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Ramonna the Hedgehog

The episode summaries for Oblivion of Shadows, the third story-arc in Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness. Following the events simultaneously with the time-skip of Rise of the Mystic, this arc follows the perspective of a hedgehog named Ramonna and her adventures throughout her seemingly peaceful life...

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Episode Summaries

Episode Twenty-Five: Oblivion of Shadows

The episode commences featuring a large familiar city. In such a modern environment, people ranging from humans and Mobians strolled around it while gazing at the starry sky forming around the fading sun. It is such a beautiful outside that even the shut-ins prefer to stay outside and experience the intense stare of the above. Among those, a brown-colored Mobian child feels serenity from its silence...

Suddenly, indigo-colored clouds coming from the southwestern parts of the same continent cover the sky and a loud thunderstorm starts to occur. As the people are confused and scared at the same time, the brown hedgehog hugs her plushie tightly... and when she looks up again, the clouds are gone... _____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode features a beautiful evening inside Station Square, one of the most famous and important cities inside the southern continent of Soumerca. While the location was a prominent home for many Mobians and humans alike, no one walked in the streets that evening. It was awfully peaceful...

...Peaceful, however, anywhere except in the glorious Treasure Chest Arena, one of the world's most well-known indoor fighting arenas! In that particular evening, people of different ages and ethnicities gathered around to watch a long-awaited legendary battle. The crowd is seen roaring and cheering in excitement!

In the rectangular-shaped ring in the center of the arena, two Mobian combatants can be seen in opposite corners as the event's human referee welcomes everyone present. With a microphone at hand, he announces that the finals of the Titan Smashing, the local annual fighting tournament, would begin at last!

The human referee begins to introduce the combatant to his right. Known as the undefeated, fearsome champion of the arena for about three years, the large black-colored bear Brutus the Berserker makes the crowd cheer his name. Confident in his abilities, the champion roared to demonstrate his fierceness!

Then, the referee turns his attention to the combatant on his left— the challenger for tonight! Known as the unstoppable captain of many sports inside Emerald School, the sixteen-year-old athletic beauty Ramonna the Hedgehog is introduced and makes the crowd around her cheer even more!

Not only did the female hedgehog boast an appealing figure, but also mysterious tremendous power and charisma, considering she single-handedly obliterated the competition to come this far without breaking a sweat. Ramonna grinned and waved at the captivated audience, hoping to have a good fight for the trophy.

Within the ring, Brutus visibly expresses disdain for his opponent. As he boldly questions how a mere woman like Ramonna was able to get into the finals, the female hedgehog starts chuckling. Cracking her knuckles and grinning, she sarcastically expresses her gratitude to him saying that since she would now not feel bad once he is completely beaten and broken after the fight; that is enough to tick Brutus himself.


In the audience around the ring, however, someone else in particular distinguishes herself from others. Boasting beautiful bronze-colored hair, velvet-colored eyes, and a flowery bow on her head, a Mobian fennec fox sits down within the audience, composed but not any less eager for the fight to begin. Instead, her eyes seem fixated on the busty female fighter for reason much more different than those around her...

The female Mobian looks down at the ring, placing her finger on her lips, and lightly giggles...

"Aha... Show me what you're capable of, my darling..." _____________________________________________________________________________________

Without further ado and with the crowd cheering, the judge announces that the first round has begun! Both fighters enter their signature battle stances and start the battle with fervent passion in their hearts. Brutus' large stature, however, makes him have a undoubtedly better range for attacks. And thus, Ramonna took every single hit the large bear performed on her and starts to be seemingly driven back...

...However, Brutus starts to notice that something is off.

Despite delivering bone-crushing punches, he sees that the female hedgehog barely took damage from all of his attacks; in addition, he notices that Ramonna did not even attempt to throw any punches so far and then roars in frustration, claiming that she should take him seriously. Brutus, in a final attempt to strike her from above, throws a punch down to her head... one which the hedgehog manages to block and catch!

The episode concludes itself with the large bear trying to get away from her grasp. Ramonna, on the other hand, is seen grinning and with passionate fire on her eyes...

"Now it's my turn. Prepare yourself!"

Episode Twenty-Six: Oblivion of Shadows II

The episode commences with the aftermath of the battle from the previous episode. One could see Brutus brutally beaten on the arena, laying down unconscious as the female hedgehog waves to the crowd as she is declared the champion of the tournament. A few moments later, the hedgehog is seen receiving her golden trophy and the bonus prize: a ticket for a free trip to Mount Aurora, the largest mountain on the continent!

In a particular moment, Ramonna points out the irony on her mind of the events around her. The crowd did not cheerfully scream to express fear but excitement and adoration. The hedgehog lightly snickers... _____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode makes a transition to three hours later. After receiving her award and changing clothing, Ramonna is seen walking down the silent streets of Station Square. Soon, the female hedgehog is approached by a group of Mobian teenagers, Ramonna's school friends.

Proud and surprised of the unexpected strength of the newest champion, the cheerful teenagers bombard Ramonna with questions regarding her incredible power to shrug off her opponent's powerful attacks!

Upon hearing such questions, Ramonna freezes temporarily...

As soon as his friends were about to question what was wrong, she immediately points out that she just plays lots of sports. The others look at each other and concur, claiming that should be it, considering the hedgehog is truly well-known for being the definite athlete in all of their nine practiced sports. She agrees!

Although the hedgehog's friends then invite her to the local Amusement Park to commemorate her victory, Ramonna declines and mentions that she is a little tired from the fight and needs rest. Her friends understand and soon departure, exclaiming that they should totally meet tomorrow in school! _____________________________________________________________________________________

Silently, Ramonna continues walking down to her house. The episode makes a small transition to Ramonna's memories, featuring an inner monologue where she begins talking about herself. She claims that everyone looks up to her due to her determined and strength in spirit, but it was not always that way...

The female hedgehog mentions that she is a girl with a secret that is a little more than just ordinary... She has a powerful super-power that she was mysteriously born with: super-strength. Furthermore, Ramonna continues by saying that she once saw her unbelievable strength as a curse. It isolated her from others...

"...However, through a series of events, I realized that I was wrong. My strength is no curse; it's an extension of my will that will carve my path to challenge great people and bring others together!"

Ramonna then looks at the full moon that resides above the skies...

"...Haaah... I still have a long way to go, don't I?" ____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode then makes a transition to the morning after.

It features the female hedgehog sleeping in her bedroom. Ramonna's large house is introduced as uncommonly big, featuring seven rooms and two bathrooms in total. All the rooms were somewhat messy. Its size was meant for many people, though she seemingly lived there alone.

