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Concordia Prinus the Echidna

The episode summaries of Rise of the Mystic, the second story-arc in Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness. Following the events of Twilight Whispers, this arc follows the perspective of an eight-year-old tribal Prinus echidna named Dimitri and his adventures throughout his seemingly peaceful life...

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Episode Summaries

Episode Thirteen: Rise of the Mystic

The episode commences in northwestern Soumerca, introducing the vast and beautiful environments of a subtropical region simply known as Cinnabar Forest. Named after its vermilion-colored trees, it is possibly one of the most beautiful forests inside the entire planet Mobius itself. During a chilly evening, under the orange skies, an elderly green echidna is seen silently meditating.

The silence is soon broken by a loud indigo-colored thunderstorm that could be heard from the southwestern region of the same continent. Shaken by the noise and the sudden release of negative Chaos energy, his concentration is broken and makes the echidna ask the gods what is going on...

The episode follows about two years later and introduces Dimitri Harmonia Prinus, otherwise known as Dimitri Prinus the Echidna, a common telekinetic green child echidna that lives a warm technologically-tribal village in northwestern Soumerca known as the Prinus Clan. Living within his village throughout his whole eight-year-old life, he appears to be a jolly and curious fellow that lives with his small, kind family of green echidnas.

While running towards his wanted destination, Dimitri witnesses a female echidna about his age having difficulties holding numerous large vases, all filled with various herbal plants. She wears an uncanny straw hat. The female echidna, not knowing where she is going, suddenly trips on a small rock and falls.

Making use of his clever mind, Dimitri immediately stops running and, using his hands, summons a mystical turquoise-aura to use his psychic powers to hold the various vases and the clumsy female echidna in the air. Claiming that it was a close one, the eight-year-old male echidna effectively saves her from trouble!

Instinctively, the social male echidna with light green-colored eyes attempts to strike a conversation with her and introduces himself with a smile. Hiding her face within her flowered straw hat in embarrassment, however, the timid female echidna levitates the vases around her and quickly flies away.

Dumbfounded by the sudden unexpected response, Dimitri wonders the reason she was so embarrassed. Continuing to head on towards his wanted destination, he thinks to himself that he is incredibly late to the special meeting he had appointed with the so-called most talented and sharpest warrior of his village.

He eventually enters his desired location: a barren land beyond his village's tipis. The episode concludes itself as Dimitri, eager to showcase his abilities and defeated the one he always admired, identifies a certain familiar teenage echidna standing there. Hot-bloodily, the child eagerly calls his older brother out!

Episode Fourteen: Rise of the Mystic II

The episode commences in the aftermath of the grand and one-sided battle of eight-year old Dimitri Harmonia Prinus and his older brother. A battle filled with turquoise-colored psychic techniques, the younger brother really outdid himself in the match and used everything he had learned so far to win!

However, the battle's one-sided result was inevitable; Lance Harmonia Prinus, otherwise known as Lance Prinus the Echidna, did not even move and effortlessly overwhelmed Dimitri, taking his grand two-hundredth win. Upon leaving his brother hurt on the ground, Lance simply sighed and questioned his brother's motives.

Lance states that Dimitri's one-sided rivalry with him is visibly fruitless and tiresome; they had battled over two hundred times and the younger brother never won once. Furthermore, he continues by stating that, no matter how hard he tried, Dimitri would never be able to surpass him because it was a simple matter of talent!

Heavily beaten on the ground, Dimitri continues to smile and simply remarks that Lance should not get too confident since he merely caught him off-guard that time and is sure to beat him in the next after practicing harder. Sighing and mumbling once more, the older brother leaves the scene without helping his brother out.

After countless failed attempts of standing once more, Dimitri sighs as he wonders how he is getting back home with all of those bruises. Suddenly, the female echidna from before, who watched all of the matches secretly, reveals herself from the shadows and bashfully offers him a red-colored herb.

Dimitri consumes the herb, and is miraculously healed! The female echidna, chuckling due to Dimitri's excitement, introduces herself as Concordia Prinus the Echidna. She hailed from a herbalist family that cultivated herbs; the village's most dependable medicine that came from the forest.

Furthermore, Concordia also tells him that she watched his brawl against his brother and slightly scolds him. When Dimitri is about to mumble, bashfully hiding her face in her straw hat while blushing, she compliments the echidna's coolness, offers him a small red bud, wondering if they could be friends.

The episode concludes itself featuring an elderly echidna resting behind a trunk nearby. Overhearing the children's conversation, he chuckles and claims that he does not even need to use his emotion-reading powers to see the true intentions of young Concordia's advances on Dimitri... and that he would do anything in his power to cherish these peaceful times before it was too late.

Episode Fifteen: Rise of the Mystic III

The episode commences two months after the events of the previous episode. By then, Dimitri Harmonia Prinus had recently celebrated his own birthday and became nine the same year. To celebrate his special day, his entire family threw a small party inside his little, but cozy tipi. Everything was simply marvelous!

