The episode summaries for All For One, the first story-arc in Dimitri Chronicles: Age of Heroes. Following the aftermath of the events from the previous installment, this arc follows Dimitri and his team as they are hunted down by a secret agent and the world's biggest terrorists begin threatening a familiar place...

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Episode Summaries

Episode One: All For One

The episode commences in the peaceful location of Westopolis.

It closely follows the life of a Mobian high-school student whose life seems to be going great. He just had graduated, recently managed to get a girlfriend, and, that evening, they would watch the finale of a ten-year-long movie series in the local theater. However, that would be a surprise; he was going about to buy the tickets and reveal them to her after giving her birthday present: a big yellow-colored jewel he found.

When he is the vending stand in the cinema, however, he notices that a large shadow that is suddenly cast upon the city. Dozens, no, hundreds of airships scatter around the skies, each technological behemoth possibly carrying even more people... no, robots. As hundreds of robots and other uniformed Mobians and humans started jumping from the ships to the ground, they start to shoot lasers from their weapons...

From what appears to be an advanced megaphone in all ships, all of them start to echo one phrase; a phrase most frightening, a phrase even the Guardian Units of Nations considers evil:


It was the Robotnik Military Squadron, the main army of the Eggman Empire. ______________________________________________________________________________________

The episode makes a transition to Radiant Hills, a region in the southwestern continent, Soumerca.

It is a cloudy day. The funeral of the region's previous leader, Teno the Panther, as well as the fallen warriors from the conflict against the Frost Beasts, is held. Hundreds of residents from the Radiant Hills gather on the village's plaza, where they would create a gigantic ceremonial bonfire whose flaming light could be seen miles away. Some weep, all take off their hats, and many remain silent out of their fallen chief and comrades.

The new leader and Teno's younger brother, Cusco the Panther, holds his brother's former lance, the Peacemaker, and makes a moving speech about how those who stand alive today should not weep but rejoice, for his big brother and the other warriors died with the intention of protecting them and they succeeded. As the chief of the Radiant Hills, he, Cusco, was make sure to carry out their legacies.

Seventeen-year old Ramonna the Hedgehog watches the ceremony within the crowd, silently. On her face there is an expression of both sadness and regret; she clutches her fist at the thought of not being strong enough to hold back the Frost Beasts—she, considered the strongest of Station Square, was devastated. She knew Teno for so little time, yet she knew that he was a great leader and meant a lot to many...

Ramonna gazes at the large bonfire's intense flames and at the gleaming white Chaos Emerald she held. Her friend, nine-year old Maxwell the Fox, did not attend the event because his leg was injured in the battle against the Frost Beasts and stayed in bed. She could only wonder where her other friend was—he had strangely not spoken with her ever since they had managed to fight off the Frost Nightmare two days before.

On the top of the tallest hill, at its highest peak, sixteen-year old Dimitri Prinus the Echidna, stood. With the winds blowing his long hair, he watches the bonfire's flames and the nearby sea, completely and utterly alone.

After five full minutes, Dimitri starts to completely break down on his knees.

The episode concludes itself after that. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Episode Two: All For One II

The episode commences a few hours after the events that occurred in Westopolis.

The Robotnik Military Squadron had successfully raided the city. Once-large Westopolis had major damage done to it—buildings were destroyed, some of the population killed, some captured, and it was entirely overrun by machines. Not even the Guardian Units of Nations unit present was able to combat it. Reinforcements arrived far too late; the army had already left within its technologically-advanced airships.

There was an international reaction to the events that unfolded. Presidents from many countries tried to assure their populations that all was well. One said that, unlike Westopolis, they apparently had more technologically-advanced weaponry provided by the G.U.N.... Another said that they had better-trained units than the ones from Westopolis that would be easily able to repel the terrorist force. They were all white lies.

The Commander, the leader of the Guardian Units of Nations, stated in the press that there was a mere breach in their defenses and that reconstructing Westopolis and sending humanitarian aid was their current main priority. He stated that the Eggman Empire, a major superpower which for many years have tried to take over the world, had not issued an official statement in regards to its motives for the raid.

