Detonator the Weasel

(Picture by Gamergirl304)

Current Years and Days
Name Detonator
Profession(s), Occupation(s) Member of the Order of the Phoenix, bomb terrorist, sculptor
Chronological and Physical Info Chronologic Age: 19

  • Species: Weasel
  • Weight: 75 lbs
  • Height: 3'4
  • Physical Build: average
  • Gender: Male
  • Fur: Yellowish-orange
  • Hair: blond
  • Eyes: blue

A yellowish-orange weasel who uses explosive clay sculpters. He has a quick tempered personality, and believes his art to be superior to the abilities of others

Attire [Clothing]
  • Leather jacket with flames, blue jeans
Affiliation(s) Order of the Phoenix
Romantic Interest(s) None
  • Uses explosive clay, which he can mold and shape into different forms
  • Unknown
  • Experimenting with his explosions, his art
  • People who insult his art
Alternate Form(s)
  • None
Voice Actor and Theme Song
File:My Sonic Fan Characters: Detonator the Weasel


Detonator the Weasel is a character owned by User: Twilightwizard0309.

Abilities and Powers

  • Fights using explosive clay which he can mold and shape at will
  • Enhanced vision


  • Has a very short temper
  • Explosives can be disarmed if the opponent uses water or lightning


Life before the Order of the Phoenix

When Detonator was young, he was praised for his talent at making clay sculptures. But as his talant grew, so did his desire of greater heights for his art.

One day, when he and his clay were exposed to some strange radiation, he found that he had the ability to mold and shape the clay at will without even touching it. He used this new talant to become a mercanary/arsonist for several years, which attracted the attention of Jonji the Bat, who invited him to join The Order of the Phoenix.

Joining the Order of the Phoenix

When Detonator was offered his place on the Order of the Phoenix by Jonji and Ragdoll, he immideatly refused at first. However, when he was challenged to do battle with Ragdoll, promising that he will be left alone if he won his battle, but if he lost, he would join the Order of the Phoenix. Detonator lost the battle with Ragdoll, and he joined the Order of the Phoenix afterwards. Even so, Detonator decided to stay with the group, as he saw a chance to show off his art.


Detonator has a quick temper, and is easily annoyed or bothered. He tends to overreact to things. He has a lot of pride, and is very proud of his clay sculpters. He enjoys ranting about the beauty of them, calling them his "art". He is greatly insulted by those who ridicule his art, and will proceed to show them the power of it by bombing them.


  • Detonator is heavily based on Deidara from Naruto.
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