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Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage is the second installment of Dimitri Chronicles, a Sonic-related fan-fiction series created by Chamesthehero. It succeeds Dimitri Chronicles: Reign of Darkness and precedes Dimitri Chronicles: Age of Heroes.

This continuity takes place within an alternate universe of modern-day Mobius, separate from canon. Taking elements from both the Sonic games and comic continuities, like its predecessor, this installment shows the story through four episodic arcs, though it features episodes in a more linear chronological order.

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Through the ruthless and twisted efforts of a hedgehog named Rikai, the Twilight Shard has risen as foretold! Scattering his pawns around the world, the Dark One seeks to regain its primal power by absorbing the negative emotions of other people by unleashing terror and chaos worldwide.

In spite of it all, the population did not lose hope. Team Prinus, a band of three heroic individuals, has emerged in order to oppose Rikai and his insane plans to establish his reign of darkness. The race against time for the gathering of the scattered seven mystic gems known as Chaos Emeralds has begun!

Following three weeks after the events of the previous installment, after mysteriously shown strange visions of a familiar location being attacked upon contact with a Chaos Emerald, Dimitri and his team are determined to prevent such bloodshed and search for clues by passing through Soumerca's large red desert.

However, not everything in the peaceful desert is what it seems... With a reemerging civilization with plans of revolution in mind and a giant sandstorm imminent, Team Prinus is placed against all odds as they receive help from an unlikely stranger and fight for everyone else's survival under the red hot sun!

With their flames of courage blazing, they venture through adventure without knowing what destiny might offer. It is up to Dimitri to find out who, or what, is behind the terror before the forthcoming tragedy strikes...

Episode Summaries

Before the Storm - Team Prinus

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Red Roses, Black Hearts

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The Blood-Soaked Empress

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Nightmare Reborn

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Flames of Courage - Epilogue

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Involved Characters

Involved characters by the story-arc they debut on.
Characters are in list of first appearances.

Before the Storm

Red Roses, Black Hearts

The Blood-Soaked Empress

Nightmare Reborn

Author's Preface

Good afternoon. I'm Chames, also known as Chamesthehero, the author of the story.

The second installment of the series is finally here. Writing everything from start to finish was a great learning experience. Since installment had fewer characters introduced, the narrative could breathe and focus on fleshing out its large cast of main and supporting characters, as well as its villains.

The installment, Flames of Courage, focuses on the theme of resolution. Life is unfair. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we are often met with great hardships. Trouble is inevitable. We only have the ability to control our reactions towards what happens to us. In many ways, life is what you make of it.

Despite their circumstances, no matter how foul, everyone has their ideas of what is best for them. Therefore, the next step is obvious. We must have the courage to put our ideas into practice.


  • Should this installment have theme songs, its English theme would be It Has Begun by Starset, while its Japanese theme would be Liar Mask by Rika Mayama.
  • In the original conception of series, this installment was not planned out to exist!
    • Team Prinus would have reached Radiant Hills at the beginning of the installment.
    • Naturally, the entirety of the supporting cast for this installment, save for one character in particular, was not going to appear in the series in its entirety.
  • This installment, as with the previous one, takes inspiration from manga and video-games.
  • Like its prequel, Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage takes place in an alternate universe.
    • Usage of Chaos Control would be needed to reach this continuity from other ones.
    • Such universe is a mixture of the Sega canon and the Archie Sonic comics, along with the expanded lore of the author's head-canon. There is a lot to keep track of!
      • Therefore, many contradictory elements have been either altered or removed. It is likely that the most of the main cast of Sonic characters are not present in this canon.
        • The Commander makes a cameo appearance in Nightmare Reborn.
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