But the Commander knew it well. They are searching for the same things the G.U.N. are. _______________________________________________________________________________________

The episode then makes a transition.

Within one of the airships of the Robotnik Military Squadron that was located at the very center of the airships' formation, a Mobian hedgehog, the likes of which was uniformed much differently than other grunts, with a serious expression on his face, enters a large dim-lit room featuring a widescreen, holding something on his right palm. The room is freezing cold, with the hedgehog's breath condensing in smoke.

The static screen starts to transmitter a rather unsettling image of a shadowed human who concealed his face and had his voice altered. The hedgehog kneels down while talking to the true sovereign of the Eggman Empire, an enigmatic figure known only as The Doctor. With the gem on his hands, the hedgehog shows him that his forces have, as planned, acquired the yellow-colored Chaos Emerald. The Doctor praises the uniformed hedgehog, the de-facto commander of his army, and orders him to initiate "the preparations".

As the serious-looking hedgehog assures The Doctor that he will not fail, he is dismissed and leaves the dark room. Upon the light, he notices that there are other two similarly uniformed people waiting for him outside.

Unlike common soldiers, these three had hats that bore unique symbols. The female hedgehog standing outside has a beta-shaped symbol and the wolf, towering over her, has an omega-shaped mark. The hedgehog holding the Chaos Emerald on his hand has an alpha-shaped symbol on his hat.

"It's time to move."


The episode then makes a transition.

Within a hut separate from where Ramonna and Maxwell slept, Dimitri sleeps with the white-colored Chaos Emerald on his palm, clutching it with all his might. His grip gets gradually stronger, for he starts to witness what can only be described as a nightmare. The white Chaos Emerald glows considerably.

In his dream, Dimitri is within strange grounds. He seems to be up in the air, but on what appears to be a ship that is able to transverse the night sky. The echidna looks upwards at the formation of the stars to see when and where is he in what appears to be another vision made by the Chaos Emerald. By his estimates, he seems awfully close to Station Square a few days from then. He could see the city below from where he was.

Then, hundreds of mechs and soldiers start to march towards Dimitri and they apprehend him. Somehow, the echidna is unable to use his powers as he struggles to escape. As he tries to run away, he trips and falls. He starts to crawl on the floor desperately and starts to hear the screams of Ramonna and Maxwell as both are subdued by two differently-uniformed soldiers. Dimitri begs them to stop, but it seems to no avail.

Dimitri tries to get up but is quickly impaled by a trident similar to the one that pierced through Teno in their battle against the Frost Beasts. The culprit was none other than another differently-uniformed soldier—a blond, male hedgehog bearing an alpha-shaped marking. The echidna wriggles in pain on the floor. As Dimitri's vision starts to become faint, he notices that the hedgehog held a remote-controller with a big red button. As the hedgehog grins and presses it, a large cannon, prominently featuring the yellow Chaos Emerald, emerges from the battleship and fires a laser beam towards the city.

The bright flash of light that results from the laser's collision with Station Square makes the nightmare end. _______________________________________________________________________________________

Dimitri wakes up shaking in the middle of the night, clearly nauseated and terrified from the entire experience.

Sick to his stomach, the Prinus echidna tries to get up after his shaking starts to lessen but then he swiftly loses balance and falls once again. He is far too weak emotionally and physically to summon his powers. His heartbeat starts to increase abruptly once more—all the memories he worked hard to manage start coming back to him: the death of Concordia, the death of his grandfather Daiku, the death of his friend Teno, his inability to save all three and keep the ones he cares about away from danger...

Dimitri holds his own head and tells himself repeatedly to make those memories go away.

The sixteen-year old starts to have a massive headache and, still holding the Chaos Emerald, slowly tries to get up to fetch a glass of water. Maybe all he needs is rest. Maybe things would get better in the morning.

The episode concludes itself when, as soon as Dimitri drinks, the echidna enters his battle stance as soon as he notices that someone else is in the room with him—a woman with long black hair and pretty face. The same G.U.N. agent that has been hunting Team Prinus down all this time.

"Aaaa... I've finally found you." _______________________________________________________________________________________

Episode Three: All For One III

The episode commences immediately following the events of the previous one.

