Dimitri is an antagonist from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics who appears in The Legend of Fox the Brave as the secondary antagonist of Tide of War. He also appears as Enerjak in the story The Hidden Warriors. He is the Grandmaster of the Dark Legion who temporarily aligned the Legion with the Iron Dominion until they were defeated by the Storming Alliance in the Battle of Lamarkie. He then lived as a prisoner of Stalagmite 17 Prison until Shadow of the Storm, when he decides to repent for his ways after hearing of Lien-Da's crimes against the warriors, and becomes an unofficial warrior while helping the Alliance take her and King Shadow down. It was shown in Fall of the Storm that he was still living at the Base during Dark Enerjak's takeover, as Nick the Lycanroc helps him escape with Boulder. At the end of Fall of the Storm, he chooses to remain in Lamarkie Village, deciding to stay with the Lamarkie Defense Force(LDF)


Dimitri retains his appearance from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics released in the US.

Due to his only true appearance being in Tide of War, Dimitri mostly appears as a floating head, which many find strange and even revolting upon first sight.


Dimitri retains his personality from the Archie Comics released in the US.

Power-hungry and mad, Dimitri seeks any opportunity to return to his former glory as Enerjak, even going so far as to trust Dr. Finitevus and lie to Locke with the hopes of being returned to his status as Enerjak. However, despite his desires to be more than what he is now, Dimitri does understand a true threat-having sought help from the Freedom Fighters regarding Finitevus' plans.


Before the Series: Largely unknown

The Hidden Warriors: Dimitri first appears as Enerjak when Roy the Fox, as a cub, is yapping his head off and a Legionnaire guarding him snaps at him. Enerjak scolds the Legionnaire, and tells the two guards to leave before revealing his plans to Roy and his family. Later, Enerjak has the fox family brought out for "negotiations" with the Red Fox Pack, demanding the Pack surrender or leave Angel Island forever. The foxes refuse and are attacked. The Legion are held off long enough for the Pack to escape.

Tide of War: Dimitri first appears when he is antagonizing a couple of Villagers in Lamarkie Village. Cody tries to climb down the barrels at the side of a building to confront the stranger, but slips and falls, finding himself face-to-face with Dimitri, and is shocked. Dimitri and Cody begin arguing, and Smithstorm of SwiftClan tries to interrupt, but a patrol arrives. Roy is furious to meet his old enemy again, while Boulder has a vision showing him Enerjak's capture of Roy and his family. Later, Roy reveals what the Dark Legion did to his Pack. Much later, during the Battle of Lamarkie, when the Alliance storm the Iron Dominion's fortress, Dimitri tries to flee to save himself, but is blocked from doing so by Austin and Chaise. He is then arrested alongside the Iron Queen, ending the Battle of Lamarkie.








Unknown, but it's likely that Dimitri is limited by the fact he has no extremities and is extremely limited in what he can do.


Knuckles the Echidna (Archie)

Knuckles isn't a big fan of his ancestor, and the feeling is mutual, though Dimitri still feels a bit of respect for the Guardian.

Cody the Wolfdog

Dimitri never thinks very high of any warriors, and his opinion of Cody is even lower because of his half-blood lineage.


Though their full dynamic was never explored, Dimitri apparently does not think very highly of SwiftClan, simply calling them "the warriors of the forest" disdainfully.

Roy the Fox

Roy hates Dimitri because of the Grandmaster's actions against his Pack as Enerjak. Dimitri obviously does not like or think very highly of the Red Fox Pack, and thus doesn't like Roy in return.

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