The spawn of food Satan himself.

Dinnic is an abomination upon mankind. An amalgamation of food combined with the DNA of Sonic, and a freaking sadist to boot. I don't even know why he was created. His entire existence is a mistake. He searches the land for people to torture and force-feed. Don't end up like this psycho, kids, or else Sonic's gonna have to beat your ass like a bully to a nerd with coke-bottle glasses.


Full name: Dinnic the Foodhog

Nickname: Dinsum

Body Composition:

  • Head: ice cream
  • Nose: sausage
  • Quills: pizza
  • Ears: cheese
  • Teeth: Jell-O
  • Body: cookie
  • Spines: chips
  • Limbs: pretzels
  • Left Hand: roast chicken
  • Right Hand: pie
  • Left Foot: banana
  • Right Foot: bread loaf
  • Tail: noodle

Clothes: ...Really?

Alignment: Evil

Likes: New victims, heavy breathing

Dislikes: Molasses, Sonic

Forms: I think regular Dinnic is enough

Hobbies: Force-feeding people, screwing around with his Jell-O teeth

Theme: Your Best Nightmare (


(NOTE: This backstory is awful and should not be taken seriously)

So some scientists tried to clone Sonic in their super secret government lab thing to find out how he goes so goddamn fast, and were almost finished, but it just so happened that someone brought in an entire buffet for lunch and had also accidentally set off a tiny explosive that some nimrod left on the floor. This somehow caused all the food to go flying off the table and end up where the Sonic DNA was, and it was about to clone in the next 5 seconds so they were screwed. 5 seconds later and out came their new psychotic monstrosity.


Being made of food, Dinnic obviously has food powers (if you can even call that a type of power). He can smack people with his pie and chicken hands, wrap them up with spaghetti, etc., etc. Do you seriously wanna know all the nitty-gritty to the powers of a being made of food? Use your imagination. I'm not explaining all of this to you.



Run, Ummmm! Run from your unwanted brother!


smol Dinnic


Never before seen first concept art of Dinnic!


  • Dinnic sometimes gets smacked in the face with his own nose.
  • People being tortured by Dinnic never once think to actually take a bite of him to kill him.
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