While trying to keep his balance in his usual battle stance, Dimitri demands to know who she is and what she wants.

"Well, I can be many things. An ally. An enemy. A stranger. A lover. Nobody at all... and everyone all at once. Depending on your words, Dimitri Harmonia Prinus, we'll see what I shall be for you tonight."

Dimitri is clearly taken aback by how the woman knew his full name and knew where to find him. The echidna grips on his Chaos Emerald harder as the woman introduces herself to be part of the Guardian Units of Nations. The smiling woman is keen to notice his discomfort and continues speaking to him.

"Oh, I know everything about you, love. How your people were massacred. How you struggle to accept their death and move on with your life. How you always cause harm to come to the people you care most about. I must say, Dimitri: it's impressive someone like you is still alive."

The Prinus echidna's eyes flash turquoise. Dimitri does not know where in the world she got a hold of all that personal information about him. Surely she is bluffing? Or could have someone betrayed him? The pretty woman's strong pheromones and his own mental exhaustion seem to have messed with his line of reasoning. Finally, a weakened Dimitri mutters that he cannot die yet since he has a mission to collect—

"Ah, you mean the Chaos Emeralds?"

Dimitri wobbles. He knew that the Chaos Emeralds were common knowledge, but the general population only thought of them as fairy-tales, and yet this woman knows they are real. She proceeds to ask him for the one he is holding right now, but he remains silent. Again, noticing that her previous investigation was right on the mark due to Dimitri's uneasy body language, the feline continues to speak softly to him.

"Collect the Chaos Emeralds, and then what? Love, you know first-hand how these gems are incredibly dangerous... and how millions could die if they are not handled properly."

Dimitri's headache intensifies. Does she really know everything about him? Is what she is saying true? He starts to remember his previous exploits against the Inferno Bandits in the Scorched Dunes and how Zahra the Hyena's transformation almost wiped out the entire desert with a single Chaos Emerald. She proceeds to tell him that the Guardian Units of Nations has an entire team dedicated to keeping the emeralds safe. Meanwhile, he does not even know how they properly work and is endangering the lives of millions as they spoke.

"Don't you realize that we are on the same side?"

An uneasy feeling runs through Dimitri as his worst memories start to resurface at the worst possible time. Concordia's and Teno's death at the hands of the Frost Beasts. Daiku's death at the hands of Rikai the Hedgehog. What is worse, the feline's words are starting to make sense to him.

"Have you not seen enough, Dimitri? Why do you insist on dragging people you love into your own affairs? How many of your friends must get hurt until you are satisfied playing the hero? Face reality."

Alongside the harsh memories of his distant past, now Dimitri starts to see flashes of his friends Ramonna and Maxwell getting hurt due to the Frost Beast's recent invasion of the Radiant Hills. Furthermore, he starts to see flashes of Station Square being destroyed by a laser in his most recent vision granted by the Chaos Emerald. The soft-spoken pretty woman starts walking slowly towards him.

"And that's the best part, darling... We both know you have a choice to end all of this. You don't need to keep up this charade any longer. You can start anew, Dimitri. Have friendships that will last a lifetime. Plant your flowers until you are old. Settle down with someone who can truly make you happy. Build a family. Live to tell your people's tales and your own. Finally have your deserved happy ending. Now, hand over that Emerald, love, and you can leave the rest to us."

The woman's words started to resonate with a pensive, exhausted Dimitri. A part of him told him that he did not need to suffer anymore and leave the Chaos Emerald with her. However, upon remembering the promises he had made thus far and the visions he had, another part of him screamed with every fiber of their being to not let the Chaos Emerald go.

A long silence ensues... and the episode concludes itself.

Episode Four: All For One IV

The episode commences following immediately after the last episode ended.

After Dimitri's long silence, the weakened echidna refuses to give her the Chaos Emerald. Someone like him, he says, does not deserve a happy ending. He musters all his strength to tell her that it is not about playing the hero, but to atone for his weakness. He had made a promise to save the world and needs the emeralds to finish his mission, a cursed mission he now only claimed to realize that he should do it alone.