Planting the bud given to him by Concordia two months ago, Dimitri had begun cultivating his own personal herbal garden plantation around his house; he had spent much of his time around his newest female friend and greatly appreciated her assistance in his garden and profound knowledge about herbs and plants.

In a single evening colder than usual, Dimitri is asked by his kind mother to find his eccentric grandfather, Daiku Prinus the Echidna, who is likely to be sleeping somewhere else in the surrounding vermilion-colored Cinnabar Forest again; something usual for such apparently feeble elder.

Dimitri would always hear stories about how Daiku is the strongest echidna inside the village and very important but, due to his grandfather's eccentric and weird antics, he never really believed them.

Upon reaching the forest using his levitation abilities, the echidna overhears his grandfather talking to a strange person whose figure was masked by a bright light that radiated from it. The bright figure claims that the Twilight Shard has returned and that the "mystic hero" should rise against it just as foretold before it is too late.

Daiku Prinus, visibly angered and outraged, claims that such "hero" the figure mentioned is merely a small child and deserves to spend his life with the ones he loves in peace; the elder would rather fight on his behalf! Such mysterious conversation makes silent, young Dimitri confused and failing to understand what is going on.

The mysterious figure continues by saying that, for the "hero" to gain enough power, she needed the assistance of one of the strongest warriors she knew to train and guide him since his life would not be easy.

Dimitri, curious as to what they were discussing, attempts to ask them what was going on. In that exact moment, the mysterious figure instead fades. The nine-year old Mobian, dumbfounded, calls out his own grandpa as the latter holds his grandson's shoulders in desperation and asks him what is he doing there.

Suddenly, the Prinus echidna duo both hear a large thunder crashing nearby!

Alarmed, they both notice that their village was under a heavy winter storm; an uncanny indigo-colored cloud emerged from nothingness stormed everything there and clouded the full-moon. The episode concludes itself as Dimitri's grandfather, Daiku, with his eyes widened in horror, states that "it" has already begun.

Episode Sixteen: Rise of the Mystic IV

The episode commences in the aftermath of the previous episode. With the rise of the strange, uncanny indigo-colored cloud that emerged from nothingness, the eldest of the two echidnas shudders in anguish and fear; an expression that young Dimitri never expected to see from his calm, eccentric grandfather!

Daiku holds his ground and charges a turquoise-colored telekinetic aura around him, exclaiming to his grandson to stay hidden since he might not come back alive. With Dimitri worried and confused, as he was about to ask what was going on, his grandfather skillfully punches him in the gut, knocking him out cold.

The eldest of the two echidnas then proceeds to hide his grandson within the vermilion-colored bushes while apologizing. After that, Daiku uses his powers to follow a trail of negative Chaos energy towards his village!


Meanwhile, within the fainted young echidna's subconscious, Dimitri Harmonia Prinus finds himself standing on an empty room that resembles a vast oblivion of nothingness. As he wanders around the mysterious room, the green echidna expresses confusion as he fails realize where he stands: his own conscious mind!

Suddenly, from the black ground, golden flames started to emerge and begin to form a strange silhouette that resembled a small female Mobian echidna that radiated strong beams of light; Dimitri recognizes the echidna as the strange figure whom his grandfather was talking with and suddenly vanished!

However, when he glanced at the golden flames, Dimitri holds his head with his two hands as he gains a powerful headache. Such a headache transforms itself into strange and somber visions of his village and strange civilization he had never seen before be annihilated by strange figures that resembled Mobian wolves...

With the sinister visions ending smoothly, Dimitri falls to his knees, overwhelmed, scared, and confused!

The strange small echidna then speaks and advises Dimitri to stay hidden like his grandfather told him to since such scenes of blood and gore would not reach him that way. Regaining his composure, the telekinetic male claims that he cannot stay since he needs to save his people and find out what is going on and it would fine because he was always training with his brother and was, according to himself, considerably strong.

The strange echidna, upon hearing such answer, folds her arms. Interested in his naive determination, she asks him for what reason he sought strength and was strong. After a long pause, young Dimitri is unable to answer such question and levitates away from the shining figure, concerned about his village and friends...

Suddenly, Dimitri's dream ends. The episode concludes itself when he wakes up on the ground without having a single second to waste, and hurrying back to his village, somewhat forgetting about his strange dream.

Episode Seventeen: Rise of the Mystic V

The episode commences with, under the indigo-colored cloudy skies, a worried Dimitri Harmonia Prinus rapidly levitating towards his village while crossing the Cinnabar Forest. For his grandfather to go as far as knocking him out to prevent him from following him, the curious child just needed to find out what was going on.

Eventually, Dimitri Prinus the Echidna reaches his village, only to gasp in horror. He sees many echidnas he knew running around in desperation and being impaled by sudden beams of ice that trailed them from behind; such beams of ice were generated by strange cyan-colored figures that resembled identical Mobian wolves.

Horrified at the scenes as the wolf-looking figures with tridents massacres his neighbors and destroys their houses, Dimitri runs towards his house to find his family. As he rushes towards it, the helpless echidna uses his powers to perfectly dodge the upcoming ice beams sent towards him.

