Dire the Werewolf is a character in the Sonic the Hedgehog Series.


Dire is a tall brown werewolf with tellow eyes and green shoes with a yellow strap. His belly and mouth are light grey. Dire was created in February of 1995 to replace Mint the Hedgehog as the secondary playable character in Sonic: Dire Situations. His box art design depicts him with fanfa, though this was scrapped in the final game. He wasn’t given a modern body until Mint Adventure, where he appears late in the game.


Dire is a very antisocial being. He almost never opens up to anybody he meets, except for Mint the Hedgehog, the one friend he has 100% trust in no matter what. He shows no emotions in even the worst situations. He is helpful and a great friend to those who need him, however. He can control his anger up to a boiling point, where he unleashes chaotic rage.

Powers and Abilities

Before Resurrection, he had no special abilities, but his undead status grants him amazing abilities with electricity. He can summon electro orbs, create an instant shield to deflect any attacks, charge up speed boosts, and much more. If he harnesses enough energy, he can even fly, but for only a short amount of time.


In Mint Adventure, Dire gets so dissatisfied towards Team Mint that he transforms into Chaotic Dire, a form where he can use his powers to maximum potential, and he has no control over his actions.


Doctor Robotnik

Dire knew about Robotnik for a long time, but didn’t truly hate him until he found out that Robotnik was taking the Dark Ruby. In Mint Adventure, he almost seems to defend the Doctor after Mint’s cover is blown. After a chaotic outburst, he claims that he’s gonna help Robotnik.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Dire and Sonic are allies, having ran into each other and agreeing to help stop Dr. Robotnik.

Mint the Hedgehog

Dire had a very close relationship with Mint, and saw him as his own son. In Mint Adventure, he is aggressive towards Mint, even leaving his side at the end of the game.


Dire was born 2,000 years ago as a wolf and sought the fountain of youth. He found it, due to his immortality. He resided in the Cave of Dire, where he protected the Fate Gem. Dr. Cinos, a scientist on his planet, had an accident that turned him evil, and he began searching for the Fate Gem. His laboratory collapsed in on itself, the Fate Gem shattered into the Seven Power Diamonds, and most of the Planet was transported to Mobius. Dr. Cinos boarded a giant robot that Dire, Dusk, and Mint fought. Mint was young and clumsy at the time. Mint pushed Dire away from being crushed, and got knocked out in the process. Dire went into overdrive, but had to sacrifice his own life to stop Dr. Cinos, which he did. Mint buried him in Graveyard Zone, where he lay for a while until a storm got his central nervous system running again. He sought revenge on anybody who laid a finger on him. He nearly killed Sonic the Hedgehog upon first meetup, but together they destroyed the Death Egg, but Dire was nowhere to be found.

Game Appearances


Shadow the Hedgehog Lost Track "Broken"

Shadow the Hedgehog Lost Track "Broken"

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