When the beautiful feline, intrigued, asks him why he will not hand it over if they are both on the same side... Dimitri responds that he cannot trust her or the G.U.N... In fact, the Prinus echidna hated her.

".......Pffffft. Fufufufufu... Aaaaaa.... My my, you're mentally, emotionally, and physically broken... and yet your willpower persists. How selfless. How selfish. A true paradox? Oh, love, this is so interesting. Change of plans. The emerald comes later. Now, I'm going to have a lot of fun tearing you apart~" _______________________________________________________________________________________

A fight between the excited woman and a weakened Dimitri ensues. The Prinus echidna tries to summon his powers, but it seems that he is far too weak to do it. Meanwhile, the woman is especially nimble on her feet. She watched his every movement with a smirk on her face. She seemed to enjoy hunting people down.

However, the moment he tries to stop her in her tracks by holding her still with his telekinesis, he is successful in summoning his psychic energy... and yet, for some odd reason, the woman seems completely unaffected by his powers. Dimitri did not have enough time to ponder about her strange immunity to her powers as she immediately pulls her combat knife and manages to slash his back. The Prinus echidna grunts in pain.

When Dimitri is about to launch another attack, he falls to the ground. For some reason, he was unable to move a muscle... She notes that he should be careful since the paralytic poison from her knife could kill him with enough dosage. The woman, smiling, pins him down as she looks downwards towards him.

If the woman's pheromones were absurdly enticing before, it seemed that now they were triple as enticing. Coupled with the paralytic poison, massive headache, fatigue, and pain, Dimitri felt completely ensnared by the woman who held her body against him on the floor. At that point, Dimitri knew that something was very off about her, and yet he could not move a muscle. She lays on his body, softly, as she whispers to him.

"Hey, can you feel it? My heartbeat? You did this to me. You're my prey now, Dimitri."

When she was able to give him another scratch with her knife, the woman's smartwatch activated on her wrist and displayed audio issued by the G.U.N. telling her, Agent Sirone, to return immediately to their headquarters since the Robotnik Military Squadron was heading her direction towards Station Square. She seems to regain her senses and slowly gets up, giggling softly as she grabs the Chaos Emerald from Dimitri.

"Just when it was getting fun... Ufufufu, looks like I got a bit carried away, as usual. I'll be taking this. If you're hunting down the Emeralds too, love, then we'll surely meet again. Aha, looking forward to it~".

Within his mind, Dimitri pleaded for her not to take the Emerald with all his strength. However, the poison, mental distress, and exhaustion finally get to him as he slowly closes his eyes, fainting. The screen fades to black as the agent leaves the scene and the episode concludes itself.

Episode Five: All for One V

The episode commences in a familiar location, a few hours earlier than the previous episode.

In the large city of Station Square, in its darkest alley, an intense spar ensued among two teenagers. The self-proclaimed strongest disciple of the East, Shiso of the East, fought against the city's most notorious delinquent, Arna the Ravager. When it came to sheer power, the fight seemed rather one-sided.

However, it was no simple spar. Both seeking to become stronger together to solve their inner issues, the panda and the jackal used whatever they had to gain the advantage over the other. The jackal was undoubtedly stronger and more experienced with her crystal-themed powers, but the panda had formal training in a dojo hidden away in the mountains of the eastern continent of Yurashia.

Even if Shiso was not able to bring forth the full extent of their teachings due to his lack of talent, the panda had studied the mystic arts so much that he could teach some to Arna, someone brimming with skill. Directed by him, the jackal summoned pillars of crystals through unorthodox ways she had never tried before. Even still, Arna struggled to follow his teachings. What Shiso taught her was theoretical—he himself was never able to emulate such techniques. It was a style of mystic art that Arna never thought existed.

According to Shiso, this particular mystic art involved the usage of one's soul, identity, spirit, and its weaponization. It seemed really difficult for Arna to wrap her head about this—it seemed all non-sense to her. Spirits and souls? Arna was hardly a religious individual to believe that all of that existed in the first place. But, beyond their supernaturality, one word among them rang on her mind constantly: identity.

Who was Arna the Caracal? _______________________________________________________________________________________

The episode makes a transition to Radiant Hills, following the previous episode.