Suddenly, the nine-year old telekinetic reaches Concordia's house in his way and sees her entire herb plantation frozen and destroyed. As Dimitri enters her abandoned house screaming her name, he sees Concordia driven back into a corner inside her living room, scared of the opposing cyan-colored wolf figure. She held a small, brown-colored leather bag on her hands that she attempted to protect at all costs.

Dimitri jumps at the scene to save his friend and attempts to use his telekinetic powers to crush the wolf. Instead of breaking and whimpering like a normal Mobian, the wolf figure only slightly shatters!

Dumbfounded because of the lack of strength of his telekinetic power, it was the first time Dimitri truly felt worthless and afraid. The wolf figure, seemingly unfazed, simply punches him and sends him flying across the living room as it proceeds to impale Concordia's chest with an ice beam generated by its trident.

As the wolf suddenly leaves and barely conscious, Dimitri hurries towards his mortally-wounded female friend that laid down on the ground beside him and kneels down. The male echidna, with tears on his eyes, implores Concordia to forgive his lack of strength and for her not to leave him alone!

On the ground, Concordia uses her remaining strength to claim that she did not feel afraid anymore because her only friend stood up for her and that he should use such strength to protect the life she loved. As she used her right hand to caress a crying Dimitri's head, she gives him her small leather bag before closing her eyes.

After understanding what just happened, nine-year old Dimitri begins to wail loudly and scream his friend's name in disbelief. Suddenly, this loud wailing leads someone to appear and grab him from behind!

Ignoring his grandson's pleads of leaving him there with his friend, the person revealed to be Daiku himself! With having time to waste, he tells Dimitri that they do not have much time left and needed to escape. Overwhelmed and barely conscious, Dimitri is dragged with him out of the village and into Cinnabar Forest.

The episode concludes itself as Dimitri, while on his grandfather's arms, witnesses a dark figure levitating on the sky generating a fierce cyan-colored explosion that consumed the entire Prinus Clan. As he watches his village get evaporated, tired and too overwhelmed, he finally falls unconscious.

Episode Eighteen: Rise of the Mystic VI

The episode commences with a flashback. It shows numerous fun and exciting memories of Dimitri Harmonia Prinus and his seemingly peaceful life. Ranging from his herb cultivation times with his friend Concordia to his fearsome battles to prove himself to his handsome and genius brother Lance and others, all were precious!

Within a certain memory, Dimitri and Concordia are seen hanging out in Cinnabar Forest at dusk; the forest's vermilion-colored trees glowed as the night descended upon Mobius. As both children were conversing merrily, the female timidly holds Dimitri's hands and claims that she wanted to show him something cool.

Concordia and Dimitri levitate together within Cinnabar Forest and eventually reach the highest point of one of its highest trees found. Suddenly, they spot the beautiful deep blue-colored sky filled with many constellations! They had never felt so much ease within their hearts, and wanted that moment to last forever...

Suddenly, the flashback makes a transition to the present.

The episode supersedes the annihilation of the civilization of the Prinus, following some weeks after. Surprisingly, the forest around it was barely affected by the explosion, though the same could not be said to the once-powerful Prinus Clan; the group of telekinetic echidnas that was dishearteningly reduced to shambles...

In the deepest regions of the forest, a worried Daiku Prinus could be seen attempting to find his young grandson that suddenly disappeared, levitating around the trees. Using his astute powers of emotion-reading, however, he is able to sense an intense melancholic aura coming from a certain tree trunk!

Inside the hollow, massive tree trunk beneath its vermilion-colored leaves, a traumatized nine-year old Dimitri could be seen performing the fetal position, holding the small closed leather bag his deceased friend gave him.

However, from the look of his eyes, one could easily notice that he is different from before. The traumatizing events of the supposed deceasing of his family and friends greatly left him shocked to the point of mental shutdown from a harsher reality; he thoroughly blamed himself and his lack of strength for everyone's death!

Dimitri's former mellow personality transformed during these weeks which felt like months. Despite having almost everything taken in front of his eyes, the echidna knew what he needs to do: search for answers and find the ones responsible for his melancholy: the trident-wielding wolves and that levitating figure he saw!

Eventually, his grandfather finds him and engages his grandson into a conversation. After initially lashing out onto Daiku and holding him responsible for leaving Concordia behind, Dimitri starts to break down in tears as he realizes how irrational he sounds and truthfully asks if all his good memories were all meaningless now.

Upon hearing such question, Daiku suddenly slaps his grandson's cheek and makes a long silence ensue!

Daiku breaks the silence after pointing out to a shocked Dimitri that his good memories were meant to be treasured and most certainly were not meaningless. Upon hearing such words, Dimitri holds his head and kneels down as he begins remembering the good times he had with his friends and family all those years.

Inside the same day at dusk, after thanking his grandfather for knocking some sense unto him, the nine-year-old proceeds to open the mysterious leather bag that Concordia vowed to protect from the cyan-colored wolf figure, revealing many small seeds. Dimitri now understands what his friend's last words meant!

Having gained a new sense of purpose and determination, the echidna successfully abandoned his former blood-lust and vowed to himself under the starry skies to find out what was going on.

