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Twilight Shard

The epilogue for Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage, the second installment of the fan-fiction series created by Chamesthehero. The finale takes place three days after the events of Nightmare Reborn.

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The episode commences at dusk in the Scorched Dunes. The landscape of the red-colored desert has its merits; the fusion of day and night in the skies make its Rainbow Dust-filled dunes glimmer, as do the stars that slowly start to emerge. If not for its scorching temperature during the day and chilly climate during the night, this region of Soumerca would undoubtedly be a hot-spot for tourists, or lovers.

As the night approaches Red Rose Town, most of its inhabitants seem to gather in one place: Siam's Paradise Bar, a combination of a hostess bar and nightclub. In many ways, it was the quintessential location for treasure hunters and merchants to enjoy the rest of their waking hours after a long day of work.

Yet, for some, it was where the real fun began. The staff, most notably the hostesses of the bar, comprised of the best-looking girls in the entirety of the town wearing Eurishian-styled maid outfits. The popularity of the leader of the hostesses and, for many, the prettiest girl in Red Rose Town, Garnet the Caracal, was a key factor for the success of the business.

Much to the dismay of her admirers, though, she was dating someone else. Tobias the Crescent, the town's most famous womanizer and Garnet's most beloved, was sitting down by himself near the bar stand, drinking. He was observing the movement within the nightclub, but perhaps more noticeably the women dancing. His womanizing ways did die down a little, but he still had Garnet to keep him in check every so often.

The epilogue cuts to a particular woman stepping into the bar, naturally waving her black-colored hair around. She attracts attention from most, if not all people from the bar; she is a foreigner. The way she dressed, the way she walked, the way she spoke, but most distinctly, her beauty; it was all beyond the scope of the inhabitants of Red Rose Town, so most were either charmed or intimidated by her presence.

Interestingly enough, the voluptuous woman sits beside Tobias near the bar stand and orders a drink.

"The drink is on me."

The woman turns, revealing her amber-colored eyes to Tobias, and giggles softly.

"Ah? Well, aren't you a darling?"

Tobias tells her that he has been called many names before, but she could call him Tobias. He assesses she is not from around here, to which she agrees. She was looking for someone in particular and was wondering if he could help her. The womanizer assures her that she is in luck, for he practically knows everyone around. Far away, Garnet takes notice of the conversation and wonders what is going on with them.

The mysterious woman was looking for someone that had, in their possession, a certain jewel that was powerful enough to devastate the entire desert. After all, the sudden emergence of an unnaturally large sandstorm that covered the Scorched Dunes and then vanished without a trace must have originated from somewhere.

The echidna instantly knew what she was referring to and who she was looking for. In this head, Tobias recalls that credence about the existence of the devastating Chaos Emeralds is unheard of. She did not look like a friend of DimitriRamonna, or Maxwell. Judging by her expression, featuring eyes that seemed to display both curiosity and disdain, Tobias had a hunch that the woman had ulterior motives behind her journey.

Something was not right with her.

"...Sorry, miss. I don't know who you are referring to."

Slowly, the woman gets closer and closer to Tobias. The alluring pheromones of the woman, something beyond the level of Garnet's, makes Tobias flinch slightly but tries to maintain his composure. He asserts that he is not lying, but all that does is make the woman giggle once more.

She gets closer, touches his chest gently, and whispers close to him.

"I know what you've been up to lately, you know... Playing the hero with three others, saving the town, getting the girl... Aaaaa... But your heart is beating so fast... You know where they are."

Tobias remains silent with his hear pounding, and he tries to back himself up, but feels unable to do so.

"But you don't trust me..."

The woman seems to be enjoying herself. Garnet appears beside them, but the moment she was about to demand what was going on, the woman suddenly starts kissing her, much to the surprise of the wide-eyed caracal. Soon, the caracal seems to lose strength in her body as the stimulating kiss makes her feel incredibly light-headed. Both Tobias and Garnet feel snared by the woman, and they could not do anything about it.

"Mmmm... Let's get to know each other better, shall we?"

The woman in black smiles at their distressed expressions.

"The night is young."


The epilogue cuts to black and makes a transition.

Meanwhile in the northern part of Soumerca, near Cinnabar Forest, a familiar antagonist can be seen looking down at the world from the peak of Mount Aurora. Constantly absorbing the negative emotions of other people from all over the planet, Rikai's already-magnificent power is, indeed, ever-rising.

Rikai the Hedgehog feels rather apprehensive to see that his Frost Nightmare was defeated. He had thought that it would have been enough to wipe the Radiant Hills clean after striking fear into the hearts of its people, but instead, selfless warriors came to the rescue and inspired hope. He did not get significantly stronger, even though what happened in the Scorched Dunes was particularly beneficial to his power.

The hedgehog was surprised to see that Dimitri was able to grow in power in such a small amount of time. Even he was concerned about the Prinus echidna's Chaos Shine, an attack that seemed to pierce space-time and reached places beyond their scope. Just as it is written in his mother's Book of Shadows, the Chaos Emeralds were the reason for the defeat of the Twilight Shard.

Dimitri really is interesting, he thought. A valuable source of entertainment, indeed.

Teleporting the Chaos Emeralds to another dimension would have proven itself a possibility for Rikai to ensure complete victory. Or perhaps, even kill Dimitri and the others himself by sinking the continent altogether. Yet, for reasons Rikai did not fully grasp at first, he was not able to do it. It was the same reason why the Twilight Shard was unable to do the same in the past with the mortal hero that faced it countless eons ago.

"You cannot change fate."

The Twilight Shard's words would echo in his subconscious. Rikai knows the implications of that statement. He shudders slightly. Maybe the Twilight Shard's previous fear was not without foundation.

The consciousness of Madam Weiss, projecting itself as a Mobian, giggles softly. She wonders if that is the case. She knows that Dimitri could not have possibly felt compelled to hunt down the Chaos Emeralds on his own accord; there is a third-party at work that not even the Twilight Shard and Rikai are aware of. This piece of information was not mentioned in her book, after all. And she knew it well.

Rikai, sitting on his throne, glances at the stars above and mentions that his plan is still in motion, though he says this without the beaming confidence that he previous had.

"My reign of darkness will rise."

The hedgehog now looks down the world below him, with the Mobian manifestations of Madam Weiss and the Twilight Shard standing beside him, only to embrace him as he remains firm in his convictions.

"And no Golden Champion is going to win in the end."

Soon after, the credits roll.




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