The Dire Wolf Pack is a group that appear in the story The Lost Tribe. They are a Pack of dire wolves hidden for many centuries and thought to be extinct until shortly after the battle on Angel Island in Return of an Enemy. Possibly an odd side effect of their isolation is that all of them speak with accents akin to the English, and all have names pertaining to natural elements and objects(i.e. Rock, River)


Root's Group

Leader: Root; Dark brown male

Deputy: Unknown

Healer: Moon; White-furred female


  • Wind; Pale gray male
  • Icicle; White-furred wolf with unknown gender
  • Dune; Pale tan male
  • Stone; Dark gray male(deceased, murdered by Night)
  • Crag; Dark gray-brown male
  • Snow; Black-furred male with white speckled fur
  • Others Unknown


  • River; Gray female


  • Crow; Black-furred male
  • Frost; White-furred female

Night's Group

Leader: Night; Black-furred male

Deputy; Unknown

Healer; Unknown(if any)


  • Mud; Brown male
  • Cloud; White male
  • Branch; Dark brown male
  • Bark; Dark brown female


Due to the Pack splitting up, each group has their own different policies. Root's Pack is more peaceful and willing to make peace with other groups. They function similarly to the other Tribe groups, but are severely out of touch with modern times, making them extremely confused by not just the way other groups work, but common names(like Austin or Monty).

Night's Pack is much more aggressive, due to Night believing that dire wolves are superior to all other Mobians, especially dogs(leading to them being incredibly hostile to Austin and the other dogs in the Alliance, and halfbreeds like Cody). They also view other wolf species as "lesser wolves", which Night says to Chaise's face in an encounter with the Southern-accented warrior.


Unknown, though its possible Root's Pack started to believe in the Spirits in the Stars like the other Tribes since they are now apart of the Wolf Tribe.


The Pack's original habitat is unknown, but was shown to be in close proximity to the Saber, Polar Bear, Arctic Fox, and Arctic Wolf Packs, putting them in the Northern Tundra in Mobius. Their new home is unknown, but is better for them. Night's Pack was disbanded following his defeat in a Challenge and his arrest, so they have no habitat.


The Pack's past is unknown up until just before The Lost Tribe, when they found a way to escape where ever they were trapped. They encountered a combined patrol of Sabers, Polar Bears, Arctic Foxes, and Arctic Wolves. Night tried to chase them off, but was told off by Root, who led the Pack away. This led to them arguing and Night revealing his desire to rule the Four Worlds and make dire wolves the superior Mobians. Root did not agree with this and banished him and all his supporters, leading to Night forming his own Pack to put his plans into motions. A pup from Root's Pack, named Rock, disappeared and wound up at the Storming Base, where he was taken care of until his Pack was discovered and helped to join the Tribes. After Night made his reveal and tried to take the Tribes for his own(unaware that Scourge was doing the same for his own plans), but in a battle between the Packs(with the Timber Wolf and Black Bear Packs helping Root's Pack), Night was killed by Root. Night's Pack were also arrested under the condition that they could join Root's Pack if they truly changed their minds about following Night. Rock chose to stay as a Storm Fighter. Later, after an unknown incident(due to this story not having a set time period yet), Rock came back to visit his Pack after hearing his mother was now he mother of Root's pups, Crow and Frost(whose names are based off of the cat Crowfrost from the Warriors book series). After arriving, he hears word of a strange thing attacking the dire wolves and badly injuring them, but that the Timber Wolves and Black Bears were innocent-as the Timber Wolves were too small to wound a dire wolf that badly, and a fight with either team or the Black Bears would be heard. When Rock investigates, he finds that the culprit is the Spirit of Night, who taunts Rock, revealing the fate of the younger warrior's father Stone, who he murdered to become Root's deputy, and covered it up, blaming it on an accidental cave-in. An enraged Rock attacks Night, but the Spirit escapes, vowing to come back, and he does, attacking Rock in a storm, though Austin helps his warrior, and Night is defeated once and for all.


The Dire Wolves all speak with British accents for unknown reasons, though this may be because of their isolation.

  • Root has a voice similar to that of famous English actor Benedict Cumberbatch, known for portraying Doctor Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe(MCU), and Sherlock Holmes in the latest TV adaptation of the beloved detective.
  • Night has a voice similar to that of famous English actor Idris Elba, who has done the voice of Shere Khan in the 2016 live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book, and Chief Bogo in the smash hit 2016 animated film Zootopia, as well as portraying the Norse gatekeeper Heimdall in all of his appearances in the MCU.

It is shown in The Lost Tribe from Rock's POV that the dire wolves are confused by everyone else's way of speaking, due to being so out of touch with the modern world. This was shown when Rock was confused by not just Chaise being a wolf, but his southern accent as well. He was also confused by Cody being half wolf.

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