Diana Capulyn The Rabbit
Diana the Rabbit
June 22
The full moon, Spaghetti

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Diana is a teenage rabbit from the planet Animas. She currently resides on Mobius, after making friends with Micheal The Cat and many others related to him.

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Diana is light purple with long pink flowing hair and dark blue eyes. During most of her story when she is first found by Mike, I pictured her in the Princess Serenity white dress from Sailor Moon with no gloves and just simple light brown sandals. A friend drew a picture of her in the dress for me and I thought it fit her mysterious personality even more. It gave her a kind of 'celestial' and 'innocent' look that I wanted her to have since she is a princess and she can't remember her previous life before she met Mike and everyone.

New fo11

Diana in Moonlight Visitor.

But as for the look she has now on her furry doll maker pic and her sprite pic, I see that as the 'new' her after her adventure is over.


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The Moon Crystal Amulet of Animas: A Mysterious crystal necklace given to her by her father. It apparently has great power, and also proves her status as the heir to the queen of Animas.




I first thought of Diana a few years ago with the help of a friend that I've been rping with since I was 13. He had so many Sonic Universe fancharacters that he used in the rps while I only used Inuyasha fancharacters. I felt so left out and out of place because 1: He and a bunch of my other friends had their Sonic characters while I didn't have any, and 2: My Inuyasha characters started to feel more and more out of place with all of the Sonic characters. And that's how I created Diana. To be honest, the only thing I had to show for her were a few notes of who she was, what her name was, and a furry doll maker pic in the beginning. I couldn't really figure out or come up with any ideas for her other than the fact I wanted her story to be based around the full moon. My friend actually made a place on his blog on Myspace for us to get started on her story called 'Moonlight Visitor', but I never got around to doing it. It was only until recently that I decided that I wanted to bring her back to life and actually start on developing her character and the story. Right now her story is being made. Its still unfinished, and I'm still unsure on a few things to actually be finished with her completely, but now, after 2 years, I finally brought her back to life. And I'm looking forward to the day when I can finally complete her and her story.



Moonlight Visitor: Diana's Debut. She appears as a mysterious girl in a long white dress who "fell" from the sky. A mysterious cloaked man led the young boy, Mike The Cat, to find her in the middle of a forest in the dead of the night. Concerned for his safety, Smash followed after him and witnessed the event. They brought the unconscious rabbit back to his house, and were concerned when Mike's sister told them about a nightmare she had about that very same girl. They waited for her to awaken, so they could get some answers about her.


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Lucretia Capulyn The Rabbit

Diana's oldest twin sister. 13 years ago, she succeeded in taking the throne of their planet, killing their parents and torturing their brother Perseus in secret. She has been searching for Diana all of this time, wanting to unleash the terrible power of the Animus Moon Crystal Diana possesses.

Perseus "Percy" Capulyn The Rabbit

Diana's youngest triplet brother. When Perseus was young, he watched the horror of his parents being killed and his older sister Diana losing her memory and being lost in space.

Joshua Capulyn The Rabbit

Diana's nephew. Perseus' and Rachael's eldest child at 9 years of age. Diana doesn't know much about him. She's only seen him in pictures. Serenity Capulyn The Rabbit

Diana's niece. Perseus' and Rachael's youngest child at 4 years of age. Diana doesn't know much about her. She's only seen her in pictures.


Rachael Capulyn The Rabbit

Now Perseus' wife, Rachael was Diana's best friend when they were growing up. Illithiya The Hero Chao (Illy)

Illy is Diana's unique chao friend. She's made completely out of water.


Daigon The Chameleon

Jen The Bird

Mizuchi The Hedgehog

Lucretia Capulyn The Rabbit

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Mike comforting Diana.


Micheal The Cat

She and Mike have a sort of strong bond together, They felt connected somehow, the moment they met. Everyone, including Smash believed that it was only because of the prophecy, but Mike and Diana know the real reason..

Gizmo The Cat

Mike's best friend, who seems to be looking after him. Mike was staying with him at the time she arrived.

Lina The Cat

Though she was weary of her at first, Lina seems to have warmed up to her after seeing that she was a good person.

Smash The Echidna

The one who's looking after them all as a whole. Smash tried to take a neutral approach towards the whole thing until he got to know her. He soon began to train Mike so that he could protect her.




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