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This is an article about Dimitri Prinus the Echidna, a character created by Chamesthehero.
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Dimitri Prinus the Echidna

Dimitri Harmonia Prinus is a sixteen-year old Prinus echidna who is gifted with the power of Telekinesis. He is the titular character of Dimitri Chronicles, a series created by Chamesthehero. Introduced within Reign of Darkness, the first installment of the series, he is among the few survivors of the Prinus Village Massacre.  

Dimitri Prinus the Echidna

Dimitri Prinus the Echidna by KetrinDarkDragon

Dimitri Prinus is the grandson of Daiku and the younger brother of Lance Prinus the Echidna. Debuting in Rise of the Mystic, the series follows his adventures with his team, Team Prinus, in the search of the Chaos Emeralds to avert the world's destruction by stopping Rikai's plans of establishing his reign of darkness.

Widely known for his collected, kind, and determined nature, Dimitri Harmonia Prinus is a compassionate fellow that seeks to better himself to cherish and protect those around him wherever he goes.

Character © to Chamesthehero/Lolcraft98/ProLuxray. In order of the usernames on Sonic Fanon Wiki, deviantART, and Youtube, respectively.

Physical Description

Dimitri Harmonia Prinus is a green-colored echidna who features visible ears on his head. Bearing his village's signature features such as the white lightning bolt marked on his chest and golden ring on his forehead, he has two stripes on his two short, frontal dreadlocks that reach his shoulders.

The stunning, unwavering green hair that flows behind him is also notably quite long; due to this feminine trait taken from his mother, he is sometimes mistaken for a woman when looked at from behind. In addition, Dimitri has two long, straight bangs of hair above his golden ring on his forehead that stick out.

While Dimitri's entire body is covered with dark green-colored fur, he has fulvous-colored skin. His encounter with his friend Ramonna led him to purchase snow-white gloves and blue-colored boots. Whenever he uses his telekinetic powers, sometimes his vivid lime-colored eyes flash turquoise.


Dimitri Harmonia Prinus is an independent, courageous, and compassionate echidna that uses the best of his abilities to protect those important to him. Considerably more serene compared to the times when he was younger, Dimitri is determined to save the world from a certain hedgehog and his willpower to do so stands at supernatural levels, which often inspires other unmotivated people around him. 


Dimitri Prinus by BabcinyPasztet

Standing with a strong sense of justice, Dimitri often acts as a mediator to his friends, and sometimes even to his enemies, as he tries to understand others' views to potentially change their hearts for the better. He can provide a good amount of insight in a variety of subjects, which makes other people think of him as trustworthy.  

Given his unusual circumstances, Dimitri had to mature earlier than other teenagers his age. Although boasting great power, he dislikes genuine conflict. He is diligent and refuses to believe talent trumps hard-work, constantly seeking to better himself.  

Retaining some of his village's relatively strange quirks compared to the etiquette of modern society, Dimitri is a curious fellow who demonstrates great interest in the world around him. Although the idealism that he has cultivated over the years can make him naive and innocent at times, it makes him friendly and accepting of other people's differences.  

Shown to greatly mourn over his former comrades, Dimitri feels haunted by their ghosts and curses himself for his inability to avert their fates. When his worst memories resurface, he can have bouts of anxiety, many of which leave him in a state of paralysis until someone can snap him out of it. His frequent nightmares make him have trouble sleeping, affecting his mental health as he rarely rests peacefully. His inability to make peace with himself is not only something he battles with every day but a topic of major concern to his friends.  

The burden of responsibility of saving the world weighs heavily upon his shoulders. Thus, Dimitri subconsciously attempts to shoulder everyone's problems alone with little concern over his well-being, sometimes pushing others away in fear of letting them be exposed to danger. As the series progresses, he gradually starts to have more faith in other people's resolve and learn that he is not alone in his journey. 

History and Appearances

Main article: Dimitri Prinus the Echidna/History


Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness

Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage

Strengths and Powers

Dimitri Harmonia Prinus is, without a doubt, a fighter that cherishes peace. Training under many skilled mentors throughout the fan-fiction, he is considered one of the strongest echidnas of his time. While has no interest in obtaining ultimate power, Dimitri seeks strength and guidance to protect those around him because of numerous promises he had made in his childhood years and his terrible experiences.

Dimitri Prinus

Dimitri Prinus by gisellephants

While this echidna does not seek violence, he indeed has faced many opponents in his life, some of which some were even much bigger and powerful than him. That said, these battles, victories or losses, still made him gain enough combat experience to improve his skills throughout his teenage years.

Dimitri believes that his ability to manipulate Chaos energy is attributed to his exposure to the Chaos Emeralds, but this remains unconfirmed.

For reasons still currently unknown, he shares a link with the Chaos Emeralds which allows him to foresee disasters related to Rikai whenever touching one for the first time and thus giving him clues where the next one he must find is. Dimitri cannot explain how this ability came to be.

Living in a community that had great contact with nature, Dimitri has a deep connection with botanic wildlife. This echidna has the practical skill of making medicinal pastes made from plants, a skill passed down from his childhood friend that used to plant herbs with him. He has since honed this ability even further.