Soon after, the nine-year old finds his grandfather Daiku, who was serenely playing a wooden ocarina and requests him to make him his disciple. Although his grandfather initially shows some resistance, Daiku does not even need to use his emotion-reading powers to sense Dimitri's overflowing determination and good intentions and agrees to do so, on the condition that his grandson would use his powers and skills for good!

Following some hours afterward as his beloved Dimitri was asleep while looking at the full moon, the episode concludes itself when elderly echidna sighs deeply and wonders what did such goddess he talked to had in mind. Nevertheless, Daiku mentions that he was going to trust her and her mysterious plans for now...

Episode Nineteen: Rise of the Mystic VII

The episode commences with a glimpse of Cinnabar Forest's cinnabar-colored leaves... the forest still remained beautiful after those six years that succeeded the terrible annihilation of the Prinus civilization. While a large, circular barren crater still resided where the mighty village once stood, flowers blossomed around it!

The episode introduces a new location, hidden inside the heart of Cinnabar Forest. Since it was autumn, many of their leaves were left in sizable amounts around the region. In there, a small wooden shack resided in peace under the large trees that surrounded it; it was where a jolly family of normal Mobian lynxes lived!

Inside the shack, the motherly sister known as Cinnamon the Lynx is preparing something eatable for her two younger siblings who were merrily playing outside. She uses many fresh ingredients her brothers helped gather around the forest that same evening, though she worries about the excessive amount she has made.

Meanwhile, outside, Salt attempts to hide from his little sister, Pepper, inside the large mounts of leaves. Due to the former's ignorance to his visible tail and clumsiness, the youngest sister finds her brother with ease and merrily calls him out, much to Salt's dismay. Cinnamon happily watches her siblings from her kitchen's window and brightly smiles until she spots something unpleasant...

Suddenly, around the tall trees that surrounded the shack, an entire horde Mobian chimpanzees that wore golden-colored accessories and hold silver-colored poles appear. In the middle, their supposed leader, the one chimpanzee that wore a small crown, resided and began snickering, calling out the children!

Cinnamon, in instinct, hurries outside using her feline speed and holds her siblings behind her, aggressively demanding the chimp's identities to themselves and what did they want. The chimpanzee horde, all snickering above the tree branches, claim that they are the Chimp Force, an infamous group of deadly rogue chimps!

While Chimp Force's sizable and ferocious leader demands everything the family of lynxes and her family had or else there would be severe consequences, Cinnamon tells her siblings to close her eyes and get inside the study shack as she radiates a powerful flash of light around her, revealing her light-based powers!

The light briefly blinds most of the chimpanzees, but due to Salt tripping as he ran, there is not enough time for them to escape. As Cinnamon kneels down at the ground to due fatigue, the Chimp Force's leader sends out some of his minions to descend and punish the lynxes indiscriminately while laughing...

As motherly Cinnamon lowered her head and closed her eyes, in an instant, however, the minions that were descending from the tall trees suddenly glow a faint turquoise aura and stop in mid-air, as if frozen in time!

"This is far enough. I'm not going to let you harm these people!"

The episode concludes itself as someone familiar shows his back to the lynxes and courageously faces the Chimp Force, exclaiming such bold words. Surprised and irritated, as the Chimp Force's leader demands the mysterious person's identity and as the latter flips his hair, a grown-up Dimitri Prinus the Echidna is introduced!

Episode Twenty: Rise of the Mystic VIII

The episode commences with the re-introduction of the now fifteen-year-old green echidna. Firmly standing with a taller, more handsome figure with long, unwavering hair, green-colored Dimitri's eyes radiated a beautiful turquoise-colored color because of the telekinetic hold he is using on the chimpanzees!

As the green echidna throws them not so far away, he turns to an awestruck Cinnamon and asks her if her siblings and she were hurt anymore, his eyes becoming light-green. He offers her a small plate filled with red-colored herb paste that eventually miraculously heals them all completely and tells them to stay behind him.

Dimitri turns to the chimpanzees and demands for them to leave the lynxes alone. Aggravated by the teenager's insolence, the Chimp Force's leader orders many of his minions to attack the echidna from all directions at the same time, boldly stating that everyone he would not leave unscathed!

The echidna, with a serious look on his light-green colored eyes, takes a deep breath and cautiously observed the minions' moments as they held their hardy silver-colored battering poles. As he uses his telekinetic powers, his eyes radiate a turquoise color once more and all of the poles start to bend until they start to break!

Seeing that their weapons were somehow nullified, many of the rogue chimpanzees are frightened and hesitate... all except for one in particular: the leader of the Chimp Force himself! The large primate, enraged by his minions' lack of spine, jumps into the fray without hesitation and engages Dimitri in close-ranged combat.

While the large primate throws a deadly punch, the echidna rapidly generates a telekinetic barrier that protects the lynxes and himself from harm. Dimitri then claims that Cinnamon must use her light-based powers to shift the light particles to make her siblings invisible and get somewhere safe because the barrier would not last!

