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Reign of Darkness

Innocence Lost

Three years after the events of Twilight Whispers, in the Prinus Village, a young Dimitri would occasionally spend most of his days brawling his older brother Lance, a teenage prodigy whose skill exceeded far above his, in order to prove to himself that hard work trumps talent. Even though they battled over hundreds of times, Lance never lost one battle. Despite having his resolve constantly trashed, Dimitri never gave in.

Young Dimitri was energetic and charisma radiated from him. It was during his childhood, before his ninth birthday, where he befriended Concordia when he saved her from tripping and Teno, who he befriended whenever his family traveled to the Radiant Hills in the midwestern part of the continent. The two Prinus echidnas were inseparable, learning about herbs, sharing dreams, and having great adventures together.

After Dimitri's ninth birthday, soon after encountering a mysterious, glowing individual talking to his grandfather Daiku in Cinnabar Forest, the Prinus Village Massacre begins to unfold. Daiku knocked Dimitri out to prevent him from entering the village and the latter has a strange dream featuring the same glowing figure, who asked him about the true meaning of strength. Unable to answer, Dimitri wakes up.

Dimitri is shocked to discover that his peaceful village is under attack. Unable to save Concordia from a gruesome demise caused by the Frost Beasts, Dimitri is almost killed as well, but Daiku saves him and flees the village before it is consumed by a powerful explosion that created a crater on its place.

Cursing himself for being powerless, a depressed Dimitri spent the next few weeks in isolation and with darkness and feelings of vengeance blooming in his heart. After being convinced that Concordia would have wanted him to protect the life she loved, Dimitri asked his grandfather to train him to become strong, the latter agreeing only if his grandson abandoned his inner darkness and for other mysterious reasons.


Spending six years in Cinnabar Forest training extensively with his grandfather, a teenage Dimitri would become the protector of the forest during his years as a disciple. Many of his antics would include protecting others from rogue factions, as he did while he befriended Cinnamon and her siblings, and developed a powerful technique in secret, inspired by the transformation of one of his childhood friends, Teno.

Upon discovering the location of the Frost Beasts, Dimitri hastily makes the decision to head to Mount Aurora to face them despite his grandfather's reluctance. The Prinus duo is more than enough to take them down, but then realize that the one behind the Frost Beasts was none other than a hedgehog named Rikai.

The Prinus duo encounter Rikai and, unable to reason with him or his ideals, Dimitri hastily faces him despite Daiku's orders for him to run away, leading the echidna to be vastly overpowered by the almighty Dark One. His grandfather steps into the fray and fights evenly with Rikai, but Dimitri refuses to run away. As a result, in order to save his grandson, Daiku pushes him away from an incoming beam of ice and is mortally wounded.

Even using his unstable Mystic transformation, his secret technique, an enraged Dimitri is unable to stop Rikai and falls from Mount Aurora, landing safely by reducing his falling speed using his powers. After another clash of ideals and almost being finished off, Dimitri is saved by a passerby by being pulled and dragged into the depths of Cinnabar Forest, narrowly escaping from the Dark One, though passing out in the process.

Formation of Team Prinus

In Oblivion of Shadows, a heavily-wounded Dimitri sleeps for weeks and has troublesome nightmares, some of which include the same glowing individual he met in his childhood telling him to find seven, multicolored gems. The echidna, despite having this dream countless times, never comprehended the message.

It is revealed that he was saved by a hedgehog named Ramonna and brought to her house in Station Square after having nowhere to go. With an empty void in his heart due to all of his people now gone, he initially does not trust her, though he later befriends the compassionate hedgehog when he used his powers to save a child from getting run over by a truck. She would regularly show him around town for him to get used to it.

Dimitri spends a few months in Ramonna's house and their bond grows stronger. He brawls with Ramonna to a standstill and tells her his story, to which she agrees to assist him if he reciprocated the effort for her own dreams, too. He secretly gets a job in the House of Lilies, a flower shop, to help his friend pay the rent and consequently works with a sassy Jasmine The two employees would bicker, but it is through the echidna's efforts the business is saved. Eventually, even Jasmine slowly starts to warm up to him.

In appreciation of their friendship, Dimitri saves up enough money to buy a necklace for Ramonna that she fancied. In The Moonlight Pledge, they would both travel to Central City to see fireworks and eventually encounter a sick orphan named Maxwell passing out on the streets, right after a huge fire occurred. Believing in the boy's potential and seeing that he had nowhere to go, they took him in.

In the epilogue, two months after the previous arc, Dimitri saves a strange child in Station Square and receives a mysterious crystal that grants him a powerful vision of Frost Beasts rampaging Radiant Hills. Ramonna later discovers that the cyan crystal was a Chaos Emerald and that, should they collect all seven, a miracle is said to occur and that it might be enough to defeat Rikai.

Upon an eager Maxwell's suggestion after their decision to hunt them, Team Prinus is officially formed.

Flames of Courage


Months after the formation of Team Prinus, in Before the Storm, Dimitri's vision of Radiant Hills being under attack soon torments him greatly as he spends his time working in the House of Lilies with Jasmine to help Ramonna pay her rent, teaching his friend Maxwell how to fight, and further developing an ultimate technique as he remained close with his Chaos Emerald. Believing to know the exact time the attack will occur, Dimitri decides that Team Prinus will travel to Radiant Hills in five days.