Dimitri is a natural-born leader. He remains cautious whenever under pressure and often maintains a cool-headed demeanor to approach most problems, ensuring him better results. In addition, he uses his good judgment to spontaneously create strategies and new ways of utilizing his allies' strengths. Likewise, he acts as a mentor to some of his friends, though his methods might be a little quirky.

This echidna is a charismatic leader whose genuinely strong resolve further increases the trust other people have in his commands. His determination to succeed boosts other people's morale through speeches and by taking the initiative. Whenever in a team, Dimitri does not let his hot-blooded side manifest itself because he knows one wrong move might cost him more than just his own safety.

However, what makes Dimitri stand out as a leader is his humility; after his recklessness caused him great misfortune numerous times, he knows when to retreat whenever he knows his chances of victory are non-existent. He never considered himself the best leader, but after being appointed the leader of Team Prinus, he works hard to meet everyone's expectations by constantly refining his skills and abilities.

Much like his genius brother and grandfather, he has the aptitude for learning things faster; this skill alone helped him adapt to his new surroundings with a bunch of mundane skills.


Dimitri Harmonia Prinus is able to manipulate and alter tangible and some intangible structures using his mind alone. Naturally, this echidna is capable of holding, moving, and levitating very large structures that are within his range of vision all at once, though energy is required for the prolonged usage of this ability. 

Challenging Dimitri to an airborne battle is dangerous, for he is able to levitate and soar around the skies at incredible speeds. This echidna especially takes pride in being able to mercilessly blitz opponents with various hard-hitting combos while above ground, clearly taking advantage of his ability to pull and throw foes around. Although he can travel far really fast, his top speed is still currently unknown.


Dimitri Prinus the Echidna by ghostusami

Being a skilled telekinetic, Dimitri is able to generate psychic energy at will. The color of his aura is a beautiful shade of turquoise, which is skillfully used for offensive and defensive purposes. This aura can also be combined with Chaos energy in order to increase in power, though it becomes a lot harder to control.

Dimitri can create energy-based constructs like durable chains, numerous weapons, and deadly beams and blasts that detonate either on contact or upon command, capable of covering large areas of landscapes with powerful explosions of psychic energy that annihilate anything and everything within their vicinity.

Alternatively, the same kind of aura can be used to generate barriers to protect himself from incoming attacks or simply redirect them altogether. Since it glows considerably, it can also be used as a temporary source of light. His sheer determination and personal training allow him to become resistant to superpowers that restrict his movement and immunity to opposing psychic techniques from both other illusionists and psionics.

Although having a massive pool of energy that passively regenerates, it takes some time to do so, so Dimitri has to be constantly mindful of his usage of telekinesis; severe overuse will lead to inevitable headaches. Shown within the possession of multiple organizations, there is a kind of crystal that negates his supernatural abilities completely; negative Chaos energy also has the same neutralizing effect.

Dimitri's signature move is called Chaos Shine. Channeling the boundless Chaos energy of two or more Chaos Emeralds and combining it with his own psychic power, Dimitri shoots a massive beam of energy that shines like the sun. Given the properties of Chaos energy, it transcends the boundaries of space and time to reach the target instantaneously, piercing through the sky, outer space, and even somewhere beyond.

Although its already-immense destructive power increases according to how many Chaos Emeralds he has, utilizing the Chaos Shine is a double-edged sword. Aside from leaving Dimitri incapacitated for a considerable period of time after its use, currently, its power proves to be too unstable and powerful for him to channel within his body and harness it; doing so for too long could lead to some explosive results.

Mystic Transformation

The culmination of all his efforts throughout the series and existing strengths, this echidna has the ability to temporarily enter a powered state that forcefully augments his attributes to extraordinary levels. The name of his ultimate trump card is his Mystic transformation, a technique he is developing over the years.

Instead of utilizing his telekinesis over time and passively regenerate it like usual, this echidna uses his massive pool of energy all at once, forcefully removing all mental inhibitions to tap into his fullest potential. Without restraints holding him back, Mystic Dimitri is capable of dishing techniques on a much larger scale than during his normal state, giving him an overwhelming offensive presence on the battlefield.

Needless to mention, although Dimitri's strength is also increased, his airborne speed transcends into a whole new level, easily surpassing whatever he had before. This makes it difficult to block every single one of his attacks in time before this echidna can disintegrate the target with a psychic energy blast of his own.

While a deadly powerhouse, the current Mystic transformation has limitations. Dimitri cannot sustain the transformation for long periods of time, his stamina is consumed at a drastically faster rate, and the echidna himself cannot utilize everything properly due to its overbearing instability. This is not mentioning the terrible headaches he experiences after being forced out of the transformation which incapacitate him for a day.

Combat Knowledge

Depending on context, Dimitri's willingness to use his full power initially changes. During tournaments, where his true destructive capabilities are held back, he rarely uses the full extent of his power in consideration for the other fighter and the audience. Anywhere else, however, this Prinus echidna is much more willing to finish his fights by disarming his foe, redirecting their attacks, or spamming energy projectiles whose explosions could cover several miles in range from distances his foes cannot reach him.