The morning after the whole incident with the Guardian Units of Nations' agent, Ramonna went in to check with Dimitri how he was doing—he was strangely distant from everyone ever since Teno died, so she was going to see what was going on with him. When she entered his hut, she immediately noticed that he was badly hurt and hurried to aid him. Dimitri woke up panting, as if he had another nightmare.

Something about Dimitri is clearly off, and Ramonna notices that. She notices that the Prinus echidna looked exactly how he did when they first walked through Station Square together: cold, distant, and silent, and something was definitely wrong. He brushes her aside, telling her that he does not need help and for her to stay away. The hedgehog is confused and demands to know what happened to him and where the Chaos Emerald is. Dimitri suddenly remembers what happened the night before as well as his friends' death all at once again, and falls to his knees due to his headache.

Upon revealing that someone else from the Guardian Units of Nations took it and still brushing her off, Dimitri and Ramonna have an increasingly loud argument. Ramonna calls him out on his absence when it came to caring for their bedridden friend Maxwell and how distant he became after Teno's death, not even attending his funeral and leaving her all alone. She continues on by berating how he should have screamed for help when the agent came to take the Chaos Emerald so others could help him.

With the agent's words ringing in his mind and his vision of his friends being hurt tormenting him, Dimitri tells Ramonna that he did that so no one else could be hurt but him—it was HIS mission. HIS promises. HIS own affairs that Ramonna and the others had no business into since it was TOO dangerous for them. With the intention of pushing them away from danger, the Prinus echidna claims that he had enough time pretending that something like Team Prinus would work out and tells her that she and Maxwell should go home.

Ramonna is clearly hurt by his words. No, "hurt" would not describe what she feels at that moment. The hedgehog feels anger. The hedgehog feels sadness. The hedgehog feels betrayed. The hedgehog feels devastated. It seems that Dimitri forgot their promise of helping each other to achieve their dreams. Given how he seems to not care about her or Maxwell at all, she stops arguing with him.

After a long pause, Ramonna tells him to leave and never see them again. Clenching his fists and looking away, Dimitri says that he will not return. It is clear that both teenagers are incredibly hurt. A lot has been going on in their minds lately. However, at that moment, both did not have the courage to reconcile, even if what they said to each other did not fully reflect what they truly felt at that moment.

The episode concludes itself as Dimitri storms off flying in the direction of Station Square. Ramonna notices that he left the cyan Chaos Emerald with her and, in a fit of anger, throws it with all her might at the ocean before lying down on the floor with her limbs all stretched out, utterly exhausted and desolated.

Episode Six: All for One VI

The episode commences following the events of the previous episode.

Within the main airship of the Robotnik Military Squadron, the three Elite Bosses gather. They just had issued commands to each of their respective units of soldiers. Beta expressed boredom; she had no prisoners remaining to "amuse" herself with since they had all broken down beyond recognition. Omega is visibly upset about the fact that Alpha's soldiers had recently been having a much higher productivity rate than his and loudly expresses his dislike of being second. Alpha, who was not paying much attention, coldly retorted:

"If you're so concerned with being second, Omega, then surpass me."

Omega could have expressed even further frustration, but he decided to keep quiet as soon as he caught sight of Alpha's menacing blue eyes, both of which instead made Beta's heart throb.

Everyone present—no, everyone around Mobius considered Alpha to be the most dangerous Elite Boss. Aside from The Doctor, he was the most wanted in G.U.N.'s list of criminals. He was far stronger than what the legends about him depicted him to be, and it was no exaggeration that he was considered by many to be the world's strongest man. Omega and Beta were not far behind, but even they knew Alpha was on another level.

Beta clings to Alpha like a cute fan-girl, talking about how he is the coolest and that no one compares to him. The yellow-colored hedgehog sighs and pays not much attention, staring intently at the status update of the Egg Nova Nullifier, or just the E-Nova Nullifier, a massive cannon stationed right outside the room.

