The Interview

# 1. The first episode of your series has been Featured! How does that make you feel?

A) I feel honored that my hard-work was recognized in some manner. Thank you, everyone!

# 2. In the Preface, you describe the theme as being one of loneliness. Are there other themes that are touched upon in this installment?

A)  Although it varies from reader to reader, there are other subtle ones. For example, the story also focuses on the theme of the imperfection of the world, the battle of idealism versus cynicism, and the strength in numbers. I hope those that read my stories are able to identify some others!

# 3. If Rikai had never joined the Nightmare Seekers, what do you think would have happened?

A) Ah, what-if scenarios... I do have some personal theories!
There is a chance Rikai would have not become a spell-caster and instead lead a rebellion to drive away the intruders from his village. Perhaps he would eventually come to love someone!
But alas, he is different. Rikai is someone whose presence on this world was prophesied thousands of years ago. That makes me wonder... would he be swayed by darkness in another manner? Can we truly fight fate?

# 4. If RoD had a theme song and soundtrack, what do you think they'd be?

A) I have no idea for soundtrack since my characters' themes are taken from various series. The two main choices for the theme song, however, are Zoetrope by Yanagi Nagi or Falling in the Black by Skillet.

# 5. Were there any things that made development problematic?

A) Sometimes I would forget to save everything I had written in a week. Aside from writer's block, there were times I had difficulties getting from Point A to Point B while including interesting things in-between!

# 6. If RoD was developed as a video game, would you want some of the longer episodes to be made shorter for the sake of making it not seem way too long, or keep it as is?

A) Every adaptation needs to sacrifice of the original content to serve its medium better. Like a book is adapted to a movie, I would preserve key elements of the story and adapt others to make it a cool video game.

# 7. Finally, what was your favorite part during writing?

A) Getting impressed with myself by coming up with ideas, concepts, or pieces of dialogue that made me shiver with how cool, how heartwarming, how nightmare-fueling, or how perverse they were.
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