Dimitri by xNuit

Dimitri by xNuit

Perhaps it is due to the concentration required to use his powers, but Dimitri keeps a cool, disciplined head whenever entering the battlefield, analyzing targets in a short period of time to exploit apparent weaknesses such as their potential lack of range, lack of flight, poor resistance to his telekinetic abilities, or slower speed.

Likewise, one of his more notable techniques is throwing his opponents out of the battle-field either by affecting them directly using his telekinesis or by levitating the part of the ground his foe is standing on, as he did in his fight with Ember.

Dimitri prefers ranged combat over close-combat and regularly maintains his distance from fighters. This, however, does not mean he cannot handle fights up-close; on the contrary, once targets are within a certain range, Dimitri has shown capable of negating their speed and telekinetically slow them down, as if they are stuck in bullet-time, for brief periods of time and strike them where they are vulnerable.

When forced to fight at close-range, this echidna prefers to use his telekinesis in combination with his regular strength to enhance it considerably. He uses his telekinesis to contradict gravity and become acrobatic, making him able to induce, for example, back-flips to regain footing. He also takes advantage of the momentum to create fast, hard-hitting combos that allow him to stand evenly against the more talented.

Although massively powerful with his telekinesis, Dimitri is mindful of the fact that he should not completely rely on it since many of his opponents in the series can outright nullify his abilities and it takes time for him to regenerate energy. Since he specializes in telekinetic combat, he has a harder time fighting foes that can resist his powers. In this case, he may use his environment to his advantage, assist his teammates, or even attempt to fight up close himself, though depending on the circumstances, the latter might be his last resort.

Creation and Development

The idea for the creation of this character dates back from the years when my former fan-fiction was still ongoing. During those peaceful days, many iconic fan characters with terrific designs emerged on the web and made me want to create an original Sonic fan character to call my own. Sadly enough, it was a recolor!

Dimitri Prinus the Echidna by Chames

Dimitri by Lolcraft98

When notified about the infamy of recolors, my desire to keep the character was originally less-than-stellar. After some thought, I realized that it was the perfect opportunity for me to show the world that a recolor could also be a great character!

The echidna's original name was "Trevis Vocunover", and he was a telekinetic echidna who came from the future to warn the protagonist of my other series about a terrible foe named Rikai that shifted the world's temperature and destroyed the world within his time. Such concepts and arc were later scrapped.

Soon after the decision of making such character independent and the star of his own fan-fiction series, a role-playing account was made based on him inside Twitter that would be kept for about two years before its eventual termination.

During this time, Dimitri met countless other characters that helped him develop. According to some, his arrival and departure from Twitter both initiated and ended the Golden Age of Sonic role-playing on the site. While his personality was different from now, I thank everyone inside Twitter for making him be where he is now!

After entering this site, Dimitri's character also developed smoothly. The whole concept of making him a 'chosen one' kind of character was a mere attempt to make the main character actually sound like a main character! As of late, he even gained a slight redesign that would make him not be a recolor. Of course, he is still being developed, though he has gotten pretty far! I hope this character never ceases to exist.

Relationships with Other Characters

Family Members

Dimitri x Ramonna

Ramonna and Dimitri by X-irus

Friends and Allies


Fun Facts

Dragon Ball Z- BT3 OST ‒ Edge of Spirit

Dragon Ball Z- BT3 OST ‒ Edge of Spirit

Dimitri Prinus the Echidna's theme.

  • Prinus is pronounced pry-nuhs, not pree-nuhs.
  • Dimitri's second name, Harmonia, follows a trend of names meaning 'harmony' and 'peace' within the Prinus Clan, just like Concordia.
    • The name Harmonia was based on a character that had the same second name: Natural Harmonia Gropius from Pokémon.
  • Dimitri is a disaster in the kitchen, no matter how hard he tries.
    • Alternatively, he does have a massive appetite.
  • Whenever there is a power outage in Station Square, Dimitri is always the go-to guy for his friends.
    • His psychic energy glows turquoise, so the echidna can become a temporary source of light.
      • To mess with him, Ramonna sometimes ironically calls him "Dim", which means either not very intelligent or, in this case, something that does not bring light.
  • If Dimitri was in the universe of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, his best skill would be Alteration.
  • Dimitri's best feat with his telekinesis in his base form so far was temporarily stopping the Chaos Plasma, an attack that would vaporize an entire desert. This occurs in The Blood-Soaked Empress.
  • Some of Dimitri's hobbies include star-gazing, watering flowers, folding origami, and reading.
    • Origami was something Daiku introduced him to in order to refine Dimitri's abilities.
  • If Dimitri could learn to play an instrument, it would be an ocarina, in honor of his grandfather.
  • Dimitri has been mistaken as a woman more than once because of his long hair.
    • This sparks a sharp contrast with Ramonna's short hair.
  • Dimitri has been featured in the Sonic Amino's first issue of its staff-led magazine.
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