Lying beside the female hedgehog's bed, a particular portrait of Ramonna's two parents, who constantly traveled alone due to their business trips, could be seen along with some open letters with rent money in them. The letters also featured messages and postcards from her parents that ranged from all sorts of things.

As Ramonna sleeps soundly in that cozy morning, her loud alarm sets off. The hedgehog, groaning, attempts to press its snooze button but breaks the machine instead. She then groans even more.

Quickly, Ramonna performs her daily morning routine that included intense exercising, showering, eating her improvised breakfast, and even more exercising. Since she does enjoy staying in shape, she loses track of the time. As a result, she later realizes that she was super late for school! _____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode then makes a transition to some hours later. Now inside Emerald School, a large classroom can be seen with a large range of students of many Mobian species, though one in particular has troubles paying attention to her history class and genuinely falls asleep again.

As the teacher writes things on the whiteboard while lecturing the class, annoyed, he throws a piece of chalk onto Ramonna's head to wake her up and calls her. Immediately, the hedgehog, somewhat embarrassed, raises her head and tells her teacher that she was paying attention all along.

Knowing that it was a lie, the teacher asks Ramonna about the current class topic: Battle of Solstice. As Ramonna gulps and was about to say nonsense, another student in the middle of the classroom stands up and perfectly says the answer: an ancient mythical clash featured in legend between the late chosen champions of the Ancient Walkers: Aurora and Enerjak, two mortals that ascended and became demigods.

Summing it all up, the student mentions how Enerjak became corrupted with his own power and attempted to overthrow the Ancient Walkers to take over the world; that was the Battle of Solstice. In the end, the Ancient Walkers and Aurora succeeded in defeating the mad demigod by destroying his spirit. The student also mentions how this battle sparked some religions still practiced nowadays...

Almost all delighted by her impressive descriptive answer, everyone applauds except for Ramonna, who mumbles as she places her head down. Mira the Fennec, the girl who answered, bows down humbly!

Ramonna never did like Mira. The latter, being the cheer-leading captain, president of the Student Council, pretty and valedictorian, filthy rich, and seemingly kindhearted, was easily the most popular person in school, though she had a certain high amount of perfection that always made Ramonna uncomfortable.

However, somehow, the hedgehog was probably the only one bothered by her...


During the class break, both Ramonna and Mira were seen surrounded by lots of students, given they both were immensely popular inside Emerald School. However, surprisingly, Mira herself suddenly leaves her group to talk to the brown-colored hedgehog. Everyone else was bewildered by such action!

With the fennec fox then asking so kindly for others to leave since she wanted to talk to Ramonna alone, a large Mobian female moose attempts to initially refuse and tells her to buzz off...

Others around the class widen their eyes and grow silent. Mira does not lose her gracious composure and instead comes closer to the moose while gently touching the latter's face, smiling. With her blue eyes fixated on the awestruck moose's brown eyes as the latter's become green, she repeats her request and tells her that such tone should not be used anymore when addressing to her.

After some seconds, the moose agrees and leaves with the others!

Mira begins by mentioning to the hedgehog her congratulations on winning the tournament and how tiresome it must be to practice for the upcoming sports festival and study at the same time. Ramonna merely states that it must be the same for her since the fennec fox should lead the cheer-leading team and organize the event itself. The fennec fox giggles and claims that it was no problem for her.

Mira comes closer to Ramonna and mentions how admirable her strength is; so admirable, in fact, it is strange how the hedgehog never thought of using it to, say, make others do what she wanted. Ramonna indeed never thought of such possibility. Towards such a question, she does not even know what to say.

The fennec fox snickers softly at Ramonna's response. As the bell suddenly rings to begin the next class, Mira invites her to the rooftop tomorrow for a talk before the first class if she could. The episode concludes itself with the hedgehog feeling a certain uneasiness, then shrugging it off...

Episode Twenty-Seven: Oblivion of Shadows III

The episode commences the night before the school sports festival as Ramonna the Hedgehog lies on her bed in her lonesome and silent house under the bright full moon, ready to give her best the next day.

The festival was important for the hedgehog since many schools from different parts of the continent gathered to participate in various kinds of sports against her team. Since many strong and talented people came, Ramonna would face many good challengers from all over. She would make sure to win it all!

However, something slightly made her at unease. The one person that she did not like wanted to talk to her before the first class started, even before the opening of the festival, only if she could. There was no denying about the fact that Ramonna was just challenged. There is no way Ramonna will let that pass. _____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode makes a transition to the next day.

As Ramonna walks towards her school, eager to give her best, she notices that the buses from the fellow competitors already had arrived, meaning that the foreign students were finally there in her school. The hedgehog initially becomes excited, but then realizes that they should have arrived only later...

Confused, the hedgehog enters through her school gates and sees almost all of the students gathered. Instead of her usual friendly greetings, however, Ramonna notices that something is strange: all of their eyes are unnaturally green-colored and stared at her every movement. The gates behind also slam loudly.

While the hedgehog would love to demand an explanation for everything, she needed to get to the roof-top before class started to meet with Mira. However, as she attempted to pass, she was blocked by her friends and the foreign students, whom all had radiant green-colored eyes. They claimed that there was no way they are going to let such unworthy person such as Ramonna pass to meet milady Mira!

Ramonna is now certain something is definitely wrong. Leaving her backpack on the ground, she snickers at how corny calling someone as Mira as milady and continues by telling them that, since she is in a good mood and was willing to let that remark slide, they should let her pass or else.

However, as someone boldly challenges the hedgehog and calls her a big-chested cow, Ramonna instantly punches such person and sends him flying, crashing upon a soda vending machine!

"Ahahaha... This couldn't get any more perfect!! Bring it on!!" _____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode then features the battle sequences of Ramonna as she attempts to rush to the rooftop while stilling beating every single hostile opponent who dared to stand in her way!

Using her super-strength in combination with her speed, Ramonna easily defeats those she faced on the lower levels of the building without utilizing much of her true power to dodge attacks and deliver punches. Enemies come from almost every single direction, but she still pulls through using her skills as an athlete!

Ramonna then enters the second floor of the large building. As expected, the green-eyed enemies from such floor are tougher than the ones from the lower levels. However, what Ramonna does not expect is for them to have supernatural abilities of their own. Ice manipulators, fire manipulators... all very strong...

...but all not as strong or as experienced as the most popular athlete of Station Square. Ramonna takes advantage of her surroundings to block incoming projectiles. As the cryokinetics and pyrokinetics combine forces to generate an elephant-sized sphere made out of ice and fire and shoot it, the surprised hedgehog utilizes her strength on her hands to catch it while pushed back considerably and throw it back!

