fox ordered the murder of his father. However, this was ditched early into development seeing it would distance Bladedancer from the rest of the plot, although he may reappear one day.
    • Tel-Eth was also meant to appear as a secret boss, but he was replaced by Infinite due to fitting the story better.
    • Infinite was also planned to be a pre-order bonus, but this was ditched from the final game.
  • On all stages of the game, there is a 1.998% chance Big the Cat will appear in the background. He only appears in Story Mode on repeat playthroughs.

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