Dibujo the Nexus is a Bull Nexus, he would be considered Anti-Pintor, as there are no Counterparts for the Nexus.


Dibujo is possibly, one of the friendliest beings you will ever meet, he is kind to everyone, and is always intune with nature. Dibujo will always work with others for good purposes only. Dibujo is normally seen as a member of a group of Heroes. Dibujo doesn't mind who he works with as long as they're heroes. Dibujo is also a very humorous person. unlike his counterpart Pintor, who is normally Dark and Evil, Dibujo is very Heroic and Good. Dibujo is known for Speaking with a Spanish Accent sometimes.


Dibujo has a weapon, quite similar to Pintor's Paintbrush Staff, a Giant HB Drawing Pencil whose tip will never break. Unlike Pintor who can use Dark Energy/Magic, Dibujo can use Holy Energy/Magic instead. As a Nexus, he has control over Space and Time. Dibujo also has the symbol of the Bull on his right hand, compared to Pintor's symbol of the Dragon on his left hand.


  • Dibujo is Spanish for Drawing, as Pintor is Spanish for Painter.
  • What were you expecting? an Evil Anti? Think about it like this, If Dibujo's a Hero, then Pintor's a _______.
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