The impact caused by the large sphere smashing itself on the ice and fire manipulators is great enough to make them be sent flying and get knocked out unconscious. The female hedgehog cracks her knuckles and claims that it would have been bad if she threw such sphere back with too much force...

As others fainted as they are defeated, Ramonna notices that their eye-color revert back to normal once they lose consciousness. The episode concludes itself as she believes that something or someone must have been controlling them all along and proceeds to the final floor where Mira is supposed to be...

Episode Twenty-Eight: Oblivion of Shadows IV

The episode commences with some shots of Emerald School after Ramonna defeated the green-eyed students. The school had suffered a great amount of collateral damage; walls are broken, floors are shattered, and the building can barely hold itself back together from falling down. In addition, many both local and foreign students could be seen knocked down unconscious, though without too many injuries.

The tomboyish hedgehog, without too many bruises, cracks her knuckles and walks up the long stairs. She mentions that school has never been more interesting, though she says that fighting her opponents and friends who are mind-controlled is unsatisfying compared to the now-ruined sports festival... _____________________________________________________________________________________  

Ramonna, sensing a familiar uneasiness, enters the rooftop and encounters the one she looked for. The bronze-colored fennec fox leans on the roof's border, gazing intensely at the horizon with her blue eyes and empty smile. Even though she was with her back turned at the hedgehog, she was able to notice the female athlete meters away. Without turning around, Mira began to talk to the female hedgehog nonchalantly.  

Mira begins by telling Ramonna that the school is beautiful because no one opposes her; they always listen to whatever she said and obey her without a second thought. Indeed, ever since Mira rose to power as the Student Council President, Emerald School has never been more productive, yet unsettling...  

However, as she glances at the horizon, Mira tells Ramonna that the world still does not hold the same beauty Emerald School has. She mentions that, instead, it is filled with morons whose unintelligent actions hinder its progress, and those people should have their freedom deprived and eradicated by the elite.  

Disturbed by her words, as the hedgehog then demands an explanation about the green-eyed students, Mira turns around wearing her empty smile and mentions:  

"Oh, Ramonna... Manipulating the will of trash never was difficult. All it takes for them is a glimpse of our hidden abilities and they flock around us both; your strength... and my mind-control."

Mira's power of mind-controlling other people, as well as her true nature, is formally introduced. Ramonna always knew something was wrong with her. The vixen had sent the others to stop her in order to test athlete's true strength... The hedgehog, shifting into a defensive stance, tells her otherwise and that their strengths are meant to bring people together, not enslave them.  

Mira, amused, giggles at Ramonna's answer and slowly walks up to her. The fennec fox, nonchalantly, claims that real life does not work that way. Since it is impossible for everyone to be happy, she says that people must meddle with the happiness of other people in order to obtain it; life is an "oblivion of shadows".  

As Ramonna wonders if Mira is that arrogant to reveal everything to her, a supposed enemy, the latter suddenly pins the surprised hedgehog to the rooftop's door. She whispers into Ramonna's ears that she always had been interested in her since they were similar; the hedgehog's sheer strength in willpower made her mind-controlling ineffective against her. Mira looks into Ramonna's pink-colored eyes and mentions:  

"I want you, darling... Join me, and let us rule the world together."

Ramonna, more unnerved and uncomfortable than ever, pushes her away and tells her to shut her mouth. Claiming that she would never join someone as insane and fascist like her, she declared that she would crash her party and save the people close to her, no matter what Mira decides to throw at her.  

Mira feels somewhat frustrated at the hedgehog's answer. In the end, she is a person that, though her mind-controlling, had almost everything she ever wanted and was never deprived of anything: status, money, and power wherever she went. The fennec fox finds this feeling somewhat stingy but still grins...  

"So you decide to turn against me. My, how troublesome you are... It seems that I'll have to make you understand, and I promise you'll regret this. I'll crush you and your so-called determination."

The episode concludes itself as the fennec fox walks backward slowly, still mischievously smiling, and snaps her fingers. After some seconds, Ramonna hears the sound of an intense propeller beyond the school, a helicopter from Mira's family arrives and aims its rapid-shooting barrel at the former...  

Episode Twenty-Nine: Oblivion of Shadows V

The episode commences moments before the end of the previous episode. As Ramonna the Hedgehog declares her opposition to Mira's plan of world domination through her mind-controlling abilities, a deadly helicopter from Mira's aristocratic family and aims its barrel towards the hedgehog. What a pinch!  

Ramonna, without hesitation or fear in her eyes, enters her standard battle stance. She mocks the fennec fox by using such ruthless method for winning, while Mira laughs and tells the hedgehog how intelligent tactics always trump raw power in the end. The latter then commands the mind-controlled pilot to fire. _____________________________________________________________________________________  

Determined, Ramonna uses her innate speed to run in irregular patterns on the rooftop's surface in order to dodge the automatic fire. Luckily, the helicopter model, known as X-Hunter, does not compare to the ones found on the military, and so its barrel is rather slow to turn around. Regardless, it is very deadly!  

In the end, however, the hedgehog jumps behind the cubic structure above Emerald School's rooftop where the passage that leads to its entrance was located. As the helicopter reloaded its single barrel, Ramonna claims that the bullets passed way too close for comfort and even scratched her.  

Given that she cannot generate long-ranged attacks, Ramonna admits that she is in disadvantage and has no clue how to deal with a freaking helicopter. Mira, calmly sitting on the roof's border, is certainly amused to see the hedgehog driven to a corner and taunts her, saying maybe her strength is just for show.  

Normally, no one would become aggravated at such cheap taunt, but Mira knew about Ramonna's short-temper and thus provoked her because the hedgehog can become... quite amusing whenever stressed out. Coupled with the fennec fox's haughty laugh of disdain, Ramonna grits her teeth in frustration and punches the concrete floor, creating a small hole as some rocks are forcefully dislocated by the impact.  

An idea suddenly comes to mind as Ramonna looks at the rocks beside her and the helicopter finishes shifting its barrel to hold deadlier and larger ammunition. The hedgehog, grinning, picks up the rocks and proceeds to run in irregular patterns once more. The X-Hunter's shots are slower but are more destructive. While it misses every single shot, large holes are created on the rooftop, making the entire floor wobble!  

Mira claims that using the same trick twice is unoriginal, but a grinning Ramonna tells her otherwise; she proceeds to throw the rocks at the helicopter's lower barrel, crushing it due to the force of the impact generated by the hedgehog's powerful throws. The helicopter's offense is skillfully cut short, and so is defeated. _____________________________________________________________________________________  

This turn of events did not go as Mira planned, much to the fennec fox's irritation; she had never felt anything of the sort because she always had everything handed to her. At this point, she has no where to run as her plans are thwarted. Ramonna, grinning and satisfied, claims victory and grabs Mira by her tie.  

