This is an article about Diamond the echidna, a character created by Diamondtheechidna on 10/3/2013.


A Echidna with locks that reach mid-back. Her fur is pink but her locks,end of hands, feet, and mid-stomach is red. Though her feet and hands are covered up by white gloves and purple sneakers. She has one big giant bang that reachers her muzzle in between her eyes and evers part of her eyes slightly depending on her position. On each side she has two short locks of hair in the front and two longer strands of hair that are as long as the locks. All of her hair locks has red highlights (including the bang). Diamond wears a red T-shirt with long blue jeans. Diamond is petite in size.


Diamond is a head-strong fighter with a determination to fufil her duty. If anything happens to the people she cares about or if she fails her duty she takes all the responsibility and does everything in her power to fix what she "thinks", she has done. Diamond is short-tempered and strong-willed but will always have her head screwed on straight (most of the time).


Diamond the Echidna has a long history and it will take itme to add all of it but i will start with the basics.

Diamond the Echidna`s egg was created from pure magic from Earth, a living spirit. Diamond`s egg was located right near the core of the Earth and was hatched at extreme pressure. When she was done being hatched a dirt motherly shaped being took care of her until she learned to walk. Once she learned to walk her training began. She grew up learning how to use the magics of Earth and how to from,control, and destroy. When Diamond was fourteen she set off on her own to protect the Earth from the growing dangers on Mobius. Usng her transportation powers she traveled randomly to a place and that place ended up being the secret location of Albion. After being brought in the city she had an unpleasant meeting wit the officials of the government disbelieving her power until she actually used it. After the situation the High Council of Albion deemed that Diamond must stay in the city for a month to determine if she was dangeros or not.  Since Diamond depends on the Earth for her strength she staying with the chaos researcher Dr. Finitevus who lived in a house by a small meadow near the border of the protective shield around Albion.


Diamond was born with the ability to bend,control, and destroy the earth. (When I mean destroy I mean Mountains, big rocks...etc)

Special Abilities

Diamond the echidna is a natural fighter and is able to adapt to any ability quickly since she was made up with magic. Diamond also stops aging at the age of twenty-four. Diamond can travel at high speed through the Earth landing on one side of the planet to another, she is heat resistant since her egg was near the core of the Earth and she is also pressure-resistant.


Diamond had to learn through excessive training to learn how to bend the Earth, it is very difficult even though she can adapt to any ability.


Diamond`s weakness`s is her ability to not being to let go and being to attached to people even though she knows she will outlive them. She gets really weak when she faces people from her past that have changed and has toruble controlling her anger. Also a huge weakness for Diamond is that if she is not on any material that is directly natural she will get really weak and sick since she draws her strength on the earth.

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