It is revealed that the yellow Chaos Emerald is being used to power it, yet the readings say that there is not enough energy for it to activate. Omega expresses his confusion, but Alpha remains calm, explaining that another source of energy is required to breach and tap into the Chaos Emerald's link with its power source. As Beta offers her own supply of energy to be used, Alpha insults her and says that bio-energy is not compatible with the Chaos Emerald or the E-Nova Nullifier. He remains quiet, thinking of a possible solution...

Suddenly, all the Elite Bosses' energy radars spike. All of them could detect that it came from outside. Then, they feel tremors and hear a lot of gun-shots and lasers being fired.

"Now would you look at that... What perfect timing."

Beta and Omega both try to head outside, but are signaled by Alpha to remain put.Alpha stands up from his chair and, slowly, heads outside, desiring to learn more about this mysterious energy source...


The episode makes a transition to what is happening outside.

Pulsing with turquoise-colored psychic energy, sixteen-year-old Dimitri uses his telekinetic powers to destroy multiple airships, twisting them and tearing them apart as he flies at blinding speeds. He relentlessly spams his telekinetic blasts to trigger explosions to hide within the smokes from the gunfire of the soldiers and machines shot at him. Notably, the expression on his face seems to be one of seriousness, as if he had shut down all of his emotions and had only one thing in his mind. He was not about playing any games.

As he dodges their gunfire, missiles, and redirects them all to the other airships, Dimitri starts to feel uneasy as he has no idea where the next Chaos Emerald—there more than dozens, no, hundreds of airships in the fleet. Still, he tries to press on but starts to get overwhelmed by the countless projectiles shot at him. Sure he could redirect them all, but they had seemingly no end to them while his psychic energy was finite.

Perhaps taking them all on his own might have not been a good idea.

As a visibly tired Dimitri starts to find somewhere to hide from all the gunfire as he was getting low on energy, the Prinus echidna notices that, below him, a differently-uniformed soldier starts to approach him slowly. He was the same one he had seen in his vision with the Chaos Emerald. Alarmed and desperate, Dimitri tries to muster all of his remaining energy to charge an energy beam and shoot it at the figure.

Unimpressed, Alpha extends his arm forward at the beam and aims his right palm at it. As the energy beam collides with his palm, it is simply halted—there was no staggering on Alpha's part. As Dimitri is confused at how anyone could take one of his energy beams on directly, the hedgehog simply disappears him his sight.

Desperately, Dimitri tries to look around where he could be. Did he teleport somewhere? Or maybe he was simply too fast for him to see? It was far too late for Dimitri to notice that Alpha was above directly above him, and gets immediately knocked out by Alpha's downward kick, which sends him crashing down below...

The episode concludes itself soon after that.

Episode Seven: All for One VII

The episode commences in a familiar location, a few hours earlier than the previous episode.

In Station Square, Arna continues to train alone to master the new fighting style Shiso taught her. However, she did not seem to be getting the same high that she usually got by practicing her fighting techniques. Serious doubts about herself clouded her thoughts. The jackal, frustrated that she was getting nowhere, decided that she would simply take a walk around town to see if it made her feel more at ease.

As she walks around, she spots someone she has not seen in a hot minute: Jasmine the Bat. Jasmine, dressed differently than how she usually is, sports a get-up similar to Arna's, namely with darker clothes. As Jasmine is greeted by Arna with a strong pat in a back that throws her off balance, they both bicker for a little while, with the bat sassily scolding the jackal as the latter laughs it out. It is supposedly all in good fun.

As they chat, Jasmine tells her that evening they would hold a rock and heavy metal music festival in the Treasure Chest Arena and that she would be going there against her wishes. It was her father that forced to in order for her to get out more, apparently, since she was locked up in her room for a while playing games. The bat notes that her father bought her two tickets (for her to bring a friend) and takes a deep breath.

After a pause, as if she was remembering something, Jasmine asks Arna if she wants to come along, much to the latter's surprise. Jasmine and Arna were not particularly close and did not talk much.

The jackal asks her why would she not invite someone closer to her to tag along. Jasmine playfully scoffs at such response, telling Arna that Dimitri and the others are away and that Shiso was probably busy watching anime, so she basically ran out of options. Besides, she needed someone strong to protect her from the mosh pit. The jackal, unfamiliar with warmth since she is rarely invited out to anything, thanks her awkwardly, though Arna notes she is unfamiliar with music and shows in general since she spends all her time fighting.