Remembering she could do that, Cinnamon promptly obeys the mysterious echidna and, along with her awestruck siblings, suddenly vanishes from view and distances themselves from the battle.

Eventually shattering the telekinetic barrier, the leader of the Chimp Force becomes enraged. He begins throwing powerful punches that shake the ground down at the shorter but nimble echidna, but none manage to hit him because the echidna briefly analyzes and takes advantage of his the primate's low speed and agility overall, reading his movements like a book. His analytic prowess is introduced!

Once the leader of the Chimp Force was about to strike him in the face and gets inside a certain range, Dimitri uses his mind powers to make the primate move as if time was slowed down significantly!

Suddenly, the echidna summons his psychic energy. The mind power, in the form of a beautiful aura and glows delightfully, surrounds Dimitri as everyone present watched in awe; the aura looks as if it dances around him! The aura surrounds his palm and generates an energy sphere, that then detonates as Dimitri places it on the primate's chest, sending the latter flying and crashing violently into a tree, shaking the ground on impact!

With their leader seemingly defeated, the remaining members of the Chimp Force trembled. As fifteen-year-old Dimitri, with his green eyes slightly radiating a cyan coloration, warns them to never steal and harm others again, they desperately flee from his sight. The small lynxes, now visible, cheer for their savior.

Dimitri Harmonia Prinus, slightly panting due to the stamina consumption of his mind attacks, turns to the lynxes with his hair flowing behind him and finally smiles in satisfaction, claiming that they would not come back. After an appalled Cinnamon, kneeling, inquires Dimitri the reason he saved them, Dimitri simply asks her what good is power if you cannot save those that need saving, and promptly helps her up with a friendly grin!

The episode concludes itself with the echidna turned to the lynxes, engaging with them in a lighthearted conversation. While a blushing Cinnamon is still mostly lost for words, her siblings continue to cheer for him. What Dimitri did not notice, however, was that the large primate is not knocked-out and maliciously threw a silent, but powerful punch down at him when his back is turned...

Episode Twenty-One: Rise of the Mystic IX

The episode commences few moments before the events of the previous one. It opens up with the two Prinus echidnas, Dimitri and Daiku, sparring inside vermilion-colored Cinnabar Forest. They both take advantage of their powerful telekinetic abilities without harming the environment around them. It was a very frequent scene!

Dimitri Harmonia Prinus, now fifteen, trained with his grandfather for many years inside the forest. In the search for answers and the one responsible for the annihilation of the Prinus civilization, Dimitri spent much of his time honing his telekinetic abilities, combat skills, botanic knowledge for using herbs, and much more. That said, it would not be far off to claim that he is undoubtedly a powerful fighter now, unlike in his childhood!

During the sparring, Dimitri's immunity to opposing psychic abilities is introduced. Even still, he could not underestimate his master's combat skills, which he believed greatly surpassed his own genius brother! Eventually, the match reaches a draw when Daiku tells his grandson that it was enough for now.

Youthful, Dimitri Harmonia Prinus did not feel tired after the conclusion of his match. Instead, he was greatly satisfied with the result of his training, though his grandfather occasionally told him not to get overconfident because his grandson was still far weaker than he was... This motivational lie always drove Dimitri forward!

Noticing that their reserve of green, yellow, and red-colored medicinal herbs depleted, Dimitri offered himself to gather some more in the heart of Cinnabar Forest, a place abundant with them. Although Daiku did not physically age anymore due to pampering with his cells telekinetically, he was tired, so he happily agreed.

Daiku, resting on the ground and caressing a nearby Mobini wild creature on its soft head, reflects that he never told Dimitri what the goddess Aurora had told him many years prior... and thought that maybe it was time...

The episode makes a transition to many hours following Dimitri's departure to gather herbs. As he was spending too much time for comfort, Daiku begins to get worried about his fifteen-year-old grandson and begins levitating to look for him in the deepest regions of Cinnabar Forest. Something must have happened!

While wandering and asking the Mobini around him for information, he witnesses hordes of frightened chimpanzees, the so-called Chimp Force, fleeing from the area by using vines. Initially, he wonders the reason the spineless chimps looked as if they saw a ghost, but quickly realized his grandson might be in danger!

Eventually, Daiku reaches Cinnamon's shack and spots his grandson with the lynxes. What he also sees is a large primate, the malicious leader of the chimpanzees he saw fleeing, silently charging towards Dimitri silently. Seeing that his grandson is completely distracted, he uses his telekinesis to hold the primate's punch...

As Daiku mentions that the primate should pick on someone his own size and that Dimitri should, most definitely not get careless and show his back towards his opponents, the tired fifteen-year-old echidna and the others notice him. The elder then throws the primate very far away from there... too far away for comfort.

The episode then makes a transition and follows two hours after.

Almost everyone is seen eating at a small table inside the wooden shack, happily and laughing together. The Grateful for the echidnas' successful efforts in expelling the primates and having made too much food, Cinnamon invited the heroes to her house and eat dinner with her family. Her food was sour but delicious!