"End of the line."

Breaking her well-known composure, Mira suddenly loses her confident smile and snaps at a surprised Ramonna. She begins to shout at the hedgehog and claims that the hedgehog would rather live in an imperfect world where idiots dictate the rules and hinder its progress by letting fools to have freedom.  

Ramonna flatly states that a world where Mira dictated the rules and deprived others of their freedom would be never anywhere perfect. Instead, the hedgehog mentions how the current world might not be perfect but it is precisely because it has its both up and downs that it is beautiful and worth fighting for in the first place!

The fennec fox's eyes twitch as she is seemingly defeated, but both girls notice something. The floor is wobbling, and so is the entire school because of its instability caused by the collateral damage. If they stayed there any longer, there would be a chance for the building to collapse on the unconscious students.  

As Mira's helicopter approaches them from behind, Ramonna grips the former's tie much tighter and places her fingers on the fennec fox's forehead, ready to flick them. She tells Mira that she should use her mind-controlling powers to make everyone else leave the school fast or else she would have a really, really bad headache.  

Narcissistic, Mira does what Ramonna commands so she can save herself. By turning her eyes green, the unconscious students defeated by the hedgehog all suddenly wake up and leave the unstable school rapidly!  

With all students now safe and beyond the school's gates, their eyes revert back to their normal colors. Ramonna lets go of Mira's tie and the latter jumps into the helicopter behind her. The episode concludes itself when the fennec fox flies away, a grinning Ramonna is left on the rooftop... and Emerald School collapses.  

Episode Thirty: Oblivion of Shadows VI

The episode commences weeks later after the events of the previous episode. In a certain airplane on the clouds above the continent, someone with bandages on their legs and arms is seen with a newspaper at hand. Many articles report about the strange incident that occurred in Emerald School, which caused the entire building to suddenly collapse on itself though no casualties were recorded at all.  

Among the supposed survivors, an interviewer informs how the teenagers have no recollection of the events that occurred. Many sightings of burned and frozen concrete are also evident, though some students seem rather iffy to respond as to whom might have caused such anomaly. While the true culprit is a mystery to everyone, students must await further information about the transferring of schools!  

Another article reports the mysterious disappearance of a certain wealthy family from Station Square, that supposedly faded without a trace shortly after the incident of Emerald School. Mira the Fennec, the heir to the riches and the president of the collapsed school's student council, also vanished...  

The person with the newspaper, however, is not reading any of that. Instead, Ramonna is more interested in the witty comic strips, laughing amusingly at their funny punchlines. _____________________________________________________________________________________  

Ramonna the Hedgehog was using the prize she gained from winning the tournament and head on a free, normally expensive trip to northern Soumerca to visit Mount Aurora, and is visibly excited. After all, she never had the chance to leave the city alone and without worrying about school work.  

The hedgehog had plans for visiting the mountain since it is said to gradually invigorate one's spirit. She was always told that, in order to defeat stronger challenges and bring peace to others, she must be at peace with herself first. Naturally curious, Ramonna wants to test such claim. How would a mountain invigorate people?

Desiring to learn more about the location she is heading, sociable, she then attempts to strike a conversation with the one old man beside her in the airplane. In the conversation, the elder mentions how, during nine years, rumors about missing climbers and an eternal indigo-colored cloud that is said to be at its peak have emerged. As he warns her to be careful, Ramonna gets much more excited and interested... _____________________________________________________________________________________  

The episode makes a transition to many hours later, as the female hedgehog is escorted to one of the most beautiful forests of the continent, Cinnabar Forest. Despite it being a subtropical rainy forest, it was an unnaturally cold evening, especially affected by the large mountain beside the forest.  

The tour guide notes to his group that its tranquility and beauty is ravaged solely by its increasing number of factions surging after the sudden annihilation of the local civilization, the Prinus Clan, six years ago by an unconfirmed being. He goes on by mentioning that the locals call the incident "Prinus Village Massacre".  

As they walk on a high altitude trail, a sudden wind blows Ramonna, the last one in line, off guard. The hedgehog then rolls off the mount backward, crashing on a nearby trunk as leaves fall down. Hurt and angered, she expresses both disbelief and frustration as she realizes that she got lost. The episode concludes itself when Ramonna attempts to call the faraway tour guide... but nobody came.  

Episode Thirty-One: Oblivion of Shadows VII

The episode commences with Ramonna walking around Cinnabar Forest, attempting to find her way home. Vermilion-colored leaves fall from the tall trees as the climate becomes cooler by the minute. As cold winds become more frequent and her usual sportive attire is not suited for such situation, the hedgehog finds herself performing her best to shrug off the freezing temperature until she finds shelter!  

The hedgehog treads on but does not seem to find anyone. While not paying attention to where she is heading, she suddenly loses her balance as she stands on the border of a large crater in the middle of the forest. Ramonna quickly throws herself backward, expressing frustration, but goes to gaze at the location.  

The crater was relatively deep but incredibly wide. Many icy remains can be seen on the trees that surrounded it; Ramonna wonders if they originated from this weather or because of something else a while ago since they do not show signs of melting. The hedgehog then realizes that this place must have been the location the guide mentioned that got destroyed six years ago: the once-great Prinus Village.  

She obtains an eerie feeling just by looking at it... _____________________________________________________________________________________  

Ramonna continues to march for hours, and the sun begins to fade in the horizon. The hailstorm becomes harsher and harsher, so the hedgehog starts to feel cold and attempts to find any shelter fast.  

Suddenly, she spots two children playing with mounts of vermilion-colored leaves. The lynxes seemed much more relaxed, considering that they feel safer now that the main faction from Cinnabar Forest had been defeated and disbanded just the day before. Because of her fluffy fur, they are not bothered by the cold.  

Soon, the little boy and girl, apparently siblings considering their similar looks, notice Ramonna. Interested in the individual who bears a different urban-like aura to them, the young boy assumes she must be from the city. The little female also wonders how the hedgehog is supposed to survive the cold wearing such clothing.  

As Ramonna is about to reply, another older female lynx appears beside the children and exclaims that it is too cold outside for them to be playing with the leaves and should head inside their wooden shack. Salt and Pepper tell their older sister that they made a new friend. Seeing how the hedgehog looks visibly uncomfortable because of the cold, Cinnamon invites Ramonna to dine with them. _____________________________________________________________________________________  

The female hedgehog, waiting at the table for the food with the kids, glances at Cinnamon who is preparing their dishes by seasoning them with culinary herbs. Seeing how she is spicing them to a point the flavor would become incredibly sour, a determined Ramonna walks up to her and gives her some advice on how to cook. It would be then that Cinnamon humbly requests the female hedgehog to help her out!  