Jasmine says that she should not mention it and tells Arna to accompany her there. Arna follows her, half wondering what made Jasmine be so talkative that day, half curious to see what a "mosh pit" looks like... _______________________________________________________________________________________

The episode makes a transition.

In a dark room, Dimitri wakes up and immediately notices that he is chained mid-air. Fancy-looking glowing chains wrap his limbs from almost every angle and the room is cold to the point Dimitri can see water-vapour coming out of his every breath. The tubes all connected to a strange cannon that could be faintly seen across the room. He tries to break out of the chains using his telekinesis, but seems to be unable to summon his psychic energy. Instead, he feels incredibly weakened and does not have a clue as to where he is.

Directly in front of him, Alpha can be seen sitting on a table, drinking what appears to be coffee. He holds the yellow-colored Chaos Emerald with his other hand, twirling it around with his finger.

"So you woke up, Prinus echidna. I am Alpha. Welcome to the end of your life."

Dimitri's vision is a bit hazy as if he was sedated beforehand. Elite Boss Alpha starts talking to Dimitri in a casual tone that certainly does not entirely fit the atmosphere, but the teenager does not feel unnerved. Alpha remarks that he surprised that a Prinus echidna was still alive after the world-known Prinus Village Massacre.

Dimitri continues to attempt to break free of his chains, but Alpha notes that it is futile. The Elite Boss calmly explains that these chains had particles of a rare crystal known as Chamesite, which nullifies supernatural abilities. The echidna wonders if it was due to this crystal that Agent Sirone was immune to his powers.

Furthermore, the chains were slowly absorbing Dimitri's psychic energy to power the cannon, the Egg Nova Nullifier. He remarks that he had never seen such a massive pool of psychic energy, and he has seen a fair share of world-class telekinetic warriors in his time. Dimitri was "lucky", for otherwise, Alpha would have let Elite Boss Beta have her way with him and torture him endlessly until he broke in every way imaginable.

That does not break Dimitri's spirit. When the echidna asks why was he doing all of this, the commander scoffs at the teenager's ignorance. The Elite Boss tells him that the Robotnik Military Squadron's ultimate goal is to take over the world and create a perfect technological utopia led by a man known as The Doctor, and that they would be testing the Egg Nova Nullifier on Station Square to begin the process.

Dimitri remembers his previous vision and demands to know why would they destroy Station Square. Alpha stands up, scoffs at him once more, and remarks that would not destroy the city at all—they would use the power of the Chaos Emerald to warp reality and alter the city's history to make it so it was always a base of the Robotnik Military Squadron. That way, no one there would ever resist and would even join their cause.

"We, the Elite Bosses, can crush continents to dust with our power alone, but to what end? Hearts cannot be easily swayed. Even we did conquer 99% of the world through force alone, there would always be resistance. It would not be the technological utopia The Doctor wishes for. Instead, with the power of the Chaos Emeralds, we shall rewrite the foundations of reality. The Eggman Empire is, were, and always will be supreme. Tell me, Prinus, is that not true power? And it is all thanks to you."

It was direr of a situation than Dimitri previously had ever imagined. Create a supposed utopia? Destroy continents? Going as far as to mess with reality? In many ways, Alpha's plan resembled Rikai the Hedgehog's and THAT was able to freak him out. Even worse, Dimitri was THE reason the Egg Nova Nullifier would have enough energy to change Station Square forever. Would this have occurred if he was with Team Prinus?

For a fleeting moment, Dimitri's motivation wavered as despair filled his heart.

The episode concludes shortly after.

Episode Eight: All for One VIII

The episode commences in a familiar location.

In the region of Radiant Hills, Maxwell has healed from his leg injury completely. In bed, he spent a lot of time thinking about his Unleashed transformation and how he was nowhere close to discovering its true origins and how it works. It made him relieved that it did not trigger at the wrong time and how he was able to use it to save others, though he still feels extremely curious about it. His curiosity kept him from thinking too deeply about Teno's death, which always brought him to the verge of tears. Maxwell would carry on.

