Disadorna the Crystalhog is a soldier in the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus, and a former civilian partisan within Ralltiir, a signatory of the United Federation.

Disadorna the Crystalhog

Biographical Information
Romantic Interests
Physical Description
  • Fur: Brown, w/ orange topaz growing on quills & tan skin
  • Hair: Fawn, reaches her tail.
  • Eyes: Ruby red
  • Blue poncho w/ fake fur lining
  • Medium blue t-shirt
  • Blue moderate length skirt
  • Lavender blush flat-soled shoes
Political Alignment and Abilities
WeaponryKatan (Hybrid sword)
  • Master Crystakinetic
  • Advanced combat - hand-to-hand, swords
  • Super strength
  • High intellect
  • Gifted insight
  • Knowledgeable in psychology
  • Skilled at deceit
Super Forms
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
AppearancesRoleplay:The Elemental Wars
Original CreatorFlashfire212

Physical Description

Disadorna is tall, with very little in the way of chest size or feminine shaping. However, she has a moderate musculature suiting that of a swords master. She has quills somewhat like Mephiles the Dark's, complete with orange topaz crystals upon the ends. Her brown fur is itself crystalline, making a greater defensive barrier, as does her long fawn hair, which reaches her tail. Her eyes are a piercing ruby red.


Disadorna dresses simply, with a blue poncho lined with fake fur, a medium blue t-shirt, a blue moderate length skirt and lavender blush flat-soled shoes.


Early Life

Disadorna was born into a family of crystalhogs, a Hedgehog Subspecies who naturally grew crystals as part of their biomass. Both of her parents were close to her, bringing the girl up with constant lessons to learn how to control her bio-crystalline body in ways not many would believe. Her parents also instilled in her a sense of materialism and the belief that there is no supernatural, only beings with power that actually exists. If she could see it, it existed. If she couldn't, or couldn't prove that it existed, than it didn't. The young girl, with her great intelligence, agreed with all her parents told her. Attending school in a backwater country like Ralltiir didn't help, with the crystakinetic graduating with flying colors from high school. She then moved into a further academic field, with swords training on the side. Quickly, she was "discovered" as a natural.

Invasion of Ralltiir

As a university student aged twenty-six, she spent her time both studying and training with both swords and cryastakinesis, with one of her pet projects being the construction of a custom sword which she referred to as a "katan", a hybrid of a katana and a jian. It was around this time that the mercenary group known only as the Children of Supplicium invaded. Quickly, the group stormed the capital and had the entire city under wraps, claiming it as the land of one of the Chaos Beasts. The army proved useless against more modern and well-trained soldiers, but Disadorna quickly realized the flaws in the enemy's strategy and devised a plan to end the war. On her own, armed with her newly-finished katan, she entered the plaza where the mercenaries had set up. Instantly, they attacked her, but she fought back, and a bloodbath ensued. Combining strikes with the flat of her sword with powerful crystakinetic attacks, and even the crystallization of the grass beneath some of the soldiers, she single-handedly defeated the entire mercenary band, without killing a single one or sustaining a single blow to her body. As soon as the mercenaries were ejected from the country, she was heralded as a hero, a true partisan, and was provided with large amounts of money as a reward. She told the country that she was going on a trip for the next couple of years, packing her sword and clothes. And, amidst all the fanfare and adulation, she vanished, never intending to return to the backwater republic but instead planning to try her skill.

Recruitment by the Beast of Nothing

Disadorna ventured around for about six years, accepting challenges from talented swordsmen, and defeating most. The few that managed to defeat her all employed the same fighting style, where the user had no strategy, no ideas, but simply gave their entire being into the fight, switching on psychopathy and leaving her almost unable to predict a single attack that they would use. The final person using such a style was Niks the Lynx, a bloodthirsty swords-wielder and head soldier of the Nihlic Clan of Nihlus. The woman didn't leave after lording her victory over Disadorna like others had, but instead offered to teach the crystakinetic how to utilize that fighting style. Intrigued, Disadorna agreed. Upon arriving in the Nihlic Clan, Disadorna "accidentally" insulted the priests of the clan by saying there is no such thing as a God. However, this was overheard by Nihlus himself, who materialized before them. Disadorna was stunned, then began to refer to the giant being as a "Chaos Beast", something Nihlus did nothing to counter. However, due to her skepticism, the priests of the clan began watching the girl closely...


Disadorna is often described as being one of the greatest warriors to ever emerge from Ralltiir, both intellectually and physically. For example, while fighting the Children of Supplicium, she demonstrated both extreme strength greater than that of any soldier, plus an almost intuitive knowledge of the battle, defeating every single mercenary without slaying a single one, using purely a combination of crystakinesis and her sword. Her intellect is one of her greatest traits, often shown due to her skill as a tactical thinker. She was able to come up with a strategy to defeat an entire army in minutes, and has often been seen challenging and defeating well-known strategists at chess, and manipulate others to battle by her terms. She also has a knowledge of psychology, being able to manipulate allies and enemies to do certain things, without great effort, and was able to manipulate the ruling class and the press of Ralltiir into thinking that she planned to return within a few years, when she was truly deserting the country.

In the way of swordsplay, she is described as one of the best. Using great strength and mental acuity, she is a dangerous foe to those who follow predictable paths, plus her remarkable strength also makes her hardened blade a threat to even those bearing heavy armor. Using a katan blade, a hybrid design of a katana and a jian that she built herself, she is talented enough in swordsplay to defeat hundreds of mercenaries single-handedly, without killing a single one, and sustaining almost no wounds. However, that is also due to her crystalhog genetics. Physically, she possesses no hair or fur, with the place of each fulfilled by many small crystals which both provide amazing defenses and can also be manipulated through her crystakinesis, as can the larger crystals growing from the ends of her quills. Due to this, Disadorna's physical defenses are impeccable, and she even possesses the ability to turn the crystals that compose her fur and hair into physical enhancements, such as wings and extensions to her tail. However, even someone of her power has weaknesses. Sound and other vibrations can cause her crystals to shatter, while anyone capable of striking fast can hit her before she can start swinging her sword in sharp swings.

Crystal Techniques

Elementless Techniques


Disadorna is a calm, serious woman, who is a focused materialist, believing that only things with scientific proof exist. She holds very little respect for religious belief, and also is concerned very little with either the past or the future, not counting in battle where she somehow manages to stay two steps ahead. She enjoys restful things, such as tea and watching sunsets, and teaches those who would listen to always be prepared and ready, but not to show that fact outwardly. She doesn't get angered easily, and somehow always manages to keep her cool. She is known to be a reluctant leader, mostly due to the majority of others being unable to keep up with her in combat. She hates being the center of attention, and has been known to make her crystalline fur refract to blind anyone who tries gazing at her for too long, but always steps in to protect her friends and family. She follows a code of honor, such as never hurting a noncombatant or a child, and always follows the decisions of her superiors.

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