Soon enough, when the food is finally prepared, everyone eats at the table together. The surprised children notice how their dish tastes differently from usual and exclaim that it is delicious; even Cinnamon acknowledges such fact and contributes it to Ramonna, whose cheeks become red and thanks them.  

Exercising every day and not used to skipping a meal before, Ramonna voraciously devours her meal; such sight makes Cinnamon chuckle. As the female hedgehog is confused, the lynx mentions how much the hedgehog resembles the two heroes that dined with them just the day before; she looks strong, has the willingness to assist others out, and has glimmering determination in her eyes. The hedgehog simply grins!

As the sixteen-year-old finishes eating, Ramonna thanks them and remarks that, in spite of the hailstorm, she needed to head back home. Upon grabbing a doorknob, Cinnamon pokes the hedgehog on her bag and, blushing a little, whispers requesting that, should she find the green heroes she mentioned earlier, Ramonna would take care of them since she has a bad feeling of what they might encounter... _____________________________________________________________________________________  

The hailstorm becomes more intense as a determined Ramonna tries her best to walk home. Pushing herself against the gushing winds that tear down the vermilion-colored leaves from the trees, she, unfortunately, does not have a clue as to where she is going and her vision becomes blurry.  

Suddenly, Ramonna finds herself walking on snow. She looks upwards and witnesses a heavy storm coming from the peak of the largest mountain on the continent, Mount Aurora. The hedgehog feels the tension as she continues to walk forward until she finds a peculiar scene that draws her attention...  

From behind, the sixteen-year-old witnesses a chuckling levitating hedgehog facing a green echidna with long hair who could barely stand up straight. His chuckle then becomes ominous laughter. As the levitation hedgehog's chuckle becomes ominous laughter and begins charging an ice beam on his palms, Ramonna recognizes such icy technique and instinctively sprints towards the echidna...  

Right before the ice beam connects, Ramonna pulls the echidna away!  

Grabbing the weakened green-colored individual by their arm, the brown-colored hedgehog runs with them away inside the woods as the hailstorm becomes so intense the menacing levitating cyan-colored hedgehog cannot see them anymore. The episode concludes itself when a dumbfounded Rikai mentions:  

"...It seems like the stars did not want things to end things so soon... It doesn't matter. I won't give chase for now since you will become a valuable source of entertainment in the near future. Yes... Soon enough, you'll know what I am talking about, Dimitri. We shall meet again... I'll be waiting."

Episode Thirty-Two: Oblivion of Shadows VIII

The episode commences with strange flashbacks reminiscent of the events of Rise of the Mystic. In a vast, black-colored empty space, a teenage Dimitri is seen looking into something akin to a giant glass mirror. Such mirror features many moments of the echidna's most peaceful of times...  

Suddenly, the setting becomes more sinister as the mirror begins to crack. Countless scenes of Dimitri's grief throughout his long training, his mourning over his fellow friends, his encounter with Rikai pass as he attempts to place his hands above his ears and kneeling down, pleading for such scenes to disappear.  

As the mirror finally cracks, Dimitri sees a glowing figure standing in the dark. The glow from the female echidna that stood in that empty, dark oblivion originates from the golden flames around her. From the flames, seven diamond-shaped jewels, all in different colors, rise and float around the figure.  

Then he remembers. The fifteen-year old recognizes the female as the one that spoke to his grandpa in Cinnabar Forest six years ago and appeared in his dreams before, and with so many questions, he becomes speechless... The jewels start to rotate around the figure faster than ever, the female whispers:

"Go on... Please, search for the seven... before it is too late... Wake up... WAKE UP!!" _____________________________________________________________________________________  

The episode then makes a transition back to reality, as Dimitri wakes up, panting.  

The wounded green echidna is seen laying down on a bed, within a room that is not his. Beside his strangely comfortable bed, he notices a broken alarm clock and a portrait of two adult hedgehogs. Everything around him is somewhat messy and unfamiliar. Confused, he turns his head to look around...  

Without warning, the door on the other side of the room opens. Entering the room with a home-made beverage she made and some cookies, the expression of the nonchalant female hedgehog shifts as Ramonna notices that the handsome patient she had been treating for days has just woken up!  

Dimitri, muddled about as much as Ramonna, attempts to recall the last thing he remembers, but his head aggressively aches. The hedgehog tells the panting echidna to call down since he is hurt. Soothingly, she comes close to his face and places her palms on his forehead to see if he is having a fever.  

Awestruck since another female has never gotten so up-close, the echidna looks at her pink-colored eyes without saying a word as she examined him. In addition, Dimitri notices Ramonna has a nice scent. Maybe it is because of this he starts to breathe normally again. Who is this hedgehog? Where is he?

Ramonna grins, claiming that she is relieved he is alright considering he did not wake up for several days. She explains that the echidna was terribly wounded, and so she took care of him in her house after she sent him to a local hospital before her trip ended. And finally, the female introduces herself to him.  

Dimitri could see she is interested in the cause of his state, but he remains silent and distrusting of her good actions. So everything he went through was not a bad dream, after all... This initial response, however, does not bring Ramonna down as she requests showing him around Station Square to cheer him up a little. _____________________________________________________________________________________  

The episode makes another transition as they are seen walking the plaza...  

Without anywhere to go, Dimitri accepted compassionate Ramonna's offer. However, as they march through the crowded streets, the echidna finds himself astonished by his setting; he had never seen the world beyond his forest, let alone a city. The female finds his reactions to be rather amusing...  

Dimitri, emotionally drained and glancing at the elderly playing with the children in the park, sees the ghost of his deceased grandpa with them, smiling soothingly. Dimitri stands perplexed at the image. The wind blows, and, with another glance, the echidna notices his grandpa is gone. Ramonna wonders what made him freeze, and pats him on the back for them to continue walking.  

Still, as the long-haired echidna remains quiet, Ramonna starts to glance at him and believes that she cannot tell him that, when she saved him, she originally thought he was a girl because of his long hair...  

Ramonna drags him into an arcade and lectures him on how to play a certain game where they would compete among themselves in order to find out who would be better at smashing moles with hammers. While Dimitri is not initially enthusiastic about the game, a confident Ramonna's taunts clearly tick him off. The echidna tries his best fifty times, but only manages to defeat her once...  

But, as he wins, Ramonna notices his smile and points it out. Soon enough, a flustered Dimitri quickly rolls his eyes as she feels rather proud and satisfied. They then leave the arcade and continue to walk around.  

