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Dimitri of the House of Jordann
Also known as
Grandmaster, The Great Dimitri
3 ft. 5 in. (when standing normally)
Day 271, 2858 (Archie comics date)/September 27, 1632
Grandmaster of the Dark Legion (formerly); Scientist
Intelligent conversation, technology, science, family, books, math
Disrespect, anyone who threatens echidnas, boxes, the echidna High Council, being wrong

Dimitri is an echidna scientist born some 400 years ago and also the father of the Dark Legion. His current goal is to better the situation of his people.

The most notable difference about Dimitri in this continuity is that he never became Enerjak. Rather, after he tried to syphon the chaos emeralds he was buried in rubble, but did receive enough chaos energy to survive. He was found by the Dark Legion and because of his injuries had to have most of his body replaced by cybernetic parts to survive.


Dimitri's personality has changed a lot over the years. Originally he was confident, prideful, and stubborn, always thinking he was right. Later he became smoother and more rational, but also ruthless. He would do whatever it took to achieve his goals. It was during this time that he was a major enemy of Knuckles. Currently, however, he is repentant and sorry for what he did in the past, especially for not spending time with his family. Because of this he'll act somewhat fatherly to people, especially to Lien-DOS. He tries to be nicer now, but still gets annoyed by things. Dimitri is highly intelligent and analyzes situations a lot. He usually talks very proper, never using slang. He can come off as a bit old fashioned at times.


Dimitri's primary ability is his intelligence. He is an expert in many fields, especially chaos energies and technology. He is able to create and modify technological devices and is good with computers. This includes the fact that he is able to hook himself up to computers to interface with them more directly. He is able to move around thanks to his hover-bubble and cybernetic tendrils. His tendrils give him extra climbing abilities, able to scale walls with ease. There are scanners in the ends of his tendrils as well that allow him to scan things. His hover-bubble allows him flight capabilities.

In his current state Dimitri is incapable of fighting. He is old and physically weak. Any means of combat would come through the aid of technology. Additionally, he is a bit claustrophobic as a result of being buried alive for so long as well as being trapped in the box.


Dimitri, alongside his brother, Edmund, were leading scientists who came up with a plan to lower Angel Island back to its original location on the planet. The plan was to do this by means of a chaos syphon that would slowly drain the energy out of the chaos emeralds that supported the island, thus slowly lowering it down. Their petition however, was denied by the High Echidna Council. Dimitri was furious with the decision and decided he would do it with or without their support. The attempt however, almost proved catastrophic and ended with Dimitri buried in a pile of rubble and believed to be dead. Because of these events, the Echidna Council decided to put a ban on technology and assigned Edmund to be in charge of the confiscation of excessive technology. A grew up echidnas began to form who were strongly against this ban and wanted to keep their technology. The group became the Dark Legion, and was led by none other than Dimtiri's son, Menniker. It turned out that Dimitri wasn't dead as everyone thought because some of the energy he syphoned out of the chaos emeralds went into him and allowed him to survive being buried. It wasn't until years later that he was found by the Dark Legion and had most of his body replaced by cybernetic parts for his continued survival. He then took over as Grandmaster. He was Grandmaster for years, leading numerous sieges against Angel Island in an attempt to take it "back". Dimitri's greatest enemy at this time came in the form of his great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grand nephew, Knuckles, who was the current Guardian. This continued until his health began to fail, at which point his policies began to change as well. Eventually for him to survive his body had to be disassembled and he was reduced to a robotic head in a floating bubble. During a time of desperation, he turned to Eggman and became Grandmaster of the Dark Egg Legion. Eggman's also the one who gave him his tendrils. This went on even through the Iron Dominion until he was betrayed by Lien-Da. She disabled his hover-bubble and tendrils, rendering him unable to move. She then left him into a box to die. This is what is referred to as the "box incident" and is what got him thinking about building Lien-DOS. Fortunately Dimitri was found by Sonic and Tails as they were looking through Eggman's base and they took him back to New Mobotropolis and recharged him. He spent awhile in the Science Center there. It was during this time that he built Lien-DOS. As he stayed there he eventually worked up the courage to apologize to Knuckles for their past and they worked out an arrangement where Dimitri would go to Haven to work on fixing it as part of trying to fix the situation of the echidna people. He currently lives there with Lien-DOS, Luger, and Moon who are also helping him.

Endangered Species

In recent events, Thrash the Tasmanian Devil exacted his long awaited revenge against the echidnas for experimenting on his species generations ago. He did so by throwing virtually all of the remaining echidnas through a warp ring to an undisclosed location, imprisoning them there. Luger, Moon, and Dimitri were at Haven during all of this and were not affected. Consequently they are now some of the only surviving echidnas besides Knuckles and Finitevus. Currently, they have dedicated themselves to finding and restoring the echidna people.


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  • Jordann (Great-Great-Grandfather)
  • Kayla-La (Great-Great-Grandmother)
  • Byron (Fahter)
  • Angel-La (Mother)
  • Edmund (Brother)
  • Cynthia-Wa (Wife)
  • Menniker (Son)
  • Moritori Rex (Grandson)
  • Kragok (Great-Great-Grandson)
  • Lien-Da (Great-Great-Granddaughter)




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~"Do remember doctor, that the legionnaires are my people. Some of the last echidnas alive. I will not allow them to be used carelessly." - (STH #192)

~"Harsh words, Guardian. You make it sound like I'm purposely weakening the greatest evil the world has ever known from within." - (STH #190)

~"Enough! Enough! Our families have fought enough as it is!" - (SU #6)

~"A good question. Not that I can't think of a few people who'd want me dead..." - (The Nightfall Incident)

~"Exactly. Lien-DOS, run some algorithms and see if you can decrypt that signature. In the mean time let's keep moving." - (The Nightfall Incident)


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