During this time of psychological preparation, Team Prinus would befriend Shiso, a warrior who claims to be the strongest disciple from the continent of Yurashia, after Dimitri loses a ramen-eating competition. They also befriend Arna, a delinquent that went on a terrorist rampage in Station Square that drew in attention from the Guardian Units of Nations. The day before Team Prinus' departure, Ramonna, Maxwell, Jasmine, Shiso, and Arna prepare a surprise birthday for Dimitri as he finally turns sixteen.

The Great Chaos Sandstorm Crisis

In Red Roses, Black Hearts, Dimitri and his friends Ramonna and Maxwell try to cross the Scorched Dunes, Soumerca's largest desert, in order to reach Radiant Hills. However, they are intercepted by members of the Inferno Bandits, a local terrorist organization that had the possession of the white Chaos Emerald, and witness the creation of the Great Chaos Sandstorm performed by the group's leader, Zahra, with the white Chaos Emerald's assistance.

Saved by an echidna named Tobias, Dimitri and the others notice that the sandstorm created by Zahra surrounded the entire desert and made them unable to exit it. Without a choice, alongside Tobias, Team Prinus ventures through Red Rose Town to learn more about the Inferno Bandits and their whereabouts. Soon, they engage in a direct confrontation with them as the terrorist launch a heist in the town, stealing Rainbow Dust, the desert's currency which held elemental powers. Dimitri manages to put an end to it when he faces the Inferno Bandits' own emotionless admin, Ember, in a fight and wins.

With Zahra announcing that Red Rose Town should surrender to the reemerging Sand Empire before the surrounding sandstorm consumes them all within a few days, Team Prinus visits Siam's Paradise Bar to search for more information, meeting with the owner, Siam, and his adopted daughter and main hostess, Garnet, Tobias' love interest. Upon discovering that the ones who might know the whereabouts of the Inferno Bandits, the Brotherhood of Thieves, might be at the local fighting tournament, the Blood Thorn Tournament, Team Prinus decides to participate. The brotherhood seemed to be affiliated with the terrorists.

In The Blood-Soaked Empress, under the alias of Green Thunder, Dimitri participates in the tournament alongside Ramonna. However, like the rest of his friends, he is eventually knocked out by a poison he consumed when he previously drank a beverage served by Garnet, who was later revealed to be allied with the Brotherhood of Thieves due to her brother, Ruby, being involved in it.

After being locked up in Red Rose Town's sewers with Tobias, they manage to befriend Garnet as Tobias convinces her to join them as she was violently beaten by her brother, who did not accept her attempt at entering the brotherhood. They eventually meet up with Ramonna and Maxwell, enter the Brotherhood's hideout, defeat its leader, Hourglass, and discover the location of the Inferno Bandits' hideout.

Upon reaching the hideout in the Sand Empire's starving capital, the group went their separate ways. Dimitri encounters Ember once again, now unstable and powered up as Berserk Ember. After defeating her again, Dimitri meets up with his friends as they face Zahra as she transforms into the Sand Colossus using the white Chaos Emerald. After a difficult battle, Dimitri manages to defeat the beast before she destroyed the desert. He later befriends Zahra, who then decides to atone for her actions and gives Team Prinus the white Chaos Emerald, effectively terminating the Inferno Bandits and wiping out the Great Chaos Sandstorm.

Beyond the Nightmare

In Nightmare Reborn, after departing from Red Rose Town as heroes after a huge party, Team Prinus continues their journey to Radiant Hills. As they walk there, Dimitri is increasingly worried about the fact that he does not know anything about the Chaos Emeralds and that the attack on Radiant Hills might happen at any given moment; he is determined to not allow what happened to his village to occur again elsewhere.

Arriving at Radiant Hills, Dimitri is greeted by its panthers and an old childhood friend, Teno, who by then became the leader of the Radiant Hills, and his younger brother Cusco. Wondering how come his vision seemed to be incorrect, Dimitri starts to doubt himself and decides to leave back to Station Square. Unfortunately for everyone, the events of his Dimitri's vision start to unfold shortly after anticipated, and the warriors of Radiant Hills and Team Prinus team up to fight off the invasion of Frost Beasts.

In the battle, Dimitri uses his powers to block the entrance to allow the citizens to evacuate. However, as they fought valiantly, the sheer number of Frost Beasts started to overwhelm them; the monsters all managed to regenerate themselves indefinitely. After many casualties, the Frost Beasts eventually manage to kill Teno, Dimitri's childhood friend, and incapacitate Maxwell's leg with an ice beam. Furthermore, the beasts merge into one, creating the Frost Nightmare, further making the situation worse than ever before.

Dimitri tells Ramonna to take the survivors away from the village and run away, for he would try to fight the Frost Nightmare alone using his last-resort, his Mystic transformation. Mystic Dimitri powers up and fights the giant monster, though seems to be on the losing end of the fight. After being given the two Chaos Emeralds by Ramonna, in a huge gamble, he reveals the technique he has been developing with the emeralds, the Chaos Shine, and manages to destroy the Frost Nightmare with an all-consuming laser beam.

This effectively ended the Battle of Radiant Hills and brought peace to the region once more.

Age of Heroes


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