This is an article about Dimitri Chronicles: Age of Heroes, a story created by Chamesthehero.
Dimitri Chronicles: Age of Heroes is the third installment of Dimitri Chronicles, a Sonic-related fan-fiction series created by Chamesthehero. It succeeds Dimitri Chronicles: Flames of Courage.

This continuity takes place within an alternate universe of modern-day Mobius, separate from canon. Taking elements from both the Sonic games and comic continuities, like its predecessor, this installment shows the story through four episodic arcs, featuring episodes in a more linear chronological order.

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Through the ruthless and twisted efforts of a hedgehog named Rikai, the Twilight Shard has risen as foretold! Scattering his pawns around the world, the Dark One seeks to regain its primal power by absorbing the negative emotions of other people by unleashing terror and chaos worldwide.

In spite of it all, the population did not lose hope. Team Prinus, a band of three heroic individuals, has emerged in order to oppose Rikai and his insane plans to establish his reign of darkness. The race against time for the gathering of the scattered seven mystic gems known as Chaos Emeralds has begun!

Following days after the events of the previous installment, memories of Dimitri's tormented past start to resurface with greater intensity—his nightmares have become worse than ever before. Increasingly distancing himself from his team in fear of losing more people he cares about, Dimitri's restless nights start not only to affect his telekinetic powers but his decisions... and this could not have come at a worse time.

A military organization which opposes the Guardian Units of Nations threatens the existence of Station Square. A large-scale war between two rivaling kingdoms in a secluded island plagues the lives of thousands. The deadliest members of the G.U.N. finally return from their campaign in outer space. It seems that the crusade for the seven gems of power comes at a terrible price that Team Prinus is not ready or willing to pay.

As Team Prinus persists through against their toughest odds yet, hope, however faint it may be, still lingers, and an amnesiac girl with a mysterious rosary and the remaining Mobian goddess with an ancient prophecy might be at the center of it all. Will Dimitri remain strong and finally learn the ultimate truth behind his journey?

Episode Summaries

All For One

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Saints and Sinners

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Goddesses Among Men

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World's Strongest

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Age of Heroes - Epilogue

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