As they passed through town, Dimitri notices that Ramonna's attention is captivated by a certain golden amulet behind a store's glass showcase. She then frowns, considering how expensive it is... _____________________________________________________________________________________  

The episode then makes another transition to many hours later.  

Eating frozen ice the hedgehog claims to be called "ice cream", although he would not admit and Ramonna would always tease him about it, Dimitri genuinely believed he did not have this much fun in a long time...  

And then, while Ramonna is talking to him about something else, Dimitri notices that a little child that is crossing streets is about to get rammed by a speeding truck, he suddenly musters all his strength to dash towards him, leaving his ice-cream and a surprised Ramonna behind.  

Dimitri reaches the child just in time and aims his palm at the truck. Consequently, radiating a faint turquoise aura from himself, he uses his psychic powers to slow it down to the point it stops before it is too late!  

Everyone else that witnessed this, including Ramonna, is shocked.  

After using all of his remaining power, the long-haired echidna kneels down as he starts experiencing another terrible headache after pushing himself that much. People around, possibly except for Ramonna, are incredibly confused about what just happened; unable to realize Dimitri was the one that stopped it.  

Initially awestruck by his coolness, the blushing, snickering hedgehog runs to hold him and tell the child to be more careful around town. Breathing heavily as he is assisted by Ramonna to stand up, an exhausted Dimitri looks Ramonna in the eye and asks her the reason she is so nice to him.  

She grins and whispers:  

"...Well, what good is strength when you cannot bring people together with it?"

The episode concludes itself as an initially surprised Dimitri genuinely smiles... and introduces himself, offering her a fist-bump. The sixteen-year-old female, grinning happily, responds in kind...  

"My name is Dimitri, Dimitri Prinus... Thanks for everything. Let us get along well, Ramonna!"

Episode Thirty-Three: Oblivion of Shadows IX

The episode commences some time after the events of the previous episode. As Dimitri begins to trust Ramonna more and more, he gradually becomes less stoic around her. Emotionally drained, after all, he has been through, the echidna decides to accept his friend's offer in recovering from whatever he got into!  

In the case of Ramonna, at first, she occasionally headed to the local police station in order to see if she could possibly be able to find the echidna's records. She never found anything about him until one day Dimitri mentioned that he could possibly be the last remaining Prinus echidna on the planet.  

Without thinking much of the consequences, the sixteen-year-old Ramonna decides to take him in. Since her house was more than enough to shelter more than four people, he has nowhere to go, school is over and her days would be lonely, and she took a liking for the echidna, she claims she does not mind it at all.  

However, naturally, she still imposed a set of conditions to which he must oblige. Times for taking showers, eating, exercising with her... it was all according to her daily schedule, though sometimes she forgot about it herself and triggered some rather provocative scenes... and she would always blame Dimitri for them!  

Still, Dimitri believes that he has return such hospitality somehow. And so, when Ramonna was not watching, he used his telekinetic powers in secrecy to fly to Station Square by himself to find a job... _____________________________________________________________________________________  

The episode then makes a transition.  

Dimitri Prinus, awestruck by his modern environment, marches on the sidewalk. He remembers hearing from Ramonna that he should not use his powers in public so he would not attract attention and bring troubles to her, and so respects this by restraining himself. Apparently, super-powers were not common...  

On the other hand, there is something Dimitri cannot shrug off: the nightmare he had when he was unconscious for days. He had seen the flaming mysterious female figure before in his childhood but still does not have a clue about her identity. She told him about collecting seven things before it is too late... but he is unaware of what they are. Assuming the dream was fictional, Dimitri shakes his head...  

Strolling around, he glances at a shop, filled with transparent windows and abundant with plants. Contrasting with the tall buildings around it, the store was small and looked like it could collapse at any moment due to some of its unpainted walls. The little sign that is displayed above its front door calls it House of Lilies.  

The House of Lilies is an old flower shop that is owned by a family of Mobian bats for generations. However, since most tourists and citizens are losing interest in them, the business has been declining. The manager's reluctant teenage daughter is the only one seen working there, though with little interest or attention.  

Dimitri, interested, decides to come closer to inspect its green-colored herbs. Noticing that their natural colors and scents are altered, just from a couple of looks like his childhood friend taught him, he realizes that the temperature and amount of water they are exposed to severely damaged them. He sees the aloof daughter who is working there, listening to loud music through her earphones, watering them all too much!  

Bothered, Dimitri enters the store and attempts to get the attention of the lavender-colored bat, who is about the same age as him, by calling her out. The bat, genuinely not detecting the echidna due to her music, continues to ignore him until she notices that her watering can's water suddenly stopped working even though it has plenty of water inside. For some reason, it also strangely radiated a turquoise aura...  

The echidna begins to harangue the bat about how she is killing the plants by watering them too much and letting them exposed to the store's overly cold temperature of its air-conditioner. He continues by mentioning how to make them look more appealing and fresh, giving all sorts of advice.  

The bat, yawning and looking at her smartphone, tells him how he seems most familiar with the subject of gardening, but it is mostly all for naught considering her family barely gets customers anyway. As she tells him that she is only doing this job to help her father until its inevitable adjournment, a determined Dimitri refuses to accept that the only place in the city that reminded him of former home would close that easily.  

The echidna's eyes which glimmer with passion shake up the bat!  

From behind, Dimitri then receives a pat on the shoulder and hears a small laughter, telling him how it must be good to be young. It is a middle-aged bat that bore some resemblance to the teenage lavender-colored lady in front of the echidna. The store's manager introduced!  

The manager's daughter asks what is her father doing there, but is clearly ignored. Instead, the manager gives Dimitri the attention and recognition for the skills he is looking for. He, nonchalantly, tells the echidna not to mind his daughter's limited opinion on plants as she is only in video-games and social media, and that he admires the echidna's vast knowledge despite him being so young and that he should totally work there.

As the manager's daughter is appalled and offended by that remark, Dimitri gladly accepts the offer and introduces himself. The lavender-colored bat, Jasmine the Bat, mutters her name and continues to listen to music on her earphones. Her father laughs and pats Dimitri on the back, saying he should get used to it!  

The episode concludes itself soon after that!  

Episode Thirty-Four: Oblivion of Shadows X

The episode commences some time after the events of the previous episode. Following the evening that featured Dimitri becoming employed, Ramonna scolded him for what felt like hours. Nonetheless, the echidna did not want the hedgehog to know about his job and wanted to give her a good surprise. After all, she did for him, it was only natural someone like Dimitri would return the favor!  