Maxwell is excited to leave his bed since he had not seen Dimitri for a long time. He runs around the village at supersonic speeds, but sees no sight of him. He enters a hammock and sees Ramonna in a very uncharacteristic manner: lying about and staring at nothing. She does not seem to be in the mood for talking, but Maxwell innocently tries asking her about Dimitri's whereabouts anyway.

The mere mention of Dimitri riles her up. Ramonna exclaims that Dimitri is gone for good. Maxwell does not understand. Ramonna continues on by saying how he left due to his "mission" that he "needed to complete alone" and how he does not care about them at all. He had lost his Chaos Emerald. He had the nerve of not visiting Maxwell when he was sick and the nerve of forgetting his own promise with her. Ramonna claims that they are better off with him, something that he himself had claimed right in front of her face.

"Team Prinus is over."

Maxwell could notice that, though Ramonna is very angry, her eyes are watery. The child did not fully understand the weight behind his friend's words. Dimitri was gone, was that it? So they needed to find him. Ramonna realizes that Maxwell was confused and screams even louder about how there is no point in trying to find him because he does not care for them at all. If he does not care, why should they?

Maxwell is a stupidly brave child, but one of the things that made him genuinely scared is Ramonna's wrath, and he had never seen her like this before. She was scarier than any ghost story he heard about. Still, the idea of abandoning his best friend in need was even scarier. He holds his ground, braces himself, and says:

"If Dimitri gives up on me, I will still believe in him like I always have."

A long silence ensues.

Then, someone else enters the hammock—Teno's brother, Cusco, the leader of the region. He had overheard all discussions that occurred previously: Dimitri's fight with Ramonna and the current one. He speaks softly, trying to reason with a silent Ramonna by saying how Dimitri has a lot of things going on in his head at the moment and that he possibly feels ashamed for letting his friends once again be hurt. He notes how Dimitri would never say the things he said with true intentions because he loves them too much. He could tell.

Ramonna scoffs at such reasoning, saying how ridiculous of a reason it is. Yet, it perfectly fit her friend Dimitri, that worrying idiot who always made sure everything was under control and safe. She was able to tell by looking at him the night they fought he seemed different—that he was suffering. A flashback runs through Ramonna's mind as she remembers her last conversation with Teno and how he told her to protect their unity for his sake. Was he able to predict that something like this would happen soon?

Ramonna looks at Maxwell's innocent eyes. Dimitri meant so much not only to her, but also to her friend Maxwell. She holds her amulet, a gift from Dimitri, and starts remembering the good times she spent with the Prinus echidna and how they were there for each other always. She takes a deep breath...

Oh, that dork was not getting away that easily.

The next time they meet, Ramonna wants to rub on his face how wrong he was about belittling her strength. She wanted to rub on his face how wrong he was for trying to abandon his friends out of guilt. She wanted to rub on his face how wrong he was for forgetting about their promise together. She wanted to rub on his face how wrong he was for no taking her and Maxwell's resolves to aid him. Finally, she wanted to rub on his face how wrong he was for believing that he should carry the burdens of saving the world alone.

Dimitri was her friend, and Ramonna left no one behind—no matter what he said to her.

With her determination renewed, Ramonna pulls Maxwell and Teno into a group hug and laughs and cries. Maxwell, happy that his friend is also on board for rescuing Dimitri, laughs and cries alongside her. Cusco bawls his eyes out for being able to convince Ramonna to not abandon Teno's childhood friend Dimitri. For the young panther, it was the first thing that made him feel accomplished as a leader.

After the hug, Cusco gives Ramonna the cyan-colored Chaos Emerald—the same one she had thrown away at the ocean! As a surprised Ramonna asks him how did he get it back, the panther notes how nature responds to the Peacemaker, his trident. Maxwell expresses excitement and asks if the Peacemaker could help them find more about Dimitri's whereabouts. Cusco believes it is possible and starts to concentrate.

The hedgehog, holding the Chaos Emerald, looks at it gleam. She has a bad feeling about Dimitri's emotional situation and is worried that he might have gotten himself into trouble...

The episode concludes shortly after.


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