While the felines eat peacefully and peacefully, in contrast, the two Prinus echidnas both ravish their wooden plates with their abnormally large appetite. Apparently, the Prinus Clan members' natural fast metabolism made their stomachs grumble after fighting. Cinnamon could be seen in the kitchen, happily preparing them thirds.

Cinnamon's younger siblings, Salt and Pepper, were still very interested in the teenager's abnormal strengths. When they curiously ask how come the echidna only dodged the punches from the large primate if he was easily capable of sending him flying, Dimitri states that his close-combat skills are still severely lacking since he focused on his mind power for so long, but he assures them that, through hard work, anything is possible!

As Dimitri Prinus explains to the lynxes that they were the only ones that survived the annihilation of their village and trained for many years to become strong enough to search for answers but still had no luck finding clues about the one responsible for it all, Cinnamon mentions that she saw an uncanny indigo-colored clouds strangely harboring the peaks of Mount Aurora, the second tallest mountain on the continent!

While a silence ensues and the wind could be heard in the distance, Dimitri reminds himself of the purple clouds that were beneath the skies when he failed to save his friend and everything was destroyed!

Seeing that his grandson is feeling tense, the elder pats Dimitri on the back, making the teenage take a deep breath that calms him down. Dimitri thanks Cinnamon for everything and, with his grandfather, leaves her house... but not before she pats him on the head and tells him that he is always welcome in her house!

The episode makes a transition follows some hours later. The clouds that harbored the skies that day were pitch-black; it was not long before heavy rain fell upon the vermilion-colored trees below. At this point, however, Dimitri and Daiku safely made it to their own shelter inside Cinnabar Forest's largest trees.

After a heated argument with his grandfather, fifteen-year-old Dimitri manages to convince him for them both to head towards Mount Aurora first thing in the morning and find the answers they were looking for all this time. It was the moment Dimitri waited for so long and trained for all those years!

When Daiku is about to tell Dimitri something that he should have told long ago, he stutters and decides to remain silent; he believes that giving his grandson such knowledge would be unnecessarily burdensome if they managed to set things right. As he looks to the full-moon and sighs, the episode concludes itself soon after...

Episode Twenty-Two: Rise of the Mystic X

The episode commences the day after, with a beautiful view of a familiar snow-covered mountain range. Because of a strange ominous presence within the depths of Mount Aurora, an indigo-colored hailstorm remains strong upon the mountain's peak and sounds seemingly endless. Something was going on there.

Dimitri and his grandfather, using their telekinetic abilities to levitate above the clouds, follow the large trail of airborne negative Chaos energy. The fifteen-year-old shudders when he comes in contact with it, states that he remembers this amount of negativity all too well; this only makes him more curious and eager, however!

On the other hand, the elderly echidna claims that he has a bad feeling about their current situation and keeps whispering something while looking at the skies as if talking to someone else. Daiku frequently did that and, while Dimitri did not mind, he always wanted to know who his grandfather was truly talking to...

Eventually, following such trail of negativity, the echidna duo land and reach the entrance of a dark cavern in the middle of the second tallest mountain. Much like Dimitri exclaims, there is no turning back now!

The maze-like cavern is freezing cold. Since it is pitch-black, Dimitri gathers enough turquoise-colored psychic energy to create a small orb on his hand that glows brightly and illuminates their path. The duo walked slowly between the shadowy tunnels, on-guard and sharply aware of their surroundings.

Suddenly, the echidna duo hears strange noises coming from an upcoming vast room that is filled with negativity that, somehow, makes Dimitri's psychic powers lessen. Hiding, Daiku mentions and reveals that negative Chaos energy lessens psychic powers significantly, so they ought to be careful.

In the vast room, Dimitri spots hordes and hordes of familiar creatures that he saw in his nightmares ever since the annihilation of his civilization: Lifeless husks that resemble crystal-like and transparent Mobian wolves that held tridents, the Frost Beasts are officially introduced. Dimitri knows them all too well!

Without hesitation, the serious and silent fifteen-year-old initiates his combat with them by gathering a large amount of psychic energy on his hands as his green eyes flash turquoise.

"I've waited so long for this moment!"

Dimitri, now aware that his powers will not have too much effect on them, takes a deep breath and concentrates. He pulls the ceiling into the Frost Beasts, crushing most of the monsters in the process. As the remaining creatures retaliate with sudden freezing beams generated from their tridents, Daiku protects his grandson by redirecting the ice beams towards the Frost Beasts themselves!

Just as Dimitri noticed six years prior, the Frost Beasts are somehow made of some sort of crystal, so many of their limbs shatter and fall off because of the damage taken, though they suddenly regenerate. Back-to-back, the Prinus duo uses their telekinetic abilities to take the creatures down.

After a long, decisive battle that made the echidnas somewhat tired, the Frost Beasts are eventually defeated; Dimitri's arduous training showed marvelous results. Regaining his breath, Dimitri says in his head that he did not even have to use his secret technique he was developing over previous months...

Even though the dark vast room was almost completely destroyed, the echidnas were barely bruised! While Dimitri is very happy that the ones that annihilated his village were defeated, Daiku remains tense; the battle was too easy for comfort and they did not get the answers they sought. Something was off...