The teenage echidna found himself working at dawn. He would always tell Ramonna that needed to perform his daily training alone, though he would only hone his skills much later. His determination to defeat Rikai, something he still did not manage to talk about with her, only increased his desire to hone his abilities and master his failed Mystic transformation. There is no turning back!  

An oblivious Ramonna, while not demonstrating it through words, was naturally self-conscious about having a guy live with her under the same ceiling. Not only that but ever since Dimitri saved the child from being rammed over, she looked at him differently from before. Her heart ached a little whenever he gets too close to her...  

The hedgehog never felt anything like this before, and she tried to fight back. Her independence clashed with her emotions this harshly for the first time. What is this strange feeling?_____________________________________________________________________________________

It has been over a month since Dimitri has met Ramonna. Unlike his initial astonishing reaction about Station Square, over time, the echidna starts to become fond of it and started memorizing its streets. His morning strolls make him more familiar with his modern environment and its citizens.  

Dimitri Prinus works relentlessly at House of Lilies. The silence of his work shift is initially only broken by the lavender-colored bat's loud electronic music. His only partner, Jasmine, treats him coldly and has no interest in bonding with him. While she is supposed to be working, she ignores the long-haired echidna's actions while she plays games on her phone. Such antisocial demeanor merely made Dimitri more curious!  

As time went on and Dimitri gradually made an effort to show the importance of plants to her, Jasmine eventually warms up to him and gladly returned his favor in kind, showing him how much technology has developed over the ages. Still, the long-haired echidna still has much to learn about modern gadgets...

Because of Dimitri's employment and skills taught by his childhood friend Concordia, the aspect of the plants became much fresher-looking. To obtain this marvelous result, he secretly used his telekinetic abilities to water all of the plants at the same time when Jasmine innocently looked the other way.

Soon after each week, Dimitri receives his standard salary. One day, while Jasmine suggests him to spend it with games, the long-haired echidna reveals to her that the reason why he took the job is to help his friend out with her rented apartment and is going to give them a pleasant surprise. The bat, in response, laughs it off, but then when he was not looking, slightly bites her lip with melancholic eyes... _____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode then makes a transition to much later.  

With Dimitri gone to "train" again, Ramonna begins to perform her morning routine. After intense exercising and showering, since she does not have school anymore to rush her to make improved breakfast, the hedgehog takes the time to cook impressive dishes that all smell delicious. It is a secret that not many people know, but Ramonna prides herself both in her fighting abilities and her sophisticated cooking!  

Eating on her big table in the living room alone, she suddenly hears someone familiar knock. It was the long-haired green echidna who always came at this hour, claiming to have done his daily solo training section outside the city. Ramonna believes him and tells him to eat with her since he must be hungry!  

Dimitri finds Ramonna's home-made cooking the best and wanted seconds; not even Cinnamon's sour dishes compared to the female hedgehog's original recipes. The hedgehog once dared the echidna to cook, but she soon found out that, aside from making medicinal pastes using herbs, he is completely disastrous in the kitchen who does not even know how to fry an egg. Yet, she loves when Dimitri praises her...

Interested in seeing how strong Dimitri is, considering he is doing his training at different times than her, the episode concludes itself when Ramonna challenges the long-haired echidna to spar the next day.

"Sounds like a plan."

Episode Thirty-Five: Oblivion of Shadows XI

The episode commences the morning after the events of the previous episode. Within a barren location just beyond Station Square, the temperature is neither too warm nor cold. The environment is relatively peaceful. Birds in the sky are singing, flowery fields of the north could be seen at a distance...

...On mornings like these, a spar between two capable fighters is almost too inviting.

Standing at one side of the barren field, the female hedgehog stood with her natural air confidence, pumped to see what the echidna is made of in a one-on-one brawl. Ramonna had seen him use his telekinetic abilities before, but since she has defeated people with kinetic abilities prior to the long-haired echidna's arrival, she feels she is more than just merely capable of handling them without too many difficulties...

At the other side, a silent echidna has his eyes closed. Ramonna told him stories about her brawls, and Dimitri knows that he cannot take her down should he stay in a range close enough for her to hit him. Naturally, the analytical long-haired warrior opts to use a more long-range approach to this.

"You better not be completely useless in battle. Either way, I'm taking you down, here and now!"

"Hmph... Show me the power of your resolution!" _____________________________________________________________________________________

Taking the initiative, Ramonna sprints towards Dimitri, who maintains his battle stance. As the hedgehog gets into a certain radius, the echidna radiates a turquoise-colored aura as her speed slows down to the point where Dimitri evades all punches thrown at him. Placing an energy blast on her tummy, the explosion is enough to send Ramonna launched back feet away with tremendous force, but she lands safely.

Without breaking the momentum, Dimitri rips some pieces of the ground and throws them at her, though the serious hedgehog simply blocks them with her bare hands and tear them apart. Taking an energy blast that close is dangerous even for her, she still does not hesitate. She is just getting started!

She continues to close in at Dimitri, who attempts to slow her down once she gets too close. However, when Dimitri concentrates his energy on his fists to deliver an uppercut, an unfazed Ramonna smirks and grabs him, throwing him very far. The echidna, to retain his ground, uses his telekinetic abilities to make him float and flip backward multiple times before entering his battle stance once more.

"Well well, someone's been hiding their strength all along. But are you strong enough to win?"

Gesturing to make her next move, mutually excited but without losing his cool, he smirks back.

"Are you?" _____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode then makes a transition to an hour later.

The barren wasteland is shown to have been heavily damaged. Most certainly, it would have been a tragedy if the battle had been fought in a populated area because the two fighters had no trouble wrecking their surroundings while caught in the thrill of their super-powered clash. They seem to have had fun!

Sitting down while leaning on each other back-to-back, the two warriors, with their bodies covered in dirt, they laugh. Ramonna claims how she never had such an exciting spar before and that they should fight seriously the next time. Since Dimitri sounds crazy strong, Ramonna asks him what kind of training he did!

Sighing and with melancholic eyes, Dimitri explains that ever since his clan was exterminated for reasons he is unable to comprehend, he sought power. And so, since then, he was trained by his grandfather for six years inside the forest, meeting many foes. However, this ambition cost the life of the only family he had...

As Ramonna remains silent, Dimitri's melancholic eyes gleam with a familiar determination. He continues by mentioning that he must not give up; the levitating hedgehog she saved him from, Rikai the Hedgehog, basically wants to destroy the world and he shall not let that happen. However, despite sounding cool, he has no idea how to do that, and he feels that he is carrying the will of the entire world on his shoulders and--

...Suddenly, the female turns around and flicks her finger on his forehead, startling the echidna.

"You're way too tense. We'll figure something out. "

Naturally, the tension on Dimitri's voice lowers as his ears do the same.

