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"Incoming plot twist!"

Dirk the Cat is a semi-joke character created by DrowningInThought, based on a design and vague concept by Silverluv.



Original design by Silverluv

Dirk is a gray Mobian cat with lavender-dyed hair. He has a tall and slender build. He wears a dark gray hoodie with black pants, and white gloves and sneakers.


Dirk has long embraced his insanity, as well as his belief that he is but a minor foil in the story of life. A free spirit, he is almost impossible to get down; never seeming to grasp the seriousness of a situation. While resigned to his fate, he tends to want to put said fate off as long as possible.


Dirk is convinced that life is an infinite novel, and every person carries out their own little sub-plots. Thus, he sees everyone and everything as some kind of literary device. Therefore, he has been certified as mildly and harmlessly insane.

Because he is always finding and calling out plot twists, climaxes, foils, etc., he frequently though inadvertently breaks the fourth wall, or even gives spoilers. But from the other characters' perspective, he is seemingly predicting the future.


The son of a librarian and an English teacher, Dirk was always fascinated with reading. He read so much, in fact, that he figured out many literary devices and tropes before he knew the names assigned to them.

He suffered a relatively major, though not life-threatening, head injury at age 15. While he recovered, his parents made the mistake of giving him all the reading material he wanted. According to his psychiatrists, these two factors likely were the main cause of his present condition.

Dirk wasn't smart enough to get into college (or at least not enough that his parents would have helped him pay for it), so he began performing odd jobs for food. Eventually, this evolved into a small, private delivery business, where Dirk delivers unique "packages" for just about anyone who pays.

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