Its an internet cyberspace that can be found in any computer. The stage was used in Sonic and the Steel of Darkness. The space was protected by a special firewall program that was made by G.U.N. to protect from any
hackers or virus. However, Dr. Eggman hack through the program and steals some of its data to revived Photon Nebula.


Act 1: Tails's Computer: The player starts in Tails's computer before reaching to the Internet. The player must find all 4 Security Codes to reach the goal. The enemies are one of the Protectors of the computer that prevents intruders sneaking in. The traps are endless pits and security spheres that petrifies the player. There was a Mini-Boss Easter Egg that has the same resemblance to the Mettaur virus but even bigger.

Act 2: Traveling through the CyberSpace: The player must control Sonic that was similar to the Tornado Defense in the Steam Blimp. There are no enemies but there are obstacles along the way. Watch out for light streams that can stuns you for few seconds and dodge Cyber Barriers that are blocking your way. You can fire your laser to destroy the barrier but this will takes time to move Sonic. After that, a cutscene shows that Sonic was caught and transport to Eggman's computer.

Act 3: Eggman's Computer: The stage's objective is to investigate the area by viewing all of the videos in Eggman's computer. After that, Eggman appears in a video and starts to battle you with Photon Nebula. No matter how powerful is your attack, the boss meter is still the same and the best option is to endure it. After that, another cutscene shows that Sonic sends an email to Tails. Tails ask Silver for help and delivers the Bio Ring to Sonic.

Boss: Photon Nebula- A cutscene shows that Silver delivers the Bio Ring and fires a laser to Photon Nebula. The player must tap the Y-Button before the laser hit Silver. After that, Photon Nebula starts battling you in a normal way. He teleports around the screen making copies of himself to do the fight. He will also try to use Time Stopper that can freeze time that gives him a chance to fire energy shots. His overdrive attack, Data Crusher, stops time and places frozen energy shots above the player until time returns to normal. Knockout Gas Combo is the best option.

Music Theme

Network of Trials (Mega Man 10 - Wily stage 4)

Network of Trials (Mega Man 10 - Wily stage 4)

Music theme for Act 1, 2 & 3

Digimon World DS Boss Extended

Digimon World DS Boss Extended

Music theme for Boss Battle

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