Ramonna, smiling, tells him that she would do whatever she can to help him; after all, living in a destroyed world is not something she plans for the future. However, there is one condition: as Ramonna assists him in his goals, he must do the same to her own as well. Dimitri agrees and fist-bumps her while grinning...

"Weeeeell... I suppose I could teach you to hit harder than a little girl like you do now, you know that~?"

"Pfft... I'm good. Your planning wasn't exactly stellar, either."

And they both laugh it off lightheartedly... and the episode concludes itself. _____________________________________________________________________________________

Episode Thirty-Six: Oblivion of Shadows (FINALE)

The episode commences with a flashback. Featuring the times when Ramonna runs away with a wounded Dimitri inside the hailstorm that happened in Cinnabar Forest, the hedgehog notices that the echidna has passed out. Exclaiming that the female echidna must not give up and hang in there, she finds the hail too harsh to move at fast speeds. It is far too cold for them... And with no shelter, they would not survive...

When hope is the only thing driving Ramonna at that point, who pulled the echidna with her, she suddenly sees a blinding light coming from behind the trees. Despite not knowing what it is, she follows it, and the hedgehog soon finds herself meeting with the tour guide's group. Rejoicing at her return, everyone treats Ramonna and the wounded echidna she brought with her as well.

However, when she finally has a good look at the one she just saved...

"...Wait... This chick is a guy?!" _____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode then makes a transition to the present, few days after the previous episode.

Upon earning his weekly salary, a bandaged Dimitri realizes that he has enough money to pay for Ramonna's rent for many months along with cash to spare. After countless hours of work almost every day, his hard work has been paying off. Even Jasmine, someone that used to despise her job, finds it fun now.

Not only that, but House of Lilies has become more popular as of recently. With their fresh flowery sales, the manager mentions that they would soon reform the establishment; fix walls, expand it, and whatnot. The once-failing store is stronger than it has ever been and everyone within it is satisfied.

Finished with his job for the week, Dimitri strolls around Station Square and sees a familiar jewelry store Ramonna would stare at when she first took him for a walk around the city. He notices that the amulet the hedgehog craved with her eyes is still being featured. And so, he goes there to buy it for his friend.

He is so happy, in fact, when Jasmine suddenly bumps into him, she notices that she has never seen the echidna, someone that barely loses his cool, so nonchalant before. The bat is interested in the present Dimitri bought and holds in his hands and walks together with him for the entire evening.

Jasmine, while blushing, eventually inquires Dimitri if the present he bought is for someone special to him, and the latter does not hesitate to say that it is for a good friend. She smiles faintly and then asks the long-haired echidna if he would like to head to her house to stay for the night...

...but Dimitri shakes his head.

Feeling rejection in her heart, the lavender-colored bat then leaves by running away with tears on her eyes. Dimitri has no idea what he might have said to her and chased after her, telling her to wait! _____________________________________________________________________________________

At the same time, Ramonna walks around town with some of her school friends she did not see for a while; she has been so invested in assisting Dimitri lately that she greatly neglected them. However, as he healed soon, the hedgehog started to go on strolls with the others without telling them about him.

Suddenly, a crying lavender-colored bat is seen in a dark alley with countless thugs around her. The low-lives of Station Square begin to threaten and touch her in places she is most uncomfortable. Shuddering in fear and unable to fly due to the others damaging her wings, Jasmine screams for someone to help her!

Outside the isolated alley, Ramonna could faintly overhear someone's voice. Telling the others that she would later catch up to them, she follows the voice and finds Jasmine. As the alley is swarming with thugs, the hedgehog grits her teeth and thinks to herself that handling everyone else is going to take a while.

A levitating Dimitri then lands beside Ramonna, holding the present on his left hand. As he sees Jasmine in distraught, he tells the thugs to leave his friend alone and leave peacefully. The others laugh and hold the lavender-colored bat even tighter. Outnumbered, the duo enters their fighting stances...

"Sigh... I guess we have no choice. "

"Pfft, I wasn't planning them get away from the beginning!" _____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode then makes another transition.

After a relatively short battle, all of the shady-looking thugs are seen knocked out unconscious, laying down on the cold hard ground. For the two super-powered fighters, numbers do not matter all that much. However, as they used their powers in the battle, they accidentally reveal them to a surprised Jasmine.

While initially in shock, the geeky bat returns to her senses and thanks them thoroughly, amazed by their supernatural abilities. Jasmine is then introduced to Ramonna, and she almost instantly recognizes the hedgehog as the friend Dimitri would always talk about in work. Jasmine mentions how great it is to finally meet the champion of the Titan Smashing tournament and know she is the echidna's friend.

"You two suit each other together really well. It's almost cute, haha..."

Upon hearing that, a beet-red Ramonna and a confused Dimitri shake their head. _____________________________________________________________________________________

The episode makes another transition.

Few hours after saving Jasmine, whom readily made her departure, and saying farewell to her school friends, Ramonna silently accompanies Dimitri on his peaceful stroll around Emerald Coast. The stunning dark blue-colored sky is starry, featuring numerous majestic stars that beautify the horizon.

Ever since the lavender-colored bat spoke about them suiting one another really, Ramonna has been somewhat self-conscious, something someone independent as herself rarely feels. Somehow, her first impression of Dimitri has been fading significantly as he proven himself kind and courageous time and time again.

Watching the small waves crash upon the shore, Dimitri begins by saying to Ramonna that he might not have been completely honest with her about his training and reveals that he has been working tremendously in order to make a big surprise for her. He would pay her rent with his new job and share a bit of the happiness she made him feel with her.

The echidna then gives her the small case he holds. It is from familiar luxurious brand Ramonna seems to recognize. Within the box, the golden amulet Ramonna dreamed of getting is revealed to her. The gift, in Dimitri's perspective, is meant to symbolize their friendship. On the other hand, within the eyes of the flustered hedgehog, it merely assures the feelings she once fought against: her attraction towards him...

Ramonna thanks him from the bottom of her heart and, much to Dimitri's surprise, and grabs his hand to pull him in a run beside the small waves under the beautiful starry sky. The echidna, in his mind, makes the connection to the times he once felt serenity upon gazing at a similar view.

The echidna, on the other hand, looks behind him as they run together laughing and merrily. Much like he saw with his grandpa once, he apparently sees the ghost of his old friend Concordia standing on the shore, smiling with teary eyes and waving back as she begins to fade. Dimitri smiles and waves back...

"Thank you for everything! Now, onto the future!"

As the two friends run towards the gigantic full-moon at the distance, the episode concludes itself and the credits roll... _____________________________________________________________________________________



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