Diamond is a young female who stands at average height and presu weight for a spider such as herself. She has fair white fur that are tipped with a cyan blue at the ends. Her hair is styled into two pigtails that lay on top of her head. Her red eyes are surrounded by three small ruby like jewels that resembles the eyes of an actual spider, and they may be actual eyes.


To be perfectly honest, Diamond Blong is a bratty narcissist who only cares for herself. Diamond Bling has a very snobbish way to her and everything she does is only to get her some sort of gain.


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Like all spiders, Diamind can create a thin webbing that helps her in combat. It is durable and cannot break easily, acting like a type of natural rope.


Not exactly super speed, but she can run quickly, faster than most Mobians, but still unable to compare herself to the speed of Sonic or Shadow.


Being a spider allows her to have a few special abilities.


She is able to see very well in the dark, just as well as someone who can see in the day. Her sight is a bit limited, though, and she can trip over objects.


Being a crook, she's learned a thing or two on the streets.


Diamond doesn't really have an actual combat style, and doesn't use any type of fighting styles like the Martial Arts, but she has been shown to be able to box. She relies heavily on her other arms for help, and if those are neutralized, she is defeated. She also is more defensive than her partners and prefers to dodge than attack.


For a normally clumsy lady, Diamond is very stealthy, being able to sneak past security and almost was able to steal King Max's crown at one point. She knows how to camouflage herself, painting it on or just blending in.


Diamond is very sassy, and that can get her motermouth in hot water. She also has a tendency to brag about anything, and that makes her seem very snotty (which she is), and should someone say they have something that's better than hers, her temper will skyrocket.

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