The episode concludes itself when both Dimitri and Daiku immediately shudder as they sense an even more intense negative Chaos energy trail that surges from another dark tunnel and completely nullifies Dimitri's light produced by his powers. As the alarmed fifteen-year-old wonders what is going on, Daiku successfully points out that the one they actually sought still might be out there deeper in the cave...

Episode Twenty-Three: Rise of the Mystic XI

The episode commences with a flashback. It features Dimitri and Concordia as children, playing around the garden that the latter's family used to possess. Playing around the herbs plantations, Dimitri notices that his friend is not cultivating a medicinal plant like usual but a small flower, and quickly points it out!

Caught off-guard, Concordia begins to flail but does not attempt to hide the small flower like she used to. Instead, taking a deep breath, she begins explaining that it has been her life-long dream to fill her entire village with beautiful flowers because they truly comforted lonely people; she was a prominent example...

Dimitri becomes amazed since he truly sees his friend's determination in her eyes! As the curious male echidna asks her why would she go as far to sacrifice her own free-time for others, Concordia simply mentions:

"No one deserves to feel alone!"

The episode then effectively makes a transition to the present, but to a mysterious, but familiar figure...

Following the downfall of his minions, the mysterious figure that initiated the annihilation of the Prinus civilization by sending his icy creatures there could be seen sitting on his throne, contemplating...

He, who wields ever-growing dark strengths that increased by the absorption of the negative emotions of the population around the world, radiated a large amount of negative Chaos energy subconsciously. He is disappointed to see that there were people that were able to defeat his minions, and was surprised to see that he failed to fully exterminate the Prinus civilization and they were much stronger than before!

However, among the duo, there was one person Rikai is most interested about. For some reason, the hedgehog instinctively shudders at his presence, though he did not know the reason why...

"It's just as foretold in mother's book... No matter. This could be an interesting turn of events."

Following the events of the previous episode, the Prinus duo shudders as they sense an ominous energy from a deeper location inside Mount Aurora's peak. As Daiku points out that the one that they might have been looking for is still lurking inside the mountain, they both venture into the dark tunnels once more...

Eventually, the Prinus duo reaches a vast, open location in the middle of the mountain where snow and a mysterious cyan-colored crystal castle could be seen. Intimidated, but curious at the same time, Dimitri and Daiku cannot help it but be impressed by such view. Regardless, they follow the trail of negative Chaos energy until they reach the entrance of the unknown castle to see who is inside...

Within a wide, empty room where the stars could be seen from above, a familiar turquoise-colored hedgehog sits on an icy throne. Radiating a large amount of negative Chaos energy, Rikai is re-introduced!

About eight years since he clashed with the Twilight Shard and absorbed its powers, the hedgehog did not physically age at all and his ambitions remained stronger than ever. One could only wonder what kinds of secret atrocities he has been doing over the years because he is much stronger than he was before...

While Daiku flinches upon making eye contact with the hedgehog, entirely on his guard, an enraged Dimitri ignores his fearsome aura and demands the hedgehog his identity and answers. As the hedgehog introduces himself as the future king of an eventual reign of darkness and claims that the strong opposition needed to be eradicated for the betterment of the world, Daiku uses his emphatic powers to discover his true ambitions...

"...You're simply lonely, aren't you?"

Rikai, bewildered and awestruck for a moment, soon gets visibly angry at the elder's claim...

However, the fifteen-year-old feels things differently and does not care. After an eventual clash of ideals and arguing with the hedgehog, trembling with wrath and his psychic aura flashing, Dimitri questions Rikai's motives, claims that Rikai is merely insane, and that his plans are coming to an end, there and now!

Entertained, the hedgehog begins laughing manically and charging his own negative Chaos energy aura, causing the ground to shake. The hedgehog mentions that all that opposed him suffered the same fate and had their figures used by his own minions; according to him, he is not insane but enlightened!

Despite his grandfather's warning and pleas to fall back because Rikai's power is too great, Dimitri attempts to engage Rikai into combat. The teenager's powers, however, prove to be completely ineffective against negative Chaos energy and he is easily trashed by the hedgehog who bears almost godly strength and speed!

Revealing his own true power, however, the elder attempts to protects his grandson by attempting to take on the hedgehog himself. With everyone battling while levitating under the night starry skies, Dimitri is amazed to see that Daiku is seemingly holding his own against the all-powerful Rikai the Hedgehog!

Dimitri notices that, despite all of his grandfather's attacks, the villainous hedgehog remained unfazed. Rikai's invulnerability to damage from beings that have less power than him is introduced!

Fighting an entertained and surprised Rikai as the latter holds back significantly, Daiku exclaims for his grandson to escape while he has the chance since they cannot win. Dimitri refuses since he wants to help!

Laughing even more, the hedgehog immediately throws Daiku away and charges an ice beam made of negative energy towards the fifteen-year-old, shooting it from his palm. It was too late for a tired Dimitri to realize that he could not redirect such attack. Should it connect, it would mean Dimitri Prinus' doom...

Using the last of his remaining strength, to prevent the death of his loved one, the episode concludes itself when Dimitri's grandfather does something Rikai could not comprehend at first: the elderly echidna pushes his grandson away from the ice beam at the last moment, but gets impaled and mortally wounded instead.

Episode Twenty-Four: Rise of the Mystic (FINALE)

The episode commences few moments after the events of the previous one. By pushing his grandson away from the deadly ice beam shot by the hedgehog, the elderly echidna gets impaled and falls to the ground. Bewildered and refusing to believe what he witnesses, the fifteen-year-old begins to scream.

This moment mirrors the events that occurred with Dimitri's friend, Concordia. As the teenager sheds numerous tears and begins to call out his grandfather's name, Daiku makes Dimitri remember the promise he made many years prior: abandon his blood-lust and use his powers for good.

With his dying breath, Daiku attempts to tell Dimitri something that he should have told them long ago; a burden that the elder believes it should not be his grandson's but dies right before. After seemingly all the people he loved gone, Dimitri starts to scream ever more as he holds his grandfather while kneeling on the ground.

Rikai, on the other hand, is visibly disturbed at Daiku's actions and has a terrible headache after reminding himself of the times he was powerless. He could not understand such selflessness!

Suddenly, the fifteen-year-old starts gathering a large amount of psychic energy once more but, this time, his turquoise-colored aura is more intense than usual. As Dimitri's scream intensifies, his aura completely engulfs him as Dimitri's flowing hair slightly lifts, radiating enough psychic energy to cause a flash of light!

While Rikai is unfazed by the explosion of energy, he noticed something different about Dimitri. The latter constantly radiated turquoise-colored aura, his body was slightly more athletic, and his expression much more intimidating. He looks straight into Rikai's eyes and makes him flinch and step back subconsciously!

Dimitri reveals the secret technique he mentioned before: his Mystic transformation. With all of his existing attributes boosted to awesome levels, he engages combat with an entertained Rikai once more!

"You're gonna pay for this! YOU'RE GONNA PAY FOR THIS, RIIKAAAAAAI!!!"

Even though Mystic Dimitri pummels the hedgehog without end, the latter is still unfazed though visibly surprised by the echidna's sudden incredible boost in power. Unnerved, Rikai stops holding back and begins to hide his disturbance by trashing the echidna around with his still-superior negative power.

After few seconds, Mystic Dimitri is forced out of his transformation; since he barely trained with it, its time-limit and power were too much for him to bear. While laughing and mentioning that his ideals are absolute, Rikai begins strangling him while levitating. The echidna does not have enough strength anymore to stop him!

As he strangles the teenager, however, Rikai looks into Dimitri's light-green eyes; they, unfortunately, lost their determined light. Subsequently, the hedgehog sees himself as a child, powerless and thrashed around by the bullies of his former home; he becomes perplexed at the fact that the situation has reversed entirely.

Once bewildered, the hedgehog notices that he subconsciously let the echidna get away from his grasp...

The episode then makes a transition. Dimitri Harmonia Prinus, incredibly wounded and exhausted, is seen falling down Mount Aurora while reminiscing about his past. Despite being almost out of energy, he uses his telekinetic powers to gradually reduce his falling speed and land on the ground.

The ground where he lands on is filled with snow. During their battle in Mount Aurora, a hailstorm, a consequence of their fight, was shown to kick in Cinnabar Forest below them. It is unnaturally cold as many snowflakes fall down upon him, getting harsher and harsher by the moment.

Despite having no determination to keep going anymore, the echidna uses his remaining strength to stand one last time. He was unbelievably tired, though he knew he could not give up. Dimitri carried the promises he had made with the people he cared about on his back but did not know how to keep them, let alone succeed.

Looking above at the mountain, the echidna witnesses Rikai descend from the skies. Instead of the hedgehog's malicious laughter, Dimitri is greeted with a serious, respectful expression from him.

Rikai inquires Dimitri the reason he stands despite him not being able to win. Furthermore, the hedgehog continues by mentioning he is disappointed that the echidna does not understand his true ideals and the beauty of his future reign where no one would feel happiness and therefore never feel pain and loss anymore; everything for the betterment of the world!

"...That's a complete lie, isn't it? You're not doing this for the betterment of the world; on the contrary, you're attempting to compensate for your own loneliness!"

"...So, I have been seen through to this extent... Pfft..."

After one last argument about ideals, as Dimitri verbally drives Rikai to a corner and clenches his fist, he swears that he will stop the hedgehog somehow. Despite the bold declaration of war that lights up the determination in the echidna's eyes and his grin, Dimitri could not move an inch from his place.

The hail becomes harsher and harsher...

Mentally driven back by a heavily-wounded Dimitri, the levitating hedgehog starts chuckling. The chuckle then becomes an ominous laughter. Rikai exclaims the end of the world is imminent and that the echidna should rejoice because, from its and Dimitri's demise, a new perfect beginning would arise: his own reign of darkness!

The episode concludes itself as the laughing hedgehog charges an ice beam on his palm and shoots it at the grinning echidna. Before it supposedly hits Dimitri, the screen fades to black and the credits roll